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Is A Collie Huntaway Cross The Right Dog For You?

Bred for herding, the Collie Huntaway Cross was just what New Zealand farmers needed to protect and corral their sheep.

The dog has strength, intelligence, stamina and self-discipline – all the qualities of a good herding dog. This pup’s friendly nature also makes it a good candidate for a family dog. With proper training, these dogs can easily integrate into a loving, active home.

Fully grown, the Collie Huntaway Cross borders between a medium and large-sized dog, similar to the Vizsla Poodle mix. Both of these pups come from a line of hunters with similar characteristics.

As pets, both of these breeds are friendly, good with children and can be easily handled by new pet parents with limited experience in caring for dogs. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may find the Collie Huntaway Cross a better fit for your home.

A traditional Collie Huntaway Cross will be black and tan in color, but this pup can also be found in different shades of brown.

Some features like their floppy ears and soft, dark-colored eyes, are characteristic of the breed, making them more appealing to children. These dogs are energetic, athletic and hardy, requiring owners to have ample stamina to keep up with their pup.

What Is A Collie Huntaway Cross Like As A Pet?

The Collie Huntaway Cross has an affectionate, playful nature that makes him a hit with children. If you’re looking for a pup that’s full of life, this breed fits the bill.

These dogs are happiest when engaged in challenging activities with the people they love. They’re not content to sit on the sidelines – they want to fully join in on the fun!

A gentle disposition and a desire to please make the Collie Huntaway Cross a good choice for a pet. Their sheepherder instincts keep them alert to possible danger in the home.

Although these dogs aren’t aggressive towards strangers, they will protect you and your family if the need arises. Your Collie Huntaway Cross will also not bark as much at home as he does in the field, another plus if you have neighbors living nearby.

By socializing your Collie Huntaway Cross as a pup, he’ll have no trouble getting along with other animals in the home.

These dogs need lots of exercise and will gladly accompany you on long walks, jogs, bike rides, hiking trips or playtime in the park. If you like to travel, by all means, take your Collie Huntaway Cross along!

He won’t enjoy being left at home for long and may resort to destructive behavior if he doesn’t have an outlet for his pent-up energy.

What Should You Feed A Collie Huntaway Cross?

As the Collie Huntaway Cross is a high-energy dog, he needs a high protein, wholesome diet to stay healthy and fit and sustain his energy levels throughout the day.

If you’re going with commercial dog food, check the ingredients to ensure it provides your pup with the nutrients he needs for bone and muscle health, immune health and vitality. “A Taste of the Wild” dog food is a popular option.

Custom dog food will also keep your pup at the top of his game. Your tailor-made dog food should contain quality meat for protein, along with fruits, vegetables, eggs and other healthy foods to complete a balanced diet.

An adult Collie Huntaway Cross should eat two meals daily – one in the morning and one early in the evening, to give him ample time to digest his meal before heading off for bed.

If you want to mix homemade people food into your pup’s meals for variety, choose healthy foods that will contribute to your dog’s growth and development.

Some examples might be brown rice, whole grain pasta, boiled chicken, nutritious fruits and veggies like spinach, apples and carrots. Your Collie Huntaway Cross may also enjoy cottage cheese or peanut butter in moderation.

Is It Easy To Train A Collie Huntaway Cross?

Collie Huntaway crosses are agreeable dogs, making them highly trainable. These dogs are sharp as a tack and catch on quickly in learning commands.

Like many herding dog breeds, the Collie Huntaway cross has an independent streak, but that doesn’t mean he’s stubborn or difficult to train. He simply needs a firm hand from the start of his training program, so there’s no confusion as to who’s the boss.

Enrolling your pup in a dog training course will enable him to receive consistent training and opportunities to practice his commands.

These dogs love a challenge and a course that’s stimulating, versatile and demanding will peak your pup’s interest and participation. Your dog will be easier to train when he’s young, as you can set clear boundaries for your puppy early on.

Puppies learn quicker as they don’t have to break bad habits before learning good ones, as is the case with most older dogs.

The Collie Huntaway Cross responds better to praise and physical rewards for doing well, as opposed to reprimands for when he’s “bad.”

If you’re too harsh with your pup, he may ignore your commands or even disobey you altogether, which will only cause setbacks in his training. Praise works wonders with this dog, giving him greater incentive to do your bidding out of love.

What’s The Temperament Of A Collie Huntaway Cross?

The Collie Huntaway Cross can be quite independent, a necessary trait for working on his own when herding sheep in the fields.

That independent streak can be reined in during training to make your pet a better companion at home. When with his family, this pup is loving, playful and kind, making him a welcoming addition to your home.

Collie Huntaway Crosses are highly intelligent, hard-working dogs driven to excel in their herding skills. Their stamina, alertness and ability to solve problems make them a tremendous asset to New Zealand farmers in managing and protecting their sheep.

On the field, this pup is focused and attentive to his duties, taking full command of his charges. When home, you’ll find your pup to be more relaxed, quiet and well-mannered (after training, that is.)

The Collie Huntaway Cross is an outgoing dog, one that makes friends easily due to his affable nature. His kindness extends to everyone, even people he’s never met, so you won’t have problems with visitors agitating your dog.

At the same time, he’s no pushover. If he senses danger, he’s more than willing to step up in protecting you and your family. These dogs are very loyal to their people family, although they tend to establish a stronger bond with one particular person and be friendly with others.

What Are The Exercise Requirements Of A Collie Huntaway Cross?

Collie Huntaway crosses have energy to burn and require A LOT of exercise to burn it off. In addition to daily walks, these dogs need vigorous exercise like running in open fields or chasing frisbees or balls until they’re tired out.

They’re also partial to playing games that challenge their intellect and require a lot of action on their part. If you’ve got active, outdoorsy children, they’ll never lack for a playmate when you’ve got a Collie Huntaway Cross.

Needless to say, this pup will be happiest in a setting that doesn’t restrict his mobility, such as a country home or farm or a house with a large yard. Along with exercise, your pet will need mental stimulation to keep him alert, agile and happy.

Games like tug of war with a chew toy or rope, hide and seek or frisbee toss give him something to strive for. Once your pup is trained, you can turn him loose in an open field or wooded area where he can burn off steam by exploring the unknown.

Before bringing home a Collie Huntaway Cross, it’s important to count the cost. If you don’t have the time or space for such an active dog, you’d do well to consider another breed as a pet.

With the amount of stamina that these dogs have, they won’t be satisfied with a neighborhood walk – they need action and plenty of it! Insufficient exercise will lead to boredom and a bored Collie Huntaway Cross is bound to cause mischief in your home.

Is A Collie Huntaway Cross A Good Family Dog?

The Collie Huntaway Cross has the potential to be a great family dog but only under the right circumstances. If he’s cooped up in the house all day, he can become more of a nuisance than a lovable family pet.

By nature, these dogs are gentle, affectionate and kind – qualities that make them excellent family dogs. They’re even good with young children – which not all herd dogs are.

With proper training, your Collie Huntaway Cross can fill many roles in a home. If you live on a farm with sheep, your pup can help with their protection and care. If you have children, your pet makes an excellent playmate to keep your brood happy and entertained.

Your teen will find a Collie Huntaway Cross a great companion for jogging, hiking, biking or other activities he enjoys.

For the most part, you can’t go wrong by inviting a Collie Huntaway Cross into your home. These pups have a lively personality that brings joy to any household.

In work and play, a Collie Huntaway Cross will have a positive impact on your life, making it a worthy addition to your family.


Is the Collie Huntaway Cross the right dog for you? That’s up to you to decide. What you can count on from this breed is loyalty, friendship and love – qualities that will bring a special touch to your home.