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Is A Boykin Spaniel Lab Mix The Right Dog For You?

If you’re looking to get a new dog, you certainly have no shortage of canine breeds to choose from, not to mention the hundreds of hybrids that are continually popping up. In many cases, designer dog mixes are even more special to own.

Such is the case with the Boykin Spaniel Lab mix, also affectionally called the Boykinador. This pup is a mix of a Boykin Spaniel and a Labrador Retriever dog.

The Boykin Spaniel breed originated in South Carolina as a hunter dog, bred to hunt wild turkeys and ducks. Despite its hunter background, this adorable medium-sized dog possesses a sweet disposition you can’t help but love.

Nicknames like the “swamp poodle” and “little brown dog” simply don’t do him justice. The majestic Labrador Retriever was originally bred in Canada to help fishermen with their trade. This pup later became popular as a hunting dog in the U.S. and eventually found its niche as a service dog for those in need.

As both parents come from a hunting background, it’s only natural for the Boykin Spaniel Lab mix to inherit hunter instincts and traits. If you like to hunt, hike, camp or spend time in the wild, this pup could make a good companion to share your adventures with.

These dogs are intelligent, friendly and loaded with vitality, so your mix will have little trouble keeping up with your active lifestyle.

What Is a Boykin Spaniel Lab Mix Like as a Pet?

With proper training, Boykin Spaniel Lab mixes make good pets for active households. Their sweet disposition and affectionate nature will win you and your family over in no time. Children are easily attracted to their warmth and charm.

At the same time, this pup is a high-energy dog that needs lots of exercise and attention to keep him out of trouble. To parent this pup, you’ll need a lot of get up and go.

The Boykinador may be an affable pup, but he’s no pushover. He’s a smart, inquisitive, spunky dog that shouldn’t be left on his own for long as you never know what he’ll get into while you’re gone.

If you’re getting this mix as a puppy, it’s best to socialize him as soon as possible so he’ll integrate well into your home. Like most intelligent dogs, this breed tends to have a mind of its own.

The Boykin Spaniel Lab mix has great potential as a pet as long as you meet his needs for exercise, adventure and play. He’s not a sit at home dog at all. He’s congenial, stable and gentle with children and likes other dogs as well.

He’s tolerant of strangers, but will bark to alert you to danger when he hears suspicious noises around the home. Your pup is also likely to protect you if someone tries to do you harm.

What Should You Feed a Boykin Spaniel Lab Mix?

Keeping in mind your pup’s size, build and active lifestyle, your Boykinador will need a highly nutritious diet to sustain his health and active lifestyle. Purebred Labradors often do well with high-grade dry kibbles combined with raw meat.

Boykin Spaniel owners lean more toward the raw meat diet coupled with vegetables and rice to keep their pets in good health. A commercial dog food rich in meat protein and essential vitamins and minerals like “a Taste Of The Wild” would be an acceptable choice for your mix.

If you’re particular about your dog’s diet, consider custom dog food tailored to his healthcare needs. This enables your pup to get maximum nutritional value from his diet.

Like many mixed breeds, the Boykinador is prone to health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, which are genetic in nature. A custom dog food with added omega-3 fatty acids, chondroitin and glucosamine will help support his joints.

Custom dog food can also help keep your pet at a good weight level. Labradors, in particular, are known for overeating and gaining excess weight, which can lead to all kinds of canine health problems. If you need help creating a healthy diet for your pet, talk to your local vet.

A knowledgeable vet will be able to give you excellent input into your pet’s dietary needs.

Is It Easy to Train a Boykin Spaniel Lab Mix?

Highly intelligent dogs are often a challenge to train and the Boykin Spaniel Lab mix is no exception. Your pup will want to take the lead from the start and will need a firm hand to keep him in line.

If you try to train your pup in an open field or park where squirrels or birds abound, he may get easily distracted due to his hunter instincts kicking in. For greater success, keep training sessions short and sweet to maintain your pup’s attention.

A professional dog training course will teach your pup socialization skills and obedience training, which will make it easier for him to integrate into your home.

The Boykinador learns quicker on the go, so exercise should be incorporated into his training program. He also responds well to praise, physical rewards and other forms of positive reinforcement.

Training is a must for this breed due to their abundance of energy, which otherwise would be difficult to control.

Boykin Spaniel Lab mixes are blessed with a winning personality and a high degree of intelligence – traits highly conducive to learning. Add to that a desire to please and you’ll soon find out how trainable your pup can be.

The right trainer can bring out the best in your dog without resorting to gimmicks or high-handed techniques. These dogs have a knack for learning and, when motivated, will do their best to please their people family.

Boykin Spaniel Lab Mix Temperament

Your mix’s temperament will derive from traits inherited from his parents. Many of these traits are common to both the Boykin Spaniel and the Labrador dog.

The Boykin Spaniel is, by nature, a loving, affectionate, out-going dog. Like most hunting dogs, he has an independent streak that serves him well in the field, but not so much in a home environment. Hence, the training.

Boykin Spaniels are also smart, energetic, inquisitive, playful and loyal to their owners.

Labrador Retrievers also have a loving, affectionate nature. For the most part, they’re sociable, happy dogs that love to play. A healthy Lab will never turn down an invitation for fun and games in the back yard or a trip to the park.

Labs are known for their exuberance, vitality and attentiveness to what’s happening in their environment. Their overtly friendly nature, however, makes them a poor choice for a watch dog as they’re more apt to greet strangers with a lick than a growl or bite.

When it comes to your mix’s temperament, he’s bound to be a chip off the old block. Like their parents, these dogs tend to be loving, affectionate, playful, congenial, energetic, smart as a whip, sociable pups that make good companions, pets, work animals and service dogs. In short, these dogs would be a joy to own.

Boykin Spaniel Lab Mix Exercise Requirements

As mentioned earlier, the Boykin Spaniel Lab mix is a high-energy dog that loves the great outdoors.

These dogs need vigorous exercise daily to keep them happy and in good health. Fortunately, this mix loves all kinds of exercise, from long walks in the park to beach runs, hikes in the mountains, running in open fields, racing, chasing or fetching games and swimming wherever there’s water.

Daily exercise is key to keeping your pup’s energy levels in check. Otherwise, he could resort to destructive behaviors in your home due to not having an outlet for his pent-up energy.

A bored Boykinador may run circles indoors, jump on furniture or chew up your shoes or clothes. These dogs love action and adventure and if they can’t get it outside, they’ll create their own adventures indoors!

If you live in the country, your pup will love romping in the fields, chasing critters in the woods or swimming in a nearby pond. If you live in the suburbs, your pup will need lots of park time or vigorous playtime in your back yard. City living can pose a challenge for exercising your mix, but it needs to be done!

Is a Boykin Spaniel Lab Mix a Good Family Dog?

As the offspring of two family-oriented breeds, the Boykin Spaniel Lab mix can’t help but make a good family pet. This designer dog is kind, sociable, playful and good with kids – essential qualities for a family dog.

His medium size is conducive to most home environments, while his cheerful, outgoing nature makes him a welcome addition to a household. With proper care, your mix can live a long, happy life in your home.

Boykin Spaniel Lab mixes are active dogs that love to run, jump and play. They make good playmates for active children or companions for adventurous teens who spend a great deal of time outdoors.

If you’re looking for a mild-mannered family dog that’s content lazing around the home, this mix is not a good choice. A socialized Boykinador wants nothing more than to get outside and meet the world.

Hunting, camping, hiking, swimming are all activities a Boykin Spaniel Lab mix likes to do. If your family lives an active lifestyle, this pup will fit right in.

These dogs are amazing swimmers and will avidly join you in the water, whether you’re in your pool, at the beach or camping at a lake resort. Their enthusiasm for life is contagious and will make you want to spend more time outdoors, too!


The Boykin Spaniel Lab mix is a fun-loving dog that will fit in nicely with people who like to have fun. These pups will accompany you on bike rides, play with your kids outside or be your faithful walking companion, rain or shine. They’re loving, loyal, caring dogs that you can trust. If that’s the kind of pup you’re looking for, then a Boykin Spaniel Lab mix will make a wonderful addition to your home.