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Is A Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix The Right Dog For You?

Renowned for its gorgeous blue-speckled coloring, the Blue Heeler is one handsome dog. This pup was originally bred as a work dog to help Australian ranchers herd cattle and sheep.

Their strong work ethic, protective nature and boundless energy made them great assets to Outback ranchers who needed a faithful work dog and loyal companion to safeguard their property and livestock.

Like the Blue Heeler, the Australian Kelpie was also bred for the purpose of herding cattle. Its drive and determination at performing its job made it indispensable to American and Australian ranchers.

The Kelpie is a highly intelligent, agile dog capable of learning a wide range of complex tasks. It’s happiest living in habitats with wide open spaces where it has the freedom to work, play and explore.

Considering their common background and breeding, it’s not surprising that the Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix has what it takes to be a hardworking, loyal, faithful family dog.

If you’re looking for a tireless work dog or energetic companion to share your active lifestyle with, the Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix could be just the pup.

Early socialization and training are key to bringing out the best in this hybrid, so it can become a loving member of your family.

What Is A Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix Like As A Pet?

Qualities like intelligence, loyalty and trainability give the Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix the potential to be a good pet. That would depend, of course, on where you live and your lifestyle.

This dog, like its parents, is extremely energetic and requires ample space for exercise and play. If you live in a small apartment or condo in the city, this breed may not be the best choice for you.

In contrast, if you live on a farm or ranch or a home with a large yard or several acres of property, you’ll have the space to accommodate your Mix’s exercise needs. Your lifestyle will also play a role in how this dog fares as your companion and pet.

These dogs love action and will eagerly accompany you for hunting, hiking, jogging or other activities that test their agility and strength. They’re tough dogs that don’t shy away from roughhousing or vigorous play.

Although the mix has a protective nature that can be intimidating to strangers, they’re friendly and loving to their people family.

They may, however, gravitate more toward one person in the home. As the Mix comes from “wild roots” with the instincts for herding, training and socializing your dog from puppyhood is essential to integrating him into your household.

These dogs make remarkable pets for families that are committed to providing them with a loving, active home.

What Should You Feed A Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix?

A hybrid as active as the Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix needs a high-quality diet to sustain its strength and energy.

High-energy dogs often thrive on a raw dog food diet consisting of quality meat protein, whole or ground bones, raw eggs and nutritious veggies and fruit.

Like many hybrids, this mix is prone to developing hip and/or elbow dysplasia and can benefit from doses of fish oil and arthritic supplements in their diet.

A custom dog food diet is sure to meet your pup’s nutritional needs for meat protein, complex carbs, vitamins and fatty acids. If you opt for commercial dog food, a healthy brand like “a Taste Of The Wild” is a good choice.

A dog this size can be fed one to two cups of dry dog food daily, divided into a morning and evening meal, with sufficient time for your pup to digest the food before retiring for the night.

When choosing commercial dog food, check the ingredients to ensure it contains multiple sources of meat-based protein for strength, energy, growth and development.

Your dog food should also contain complex carbs (found mostly in root vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes and beet roots), essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 for a healthy coat and the vitamins and minerals your pup needs for optimal health, particularly vitamins A, D and B-complex.

These vitamins keep your pup’s systems working properly and boost his immune health to protect him from disease.

Is It Easy To Train A Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix?

Training a Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix can be a bit challenging as he’s smart enough to learn, but tends to be independent in wanting his own way.

A measure of self-assertion and independence is essential for a herding dog, but not as necessary for a family pet. It’s best to train your dog as early as possible, from puppyhood, as this will enable you to establish yourself as the alpha from the start.

Short, lively daily training sessions are better than long-drawn-out ones, as they’ll keep your puppy’s attention span longer.

Unless you’ve had some training experience, you’d do well to enroll your canine in a dog training course where you can both learn from a pro. This hybrid is no pushover and will need a firm hand from the start.

With the help of a professional dog trainer, your pup can learn the social and obedience skills he needs to fit into your household.

Your trainer also knows how to make training interesting and fun, so dogs learn quicker and retain more of their knowledge.

Both Blue Heelers and Kelpies are highly intelligent dogs, so imagine what your Mix will be like when it comes to learning.

These dogs are quick and responsive to learning new commands and tasks, which comes from their desire to work and be useful to their owner.

Boredom is something you want to avoid at all costs, as these dogs can quickly turn into difficult, destructive pups when bored or ignored. First-time pet parents may be better off with a dog that’s easier to handle for their first pet.

Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix Temperament!

The temperament of a Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix mirrors that of its parents, which has been described as “fierce” yet loving to their family, loyal yet independent, courageous yet cautious, protective yet non-threatening to strangers.

People who love these dogs feel their positive traits far outweigh their “bad” ones. A well-trained, socialized Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix will be a loving, compliant, resourceful, hard-working, protective companion you can depend on for life.

These dogs are quite assertive and, even after training, they may try from time to time to usurp your authority as the Alpha, so you have to be on guard. By giving your pup lots of attention, reassurance and love, you’re sure to win its loyalty and trust.

These dogs need plenty of physical and mental stimulation to stay on top of their game. If you live on a ranch or farm, you can train your dog to perform certain tasks so he will feel needed and useful.

Heeler Kelpie Mixes are work dogs, like their parents, and are happiest when busy and on the go. This mix will fit right in with someone who lives a full and active lifestyle. With energy to burn, your Mix needs a spacious outdoor environment for running, playing and exploring.

Once he’s tired, he’ll be perfectly content to lay at your feet or put his head on your lap, as these dogs are not averse to giving or receiving affection and love.

Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix Exercise Requirements!

The Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix is a high-energy dog that requires vigorous, daily exercise to burn off excess energy.

These dogs make perfect companions for people who live on a farm or ranch and spend a great deal of time outdoors.

If you have limited space in your yard, you’ll need to find a park or open field to exercise your pup where he can cut loose and run. Your Mix will need at least an hour of action-packed exercise/playtime daily to stay healthy and fit.

Games like fetch, tug of war, hide and seek and obstacle course are great for this hybrid as they are mentally stimulating and give your pup a chance to interact with his family.

Your dog will also enjoy long hikes in the woods, mountain climbing, nature walks, swimming and playtimes in the park. Variety will be the spice of your pup’s life when it comes to exercise, and you’ll need to provide a lot of it if you want to keep your dog happy.

A combination of work and play would be ideal when it comes to exercising your Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix, but if that’s not possible, then vigorous daily exercise is a must.

If you normally don’t spend a lot of time outdoors, your life will change when you bring this puppy home. You can look forward to enjoying long walks, romps in the park, beach runs, hiking, biking, jogging, roller blading and more with your dog by your side.

Never underestimate the stamina of this dog, as insufficient exercise can lead to destructive behaviors at home.

Is A Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix A Good Family Dog?

This hybrid makes a great family dog for families with a lot of get up and go. Your Mix will love playing with your children in the yard or accompanying your teens on long hikes or bike rides.

If your family is into traveling, you’ll have no trouble taking your adventurous Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix along.

Socializing your puppy early on will make it more agreeable around people and other pets. This will make family gatherings fun for everyone!

This hybrid tends to be protective of its family, which may, at times, make it a little aggressive towards strangers. It’s this protective nature, however, that makes it a good watchdog.

The Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix will have little trouble fitting into a ranching or farming lifestyle, especially if they’re allowed to spend a lot of time outdoors.

They can be trained to help out with chores and carry the load. They’ll also protect your kids, home and livestock from harm. Your family won’t find a more loyal, loving family dog.


The Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix makes a great work, companion and family dog for those willing to give them a stimulating, action-packed home environment. These dogs need an outlet for their boundless energy along with love and attention from their family. If you’re willing to fulfill those qualifications, you can’t go wrong by bringing a Blue Heeler Kelpie Mix into your home.