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I Accidentally Stepped On My Cat!

When you share a home with a feline companion, it’s very easy for accidents to happen, especially at night when the house is dark.

You may inadvertently trip over your cat during a bathroom run or step on her paw on the way to the kitchen to get some water. Day or night, cats like to be close to their pet parents when they’re home.

As such, they’re often underfoot when you’re walking around the house or plopping themselves next to you when you’re sitting down, where all it takes to step on them is standing up!

Stepping on your cat can be a traumatic experience for both you and your kit! Your cat’s likely to howl in pain and take off to hide in the closet or under the bed.

Your first reaction may be to panic, thinking you’ve seriously injured your pet. Chances are, however, that your cat is more surprised or offended by your blunder than anything else.

If you were wearing hard-soled shoes or heels at the time, there is the possibility of having seriously injured your cat, especially if you stepped on him hard. A hard step can fracture a cat’s paw or sever nerves in her tail.

Stepping on your cat’s head or torso could result in internal damage. If you’re worried that a misstep may have caused serious injury to your kit, don’t hesitate to contact your vet.

I Accidentally Stepped On My Cat! Will It Be Ok?

Fortunately, most incidents of people accidentally stepping on their cat don’t result in serious damage. A misstep is sure to cause some pain, but it will eventually subside with time.

Most of these accidents are minor, at best, and generally due to your kit being underfoot or in the wrong place at the wrong time, like the kitchen or bathroom, when you’re running late.

If an accident happens, stop to check on your pet right away. That may be easier said than done if your kit is cowering under living room furniture or hiding in your closet. But you need to make sure she’s not hurt or bleeding in any place.

By your pet’s demeanor, you can tell if she’s seriously hurt and needs vet care. If she’s crying, whimpering or hissing at you when you try to touch her wound, she could be in a lot of pain.

There’s greater chance of your cat suffering serious injury by accidentally stepping on her head, the upper part of her tail or her body than her paw, but there’s no point taking chances. A visit to your vet will determine your cat’s state.

If you can’t schedule an appointment right away, a video call with a veterinarian is the next best thing to get medical advice on treating your pet’s injury.

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Stepped On My Cat?

First off – don’t panic! Cats are hardy creatures and unless you really stomped on her hard, chances are she’s not hurt in a bad way. You do, however, need to check to make sure she’s okay.

If your cat hasn’t run off to hide, try approaching her calmly and slowly, talking softly the whole time so that she doesn’t get scared. If she’s in hiding, try offering her treats to get her to come out so you can see if your misstep caused any damage.

Once you’re close to your pet, visually examine her body for signs of bruising, bleeding or swelling. Gently caress her body and legs to see if she cringes or cries out in pain. Put her on your couch or bed and observe how she moves or behaves.

Is she favoring an injured paw, sitting strangely, not responding to your touch or growling or hissing at you to keep you away? Any abnormal behavior could be signs that she’s hurt and needs vet care.

Outwardly, your cat may appear fine, but she could have suffered internal damage that you’re not aware of. You’ll need to monitor your cat carefully for a few days to see if she’s limping or showing symptoms of swelling and pain.

Loss of appetite or interest in playing, agitation, aggressive behavior and changes in your pet’s posture, gait or litter habits are additional signs that she’s not totally well. A veterinary exam with x-rays and other tests, if necessary, will determine if the accident caused serious harm to your feline pet.

How Long Will It Take For My Cat To Trust Me Again After Stepping On It?

Depending on your relationship with your cat, she may forgive you right away and move on or keep her distance for days or weeks after your accident, due to fear of being hurt again. If the latter is the case, you’ll need to make amends to regain her trust and love.

If your cat wasn’t seriously injured by your misstep, show her you’re sorry by giving her lots of cuddles and love right away. Give her treats and toys to show that you care about her and all is well. Your kit will need reassurance that your stepping on her was just a mishap and not intentional abuse.

Although cats have a reputation for being aloof, they actually want a close relationship with their owners and to feel they’re special. Once that bond has been breached, however, it may take some doing to regain your cat’s trust.

If your cat avoids you after an accident, don’t take it personally – she’s just trying to protect herself from getting hurt all over again. Give her time to get over the incident and come around to trusting you once again.

Don’t push or rush your cat into restoring your relationship as this could drive her further away.

One way to regain her trust is to be diligent in her care. Make sure she has yummy food and treats to eat, that her litter box is clean and that she has lots of fun toys to play with so that she sees you still care.Be available for your cat when she’s ready to make amends and wants to cuddle or play.

With patience, understanding and love, you can regain your kit’s trust after an accidental injury and become closer than ever before.


Even if you’re extremely careful around your cat, an accident can happen that causes her injury or pain. If you accidentally step on your cat, make sure she gets the medical care she needs to recover. Then do your best to regain her love and trust. By giving your kit lots of attention, affection and love, she will eventually forgive and forget and make room for you in her life once again.