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Is A Beagle St Bernard Mix The Right Dog For You?

The Beagle St Bernard mix appears to be the perfect canine combination. Both breeds are known for their kindly nature and ability to bond well with children. As family pets, one would be hard-pressed to find more loving and devoted companions.

However, both breeds have certain character traits that could prove difficult to manage. St Bernards are naturally shy and slightly nervous of new sights and sounds.

Beagles are known to be highly strung and suspicious of strangers. Given the right stimulus, beagles can keep neighborhoods awake with their wailing.

Combining these breeds’ temperaments could potentially lead to all sorts of behavioral problems unless they are addressed early on. And when those problems are all packaged up in 100 pounds of fun and excitement, it takes a strong hand to control the furry tornado.

What Is A Beagle St Bernard Mix Like As A Pet?

As with all mixed breed dogs, you should have a good look at the Beagle and St Bernard parents before settling on a puppy for your family. If you are buying an adult dog, then you need to take some time to establish just what the temperament of the dog is first.

Luckily, the Beagle St Bernard cross is usually a happy combination of both breeds’ good points.

Playful to the point of exuberance, a family with young children will be well-served by the delightful characters. As they are robust and happy to engage with just about anyone, children can safely play with them without the prospect of one or the other coming to harm.

Houseproud owners will also appreciate the lack of St Bernard drool all over their pristine furniture. But you have to bear in mind that both breeds love to lie on couches.

In fact, they can be stubborn to the point of obsessiveness when it comes to laying claim to their favorite roost.

It is necessary to enforce strict obedience right from the start to ensure that you aren’t constantly in conflict for the last available seat in the house.

You will also be able to head off any behavioral problems by providing your pet with enough exercise. St Bernard’s are, after all, a working breed, and this character trait can come through strongly in your puppy.

What Should You Feed A Beagle St Bernard Mix?

Large breed dogs generally require a well-balanced diet, especially when they carry the amount of fur that a Beagle St Bernard mix does.

I prefer to feed my hounds a raw food diet, but this is not always easy nor accessible in some parts of the country. The major dog food brands carry both dry and wet food that is designed with a large breed in mind.

If you are going to feed raw, then a good mix of various types of meat together with large bones, fat, feathers, and cartilaginous parts are needed. Don’t forget to add in some vegetable matter like grated carrot and a couple of eggs will always go down well.

Just bear in mind that St Bernards are prone to bloat and this can pull through into the crossbreed. Custom dog foods designed specifically for larger dog breeds will work well for your Beagle St Bernard mix.

There’s no substitute for real meat and my pups enjoyed a taste of the wild when I came back from hunting trips. However, there are off-the-shelf dog foods that contain wild-caught protein sources, you just have to look for them.

Dry chunks can upset sensitive stomachs and are not always as digestible as one might want. You will very quickly discover how well your dog is tolerating its food by what you have to pick up off the lawn the next day.

My large breed dogs have all been very happy with a mix of raw game and dry chunks. It all depends on how your companion reacts to their diet. When in doubt, consult your vet who should be able to recommend what’s best for your pup.

Is It Easy To Train A Beagle St Bernard Mix?

Both Beagles and St Bernards can be stubborn and even a little bit lazy. This can translate into a difficult to train animal if you do not start when they are young.

The friendly nature of the Beagle St Bernard mix will, however, have a huge impact on your training as they want to please you.

Lightweight owners may have a little bit of a tug-of-war with their puppies, especially when the beagle nose gets going. This is when you will find a dog training course works wonders. Unless you are used to larger breeds, Beagle St Bernards can be a bit of a handful.

They like to play, meet new people, and generally cause havoc wherever they go. A good grounding in canine training principles helps immensely.

Once they get the hang of it, these lovable creatures enjoy the outing to a park or training center for their regular discipline session and all it will take is a rattle of their lead to have them ready and waiting to hop into your car, ready to go exploring.

Beagle St Bernard Mix Temperament!

Both breeds have delightful temperaments and these character traits are evident in the mixed breed. They love children and are endlessly patient when it comes to children climbing all over them.

However, you should probably ensure that your children are trained to treat their four-legged friends with respect, as there are limits to these gentle souls’ patience.

Any large dog can injure you if it is startled or hurt. Not necessarily from a bite, but 100 pounds of fast-moving canine is a formidable battering ram.

Little children can get inadvertently run down when paying roughly, so it’s advisable to supervise very small children.

Some St Bernards can be nervous of strangers and this can translate into a mixed breed animal that is overly sensitive to newcomers. Correct socialization early on will improve this aspect of their temperament.

The beagle wail or howl is something to behold and can be quite irritating to your neighbors if you go out and leave your pets alone. Beagles are quite sensitive to noise and movement and will go to investigate and bark at anything unusual.

Your pup will be very protective as both breeds are known for this aspect of the character. Being firm with your animal will help them calm down and be less nervous.

They are continuously vigilant except, of course, when they are sleeping, which they do a lot of, normally on your couch.

Beagle St Bernard Mix Exercise Requirements!

Larger breeds require space to roam and stretch their legs. Don’t be fooled by their relaxed nature. These guys need exercise.

They may try to fool you into thinking that they are extremely lazy, but they are not. If you fail to provide them with sufficient space to work off their energy, your furniture and other precious items will bear the brunt of their naughtiness.

Beagles are pretty energetic, so in combination with St Bernards, you have the ingredients for a large energetic dog that requires plenty of exercise.

However, you must bear in mind that St Bernards suffer from joint and heart issues. It is therefore not a good idea to overdo the exercise at first. Ease them into it and take your cue from your companion to see that they are comfortable and happy being out and about.

A larger yard goes a long way to helping your dog get the exercise they need. Bored animals do dig though, so you will need to provide plenty of stimulation if you don’t want your favorite flower beds or even your lawn dug up.

Is A Beagle St Bernard Mix A Good Family Dog?

The Beagle St Bernard mix is an excellent family dog. They combine great patience with a lovable, playful nature that is hard to beat. Naturally, every dog is different, but the majority of beagle mixes are laid back and playful with an affectionate nature.

As with all larger breeds, early training is a good thing. You will avoid any possible behavioral issues before they become a problem. You will have a happier dog as they will know their place in the household and look to you for direction.

They are extremely protective by nature and will hang about to make sure that everything is all right, especially when strangers are around.

You may find your pup is a little more sensitive to strange sounds and gets nervous or agitated. Being calm and talking to them in a confident voice usually settles them and, over time, this trait should be less problematic.

As St Bernards are genetically programmed to protect and be a working dog, they will always find something to do, especially if you are moving about your property.

Once you settle down in one spot, they will curl up on a couch or large cushion and doze quite contentedly.


As a family pet, the Beagle St Bernard mix is an excellent choice. The combination of a gentle, loving companion with a playful, child-friendly nature makes them an ideal pet for a young family. Given early training and definite boundaries, you will enjoy many years of devotion and fun from these delightful characters.