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How To Use Hemp Bedding For Rats – Best Hemp Rat Bedding!

With the use of hemp on the rise, it’s not surprising that we have seen more and more people reaching out about using hemp bedding for rats recently.

Due to seeing more and more questions about using hemp bedding for rates over the last few months, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over the topic to try and help as many of our readers as possible.

We are hoping that our article will be able to help you find the perfect hemp bedding for your pet rats while also being able to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of using hemp bedding for your rats.

The main advantage that you have to focus on is that a good hemp bedding for rats tends to be considerably more absorbant than a wood bedding option reducing the frequency that you have to change it.

The main disadvantage of using hemp bedding for rats is that not all hemp products on the market are suitable for rats.

Some are very dusty and may cause respiratory issues in some rats so always try to use a hemp bedding that has as little dust as possible.

At the time of writing, there are no “dust free” hemp bedding options on the market but there are a number of low dust options that can work very well as rat bedding.

The Best Hemp Bedding For Rats!

The best hemp bedding for rats is a product that is cheap and has a low amount of dust in it. There are a number of hemp pet bedding products on the market right now that you are able to use as suitable bedding for rats and provided they have a low amount of dust and a low price tag, their performance will be very similar to each other.

In our opinion, one of the best hemp bedding products for rats on the market right now has to be the Dr Hemp Pet Bedding range.

Not only does it have an excellent reputation amongst the wider pet owning community but a number of rat owners use it as their go to bedding option for their own pet rats.

It is a cheap hemp pet bedding product that has a very low dust content making it an ideal option for rats.

Although its price tag is higher than a normal wood bedding product, you have to realize that hemp is considerably more absorbent than wood.

This means that you don’t have to change your rat’s hemp bedding out as frequently as you would for a wood bedding product making it cheaper in the long run.

Can Rats Use Hemp Bedding?

Rats can use hemp bedding and hemp bedding is a very popular option with an increasing number of rat owners switching over to using it each year.

The main thing that you have to realize is that hemp is usually very dusty so you have to go with a low dust hemp bedding product for your pet rat.

Most rats have a sensitive respiratory system that may have issues with a generic hemp bedding product but a low dust hemp bedding should be fine for most rats.

Please note though, some rates have a very sensitive respiratory system meaning that they will have to have a dust free bedding option to minimize the irritation from dust.

If your rat has any specific, diagnosed respiratory issues then you should always be leaning towards a dust free bedding option anyway rather than thinking of using a hemp bedding for rats.

The majority of rats who have these respiratory issues will have audible issues when the breathe making it easier to know when you should make the switch to a dust free bedding though.

Is Hemp Pet Bedding Good For Rats?

Hemp pet bedding can be good for rats who don’t have any respiratory problems as it can work out to be a cheaper option than wood in the long run while also offering some other advantages too.

Although hemp bedding was initially a very niche option for pet bedding, it is rapidly gaining in popularity and only shows signs of becoming more popular as time goes on.

The main thing that we see people complain about when thinking of making the switch over to a hemp bedding product is that the initial costs are higher than that of some bedding alternatives.

This is true but what most people fail to factor in is that hemp bedding is one of the most absorbent bedding options for pets on the market.

This means that you don’t have to change the bedding as frequently as you do for other bedding options making hemp a great option for someone who is busy and needs to reduce the maintenance requirements of their rat’s cage by as much as possible.

Although this is the main advantage of making the switch to hemp bedding, there are some rat owners who will use hemp bedding simply due to it being hemp.

Should You Use Hemp Rat Bedding?

Hemp rat bedding is becoming a very popular option and has a proven track record of being a great bedding option for rats due to so many people using it all around the world.

As the demand for hemp pet bedding increases, it is likely that the costs will come down helping its popularity grow at an even faster pace.

We commonly see people in social media groups for rat owners recommending hemp bedding too.

Even as little as three years back this was a very rare occurrence but it is commonplace now due to so many people taking advantage of hemp as a pet bedding option.

With people having increasingly busier lives and not having as much free time, the low maintenance requirements of hemp bedding will also result in more people making the switch in the coming years too.

Although there are a number of other low maintenance bedding options on the market, they tend to be nowhere near as effective as hemp bedding so it is clearly the leading low maintenance rat bedding option at the time of writing helping it score points over the competition.


That brings our article going over using hemp bedding for rats to a close. We hope that we have been able to point out the advantages and disadvantages of using hemp bedding for your rats as well as explain why it can be such a good option to try with your rats. As we mentioned above, hemp pet bedding is growing in popularity as a rapid rate and we only expect this to continue as more and more people realise just how good it is.