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Is A Border Collie Wolf Mix The Right Dog For You?

A border collie wolf mix is a mixed breed dog that results from breeding the wolf and the border collie. It is a crossbred or hybrid dog that has features of both the border collie and the wolf.

The border collie is originally from the hilly border country between England and Scotland, where these dogs were used to control sheep.

They are known as extremely active dogs that like running and can withstand harsh weather conditions. That is why the border collie is known as the dog with excellent endurance and stamina.

Wolves are wild animals that can be found almost in any part of the world. They live, travel, and hunt in packs (7-8 wolves in one pack).

The leaders of the pack are typically the alpha male and female wolves that establish the pack’s territory, hunt and track prey and choose den sites. They are also known as very strong creatures.

What Is A Border Collie Wolf Mix Like As A Pet?

In general, a border collie wolf mix is a great breed that can be social and loving. However, since it has characteristics of a wolf that is a pack animal, this dog does not want to be left alone and may need another canine companion to feel comfortable and happy.

Also, they are not indoor dogs, and they need a lot of space. For this reason, if you decided to get this type of dog, make sure your house is big enough, and you have a backyard where your dog can run and remain active.

If your dog does not have enough space to get the exercise he needs, this will negatively affect his mental and physical health.

It is also important to understand that even though a border collie is a friendly and social dog, a border collie wolf mix is a complicated breed and can be quite aggressive.

For this reason, it may be not a good idea to get this type of dog for a family with small children or those family members who cannot control an aggressive dog.

What Should You Feed A Border Collie Wolf Mix?

The diet of your hybrid dog is one of the most important things to consider, and it should not be taken lightly. The nutrition of your border collie wolf mix is different from the nutrition of other dog breeds.

You should be very careful when choosing food for your border collie wolf mix because it has a significant impact on your dog’s physical health and behavior.

Ideally, since this dog breed is produced by the mating of a border collie with a gray wolf, you should give your canine a few pounds of raw meat every day.

It is better to choose beef, chicken, or turkey, and avoid pork because it may cause digestive issues.

You can also give your dog raw bones because he will definitely enjoy them. It is also important to know that if you give your canine meat, it should be either fresh or frozen, and you should cut it into small pieces.

The amount of meat is different for every dog but on average three pounds a day is enough for an adult border collie wolf mix.

You should also consider custom dog food that is also known as personalized canine food. You can design custom food for your dog in conjunction with your vet in order to make it as beneficial as possible for your dog.

In general, custom dog food has the following benefits: it improves dogs’ skin and coat, supports dogs’ joints, helps puppies develop a healthy brain, and promotes an active lifestyle, which is especially important for a border collie wolf mix.

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting this type of dog, make sure to discuss the possible nutrition with the vet in order to be prepared.

Is It Easy To Train A border Collie Wolf Mix?

Unfortunately, training a border collie wolf mix may not be as easy as you think. Since it is a wolf dog, his wild instincts can be hard to overcome. It does not mean that these canines cannot be trained at all, but they need more attention and more space than other breeds.

Socialization is the first and most important step in training your border collie wolf mix. This type of dog needs lots of contact with their family – both other canines and human family members.

Therefore, you should try taking your dog out in public to as many places as possible. This will help your canine get used to other people and dogs, and become less shy and aggressive.

Daily interaction is also an important part of the training process that should become a part of your everyday routine from the first day you bring home your border collie wolf mix puppy.

You should play different games, use your dog’s toys, and exercise your pooch on a daily basis. Remember that this type of dog has a lot of energy that needs to be expended.

It is also a good idea to apply for a special dog training course because you may need the help of a dog professional.

Border Collie Wolf Mix Temperament

The temperament of a border collie wolf mix is very unique, and you need to get familiar with it before you decide to get this type of dog. In general, it can be described as independent, stubborn, active, and alert.

As mentioned above, a border collie wolf mix is a highly active dog that needs constant exercise. Therefore, it is a good idea to take him on jogging, hiking, walking as he is a great partner for physical exercises

However, you should be ready for their stubborn personality that requires your leadership and constant supervision.

In general, they are affectionate and loving dogs, but they may be suspicious of strangers. They are also protective of their people, family members, and territory, which makes them great watchdogs.

However, they also often demonstrate their aggressive personality that can be hard to control and requires training.

Border Collie Wolf Mix Exercise Requirements

As mentioned earlier, a border collie wolf mix is a very active dog, so you need to make sure it gets plenty of exercise. It is definitely not the right type of dog for an apartment, so you need to make sure you have a large house and enough space for your dog to run and exercise.

As an active dog, a border collie wolf mix needs at least three to four hours of exercise every day. If this dog is confined to a house, it may have serious health issues in the future. Moreover, walking your dog is not enough – he needs high endurance exercises to release energy.

The best activities for a border collie wolf mix are outdoor hiking, herding trials, active dog games, swimming, agility training, and running.

If you got a puppy, it is better to start off with shorter activity sessions in order to test your dog’s endurance. From there, you can always increase the duration of your activities and develop your own schedule.

Is A Border Collie Wolf Mix A Good Family Dog?

Even though a border collie is known as a perfect dog for families due to his easygoing, active, and social personality, you should be extremely careful with a border collie wolf mix because of their wolf instincts in their blood.

Most dog experts do not recommend this type of dog for families with children due to their stubborn, alert, and aggressive personalities.

As a wolf dog, this type of canine is not an easygoing pet, and their behavior can be unpredictable. Therefore, families with small kids should think about getting a different type of dog, especially if they are not experienced dog owners.

Even though the United Canine Association notes that wolf dogs are generally good-natured, they may act aggressively. Therefore, keeping this type of dog for people who do not know how to control their temperament and behavior can be quite dangerous.


A border collie wolf mix is an interesting and unique dog breed that is characterized by his intelligent, social, and active personality. If trained well and properly, these dogs can become great companions and four-legged friends. However, you should think twice before getting this type of dog for your family, especially if you have small kids. Do not forget to take your dog’s nutrition into consideration. The diet of a border collie wolf mix is unique, and feeding your canine with custom dog food may be a smart idea.