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Is A Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix The Right Dog For You?

When you compare a Bloodhound vs. a Rottweiler, you have two breeds with some distinct differences.

For instance, a Bloodhound is commonly associated with personality traits, such as being affectionate, unwillingness to be alone, and eagerness to please. In addition, a Bloodhound has a great pet-friendly temperament and is often recommended for inexperienced owners.

On the other hand, Rottweilers are usually more aggressive and protective. Also, when it comes to their temperament, Rottweilers are not as pet-friendly as Bloodhounds. But Bloodhound and Rottweilers have some similarities too.

Both breeds love to bark and howl and can be stubborn. What’s more, despite being more aggressive, Rottweilers are also loving and willing to please.

Given all this, what do you suppose you would get with a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix? If you’re interested in getting this unique dog hybrid, hang on because we will cover everything you need to know.

We will look at what to feed a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix and what to expect in terms of behavior, training, and exercise requirements.

What Is A Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix Like As A Pet?

To begin with, Bloodhound Rottweilers are large dogs with protective, stubborn personalities and a sharp sense of smell that makes them curious.

In addition, they have high to medium energy levels and generally have balanced personalities. Overall, Bloodhound Rottweilers are some of the best pets to have around because of their friendly and affectionate nature.

True Bloodhound Rottie hybrids have one purebred Rottweiler parent and one purebred Bloodhound parent. This gives the offspring a unique look.

Bloodhound Rottweilers tend to inherit adorable floppy ears from the Bloodhound parent and have been likened to a Doberman mix. However, most hybrids will have an uneven combination of Rottweiler and Bloodhound traits.

Bloodhound Rottweiler hybrids also have thick, dense fur that will shed moderately. Besides appearance, these hybrids are known for their energetic, stubborn, and protective personalities.

They usually make great pets if trained at an early age. It helps that Bloodhound Rottweiler hybrids are intelligent, so they can be trained to be the best pet for you.

What Should You Feed A Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix?

A healthy and balanced diet is essential if you want to keep your Bloodhound Rottweiler mix in good shape.

Generally, your dog’s dietary needs will depend on its nutritional requirements. Overall, Bloodhound Rottweiler hybrids are large breed dogs, so they will need food designed specifically for them. It’s also good to limit protein intake to prevent growth spurts.

Excessive growth spurts can put a strain on the dog’s frame, resulting in problems with the hip, elbows, and shoulders as the dog ages.

Besides protein, you should avoid feeding your dog foods that contain soybean meal, oil, or fats in the first four ingredients because they increase the chances of bloat by up to four times. Instead, it’s better to opt for custom dog food.

For instance, when choosing the best off-the-shelf food, your Bloodhound Rottweiler mix will appreciate it more if you feed it flavors that mirror a taste of the wild. Keep in mind that Rottweilers can be overeaters, so watch out for this trait in your mixed-breed dog.

It’s essential to keep your dog at a healthy weight to prevent orthopedic issues and other health issues.

Is It Easy To Train A Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix?

Training a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix is easier when it’s younger. But, this type of hybrid dog can still be challenging to train because of its stubborn temperament.

It requires firm leadership and a strong hand to prevent it from taking the alpha position. The great news is, a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix can be receptive to training with the right amount of positive reinforcement.

To make the process of training a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix easier, it’s best to have multiple, shorter, daily lessons. That’s because this hybrid breed is very distractible.

Its sharp sense of smell and hunting instincts means it has a short attention span. Therefore, longer training sessions are unsuitable as the dog will likely keep running off after prey.

When training a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix, you can capitalize on its willingness to please. So, it’s important to offer praise when the dog behaves.

Plus, this type of hybrid makes for a very intelligent animal that can learn many things quickly. This is especially so if the dog undergoes a dog training course managed by experienced and reputable handlers.

Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix Temperament!

A Bloodhound Rottweiler mix will usually have a friendly and even temperament besides a few “bad” personality traits like stubbornness and distractibility.

This dog type has a loving, loyal, and affectionate nature and enjoys human company a lot. It also has a well-developed sense of smell, an energetic disposition, and a curious and intelligent mind.

However, keep in mind that your dog’s temperament will depend on its breeding history. For instance, if the dog contains more Bloodhound than Rottweiler, its temperament will be more inclined towards a Bloodhound and vice versa.

Therefore, it’s essential to know your dog’s parentage to predict its temperament more accurately.

The other thing that will significantly influence your dog’s temperament is the type of early training it receives. When trained well while still puppies, Bloodhound Rottweiler hybrids can be calm, evenly tempered, and generally easy to deal with.

But if they are not trained well throughout puppyhood, they will misbehave more and be more stubborn.

Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix Exercise Requirements!

This mix will usually have a medium to high energy level, so it’s safe to say they need plenty of exercise. That means plenty of long walks every day in areas where there are large amounts of space for the dog to roam and explore.

A Bloodhound Rottweiler mix also makes the perfect companion during hikes. But be sure to keep an eye on your mix so it doesn’t wander off!

Remember, this type of dog has a highly sensitive sense of smell and a love of chasing after and sniffing out new scents.

So, it’s all too easy for the mix to end up in trouble if left to follow its nose. Therefore, you want to make sure you exercise your dog while it’s on a leash or in a fenced-off area, such as a park or your yard.

Exercising your Bloodhound Rottweiler mix every day is crucial because it helps the dog expend energy. Otherwise, if the dog is cooped up too much, it becomes destructive to try and get rid of the extra energy.

Both Bloodhounds and Rottweilers are active dog breeds, so you have to be an active dog owner if you want to keep the energy level of your dog down.

Is A Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix A Good Family Dog?

When deciding whether a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix is a good family dog, it helps to consider its negative and positive traits.

On the one hand, a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix has protective instincts and can be very kid and pet-friendly if socialized early. On the other hand, this mix easily gets into trouble because of its keen sense of smell and matching curiosity.

Without firm leadership, a Bloodhound Rottweiler hybrid can become too stubborn. You may also not like the fact that this dog produces a lot of drool, and you’ll need to clean up after it a lot due to its relatively large size.

You also have to take time off to meet the dog’s daily exercise needs. This shouldn’t be a problem if you live an active lifestyle and are up for the physical challenge.

Bloodhound Rottweiler hybrids make good family dogs for the most part. If you train them while they’re still puppies, you can teach them to behave like proper family dogs, and they will retain that training easily.

In addition, although they are not a giant breed, they grow into large and tall dogs with protective and possessive personalities, so they are capable of keeping your family safe.


Getting to know the traits of a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix is one of the first crucial steps before you adopt this type of hybrid dog. The most important factors you need to know are that Bloodhound Rottweilers hybrids are large dogs that are usually evenly tempered. However, it’s essential to train these dogs early, so you can have the best family dog and a friendly pet.