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Is A Chihuahua Sheltie Mix The Right Dog For You?

Bringing a dog into your home is a big deal and shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Your dog should become part of the family. That is why it is a good idea to do some research to determine if the pup you want fits your lifestyle.

Some canines require lots of walking, while others are lap dogs. If you enjoy being more sedentary, picking a furry friend who needs to run is unwise. On the other hand, parenting a pup who is unable or uninterested in exercise is frustrating if you are very active.

Also, keep in mind that while all dogs can become expensive, some breeds are predisposed to skin conditions, heart problems, back issues, and more. You may incur extra costs for the type of pet you are considering. So, is a Chihuahua Sheltie mix the right dog for you?

What Is A Chihuahua Sheltie Mix Like As A Pet?

The best way to understand what a mixed breed pup will be like is to study the two mixed breeds.

Traditionally, mixed breed dogs are intelligent but could inherit some bad traits depending on birth conditions. In this case, the Chihuahua and the Shetland Sheepdog, otherwise known as a Sheltie.

Chihuahuas are generally lapdogs but have higher energy than other lapdogs. They love their owners but are a bit suspicious of strangers. You can expect lots of barking when new people come around. Fiercely loyal, these big personality pups are small but pack a big punch!

The second part of the equation is the Sheltie. These canines are also heavy barkers so that the combination could make for a lot of noise. Shelties are herders and require lots of good playtime to wear them out.

In short, you could wind up with a sweet, loving pet who is an excellent watchdog. As both breeds are high energy, expect a lively addition to the family.

You should also plan for loads of enjoyable playdays filled with fun. Extensive socialization is the proper channel to prevent a defensive or unfriendly pup.

What Should You Feed A Chihuahua Sheltie Mix?

Typically, the determining factors in feeding your furry friend vary according to age, body condition, exercise level, and the make up of the food you choose.

Puppies need more calcium, while a senior dog doesn’t need as many calories. So, what should you feed a Chihuahua Sheltie mix?

Shelties are prone to certain cancers as well as gallbladder problems and pancreatitis. To overcome this vulnerability, a mid-protein food with low fat is recommended.

Chihuahuas also need a high protein diet. For pets with sensitive stomachs, custom dog food may help to mesh the needs of both breeds.

The best off-the-shelf dog food should contain the ingredients needed to keep your active baby moving. When choosing, look for something that has a ‘taste of the wild’ in the recipe to ensure proper nutrition and appeal to your dog’s natural, instinctual tastes.

Also, pick a pet food that is a high quality product that contains the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

Is It Easy To Train A Chihuahua Sheltie Mix?

Both the Chihuahua and the Sheltie are easy to train dogs. They enjoy learning new things and are intelligent beings. With a bit of effort, you could have a well-trained fur baby. Some of these mixed dogs can be used as therapy, service, or medical alert pets.

Training should include fun activities and lots of treats! Every dog loves a good treat! Most dogs are eager to please, so training works better when you praise and love your pet during training.

You should never punish a dog, but always use positive reinforcement. If you feel unable to do dog training, there are many good dog training courses available.

Dog agility classes are an excellent avenue to keep your pet active and moving throughout its life. Successful dog parenting includes long-term goals for quality of life.

Pets who do agility training gain better coordination, stronger muscles, increased endurance, boost self-confidence, and teach manners and obedience. Challenging obstacle courses are easy to find and keep your pet on its toes.

Chihuahua Sheltie Mix Temperament!

When examining the temperament of a Chihuahua sheltie mixed pup, joining these two breeds has many advantages.

You can expect your furry friend to be friendly, loving, and eager to please. They will be a family pet and, with the proper exercise and attention, not prone to digging or aggression.

On the flip side, these pooches do not like to be left alone. Separation anxiety is a common issue with Chihuahuas and Shelties so that you could have the same problem with your mixed doggy.

Too many hours without supervision can result in more than you bargained for! Also, Shelties are extremely sensitive and loud, tense homes mean behavior issues in these pups.

Any canine can experience the fear of its owner leaving. This includes whining, barking, chewing, licking, destructive behavior, distress, nervousness, and anxiety.

To avoid this situation, make sure your pet has a safe, comfortable space with entertaining toys and that you aren’t gone for long periods.

Chihuahua Sheltie Mix Exercise Requirements!

All of our fur babies need exercise, but the question is just how much and what type? Chihuahua Sheltie mixed dogs are high-energy, so planning for a variety of exercises is key to responsible pet ownership.

A well-exercised canine provides a better chance of good behavior, decreases anxiety, lubricates joints, and stimulates the mind.

Shelties are herding dogs and require a job to do. You can expect to exercise your mixed pup for at least 30-60 minutes a day. Walking, running, chasing a ball, or finding hidden toys are perfect ways to burn off some of that excess zest.

Pet owners could also train their Chihuahua Sheltie to help out around the house by fetching things or putting away the kids’ toys.

There are many available dog parks, doggy daycare, and dog walkers that can assist with exercise requirements if you aren’t readily available to perform the task every day.

Some even offer a swimming pool area, and you can choose to have your dog groomed or receive other services while at a doggy daycare. Options will add extra costs, so keep that in mind when considering additional services.

Is A Chihuahua Sheltie Mix A Good Family Dog?

Although every pet is different, behavior is often influenced more by upbringing rather than temperament. Many Chihuahua Sheltie mixes will make excellent family pets.

Raising a dog from puppyhood is sometimes the best way to ensure this characteristic, although it isn’t a guarantee. That is not to say that a rescue dog won’t work – just ensure that your choice is healthy and trainable.

Adopting an adult dog can be iffy as far as family friendliness. Pet owners should be cautious of introducing any new pet to the home, especially when other pets or children are involved. Slowly integrating your new canine into your home is the safest option.

Newly adjusted pets should never be left alone until completely acclimated to the new space.

For families with other pets or little ones, remember that any dog can become aggressive if mistreat, if it feels threatened, or is eating.

Teach young children to respect animals and never allow them to hurt your pet. Separate less tolerant pets when you aren’t around to prevent fighting or aggression.


Like any other breed, Chihuahua Sheltie mix dogs have great benefits and some concerns. The primary consideration is what you as a pet owner want and can handle. The last thing you want to do is welcome a pet into your home, and it not be a happy situation for either of you.