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How To Use Vinegar To Stop Rabbits Chewing!

After the initial surge in the popularity of rabbits last year, a number of the people who added a pet rabbit to their family have realized just how much they actually chew random things around the house.

Because of this, we have noticed a spike in the number of people reaching out to ask for ways that they are able to stop their pet rabbit chewing on the various surfaces around their home.

One of the most common things that we see people on social media recommending to rabbit owners time and time again is to use vinegar to stop rabbits chewing things.

With this being one of, if not the most commonly recommended method of getting your rabbits to stop chewing things in your home, we see a bunch of people reaching out each month to ask about how efficient it actually is at stopping your rabbits chewing.

As we see so many people asking questions about stopping their rabbits chewing by spraying vinegar, we wanted to publish a dedicated article covering the topic.

For the majority of our readers though, there is still nothing better than a decent bitter apple spray as it has the advantages of vinegar in the sense that it stops your rabbit from chewing stuff without the disadvantage of the strong smell.

Does Vinegar To Stop Rabbits Chewing?

Both regular vinegar and apple cider vinegar are able to discourage your pet rabbit from chewing surfaces that you spray the vinegar on.

The problem is that the amount of vinegar required to discourage a rabbit from chewing a surface will cause your room to smell of the vinegar so it is usually not the most practical approach.

This is why we recommend that our readers just go with a bitter apple spray instead.

Not only does it come in a spray bottle making it much easier to apply to the required surface but it also tends to be more effective at discouraging your rabbit from chewing things while requiring much less of the spray than would be required with vinegar and the apple sprays don’t have the vinegar smell either.

Different types and different strengths of vinegar also tend to have a different effects on rabbits too.

This is why some people say that vinegar worked well to stop their pet rabbit from chewing surfaces where as other people say it did little to nothing and their rabbit still chews what they put their vinegar on.

Does Regular Vinegar Or Apple Cider Vinegar Work Best To Stop Rabbits Chewing?

Regular vinegar does tend to be better at stopping a rabbit from chewing things but apple cider vinegar tends to have less of a smell while still being somewhat effective.

There are also different percentage strengths of both products on the market too with the stronger the vinegar percentage usually indicating the more effective it will be at discouraging your rabbit from chewing the various surfaces in your home.

If you are set on trying a vinegar we would usually recommend that you go with a decent apple cider vinegar but it is usually more expensive and less effective than a bitter apple spray.

Although apple cider vinegar does not tend to smell as much as normal vinegar, you will still usually be able to smell it in the rooms where you apply it to try and stop your pet rabbit from chewing things.

With most people letting their rabbits play in the main rooms of their home or their bedroom, this can add a smell that can be off-putting or annoying to the room.

You could try to just use a rabbit playpen to let your rabbit play in a room without having access to the things that it likes to chew.

How To Use Vinegar To Stop Rabbits Chewing!

You are able to apply vinegar to a cotton but and apply it to the surface that your pet rabbit has taken a liking to.

This can be difficult to spread an even coat of the vinegar though so your rabbit may simply move along the surface a little and continue to chew it as it sees fit.

If needed, you can purchase a cheap water spray bottle to make it much quicker and easier to apply the vinegar to the surface that you are trying to stop your rabbit from chewing.

A spray bottle also allows you to apply an even coat of vinegar to a longer surface within seconds whereas the cotton bud method takes much longer and is a pain.

Still though, most people really should just be going with a bitter apple spray if possible as it is more effective than all types of vinegar while also usually being cheaper and coming in a spray bottle so it is easy to apply.

As we touched on above too, the main advantage of bitter apple spray is that it really does not smell as much as other common treatments that can be used to discourage a rabbit from chewing things in your home helping it score a ton of points.


That brings our article going over how you are able to use vinegar to stop rabbits chewing things in your home. Although vinegar is able to work, it really does get you mixed results and there are usually much better options available that will work better and prevent your rabbit from chewing surfaces in your home without you having to stink the room out with the smell of vinegar too.