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Is a Hound Pointer Mix the Right Dog for You?

Dog mixes are not only becoming more common, but more popular as well. Mixing a hound with a pointer makes an interesting combination, especially since these two breeds have so much in common.

When crossing two pure-bred dogs, breeders always hope to get the best qualities of each in the mix, but that’s not always a given. Before adopting a hound pointer mix, do your homework to get a better idea of what to expect from this cross-breed.

Hound pointer mixes may be a combination of a bloodhound, coonhound or other hound with an English Pointer or German Shorthaired Pointer dog. Pointers, like hounds, are bred as hunting dogs. They’re known for being intelligent, energetic, loyal dogs.

However, their competitive nature and independent streak can lead to mischievous behavior if they’re not getting enough attention from their people family.

Hounds are bred to track and hunt game. Scent hounds make excellent law enforcement dogs as they’re good at tracking suspects or helping with search and rescue.

They love following scent trails in search of hidden treasures and make good companions for long walks. Sight hounds are more the sprinter type and enjoy chasing games. When you combine the two breeds, you get a generous mix of personality traits from both.

What Is A Hound Pointer Mix Like As A Pet?

Hound pointer mixes tend to be spunky dogs that thrive on attention. They’re high-energy dogs that require constant stimulation and action. Left to their own devices, they’re apt to get into trouble due to their inquisitive nature.

If you live an active lifestyle, your hound pointer mix will feel right at home as he can accompany you on walks, jogs, bike rides and nature hikes.

A hound pointer mix will bring joy and excitement to your household. These dogs make lively pets and thoroughly enjoy the company of people.

When left alone, they may resort to destructive behavior or become extremely vocal in an attempt to get the attention they desire. Your hound pointer pet will need a large yard for exercise or an open space where he can run and play when outdoors.

Socialization is key to helping your hound pointer mix adapt to you, other people and other pets. Socializing your new pup will reap long-term benefits in helping him integrate into your household.

Although these dogs have friendly personalities, they also have minds of their own. Through socialization, your pup will learn how to interact with other people, so he will be welcomed by all members of your family.

What Should You Feed A Hound Pointer Mix?

By counseling with your vet, you can learn more about your pet’s dietary needs. Dogs are unique creatures, requiring custom dog food diets tailored to their age, health and breed.

For most dogs, meat constitutes a large part of their diet, but you may also choose to give your dog dry kibble, canned wet foods or a combination of both to ensure your pet gets a balanced diet.

Non-meat foods such as grains, vegetables and fruits aren’t fillers for a dog; they’re an essential source of nutrients and fiber to help your pup grow healthy and strong.

The best off-the-shelf dog foods are those that contain an ample portion of meat protein to give your pup “a taste of the wild” along with nutritious non-meat ingredients to meet his growth and development needs.

You may also choose to look into the “raw food diet” for your hound pointer mix to whet his appetite for a taste of the wild. As hound pointer mixes come from hunter families, a raw food diet could help satisfy your pup’s “wolf” background.

Proponents of the raw food diet for dogs claim it promotes healthier teeth, a sleeker coat and reduced dog stools. You can discuss these options with your vet to help you make wise dietary choices for your pet.

Is It Easy To Train A Hound Pointer Mix?

Hound pointer mixes are intelligent dogs and fully capable of being trained. However, their stubborn, independent nature – a trait that’s quite common in the hound family – could make training a challenge.

Coonhounds, in particular, are bred to be independent and do things on their own. Your coonhound pointer mix may not see the need to cooperate with your dog training efforts.

If your hound pointer mix insists on being the alpha, you’ll need a strong hand to firmly, yet lovingly, put him in his place so he can learn to take orders. You may find it helpful to break long training sessions into shorter segments to keep your pet engaged.

Choose your training spot wisely, as your pet’s liable to run off chasing squirrels, birds or other animals if you’re in an area where these critters are running around. Incorporating as much exercise as possible into your training sessions will keep your pup physically challenged.

Like most dogs, your hound pointer mix will respond better to positive reinforcement in his training as opposed to punishment. These pups are highly intelligent and willing to please once you’ve earned their love and trust.

Praise your pup often when he obeys or offer him rewards as an incentive for learning. Your pup can also benefit from a structured dog training course taught by a professional dog trainer.

What Kind Of Temperament Does A Hound Pointer Mix Have?

Hound pointer mixes have the genetics of both a pointer and a hound. Depending on the specific breeds being mixed, your pup may be sweet and affable or more on the fierce and brave side.

As hunter dogs, hounds and pointers are alert, energetic and courageous by nature and you’ll undoubtedly notice these qualities in your hound pointer mix. If you’re looking for a quiet, reserved dog, the hound pointer mix isn’t the pup for you.

Hounds are known for their loyalty and bravery. They may be accepting of strangers but are always on guard for impending danger. Despite their hunter breeding, pointers are sweet-natured, congenial dogs.

Both breeds are independent and stubborn, making your mix more apt to follow their instincts than your instructions if not properly trained. With patience and understanding, you can win your pup over to get him to obey.

Hound pointer mixes are highly energetic dogs that need lots of stimulation to keep them satisfied and happy.

At the same time, they can be quite affectionate with their owners and can make the transition from hunter dog to caring pet quite easily once they find their forever home.

What Kind Of Exercise Do Hound Pointer Mixes Need?

Hound pointer mixes have energy to burn! And they need wide open spaces and strenuous exercise to burn it! If you’re going to own a hound pointer mix, you’ll need to stay healthy and fit to keep up with his energy levels.

From long walks in the park to hikes in the hills to runs on the beach, your hound pointer mix is more than up for the challenge.

The motto of a hound pointer mix could very well be “a tired dog is a happy dog.” These pups need strenuous exercise to keep them out of trouble. Lack of exercise could lead to boredom, which could easily lead to destructive behavior on your pup’s part.

A hound pointer mix may resort to chewing on shoes, jumping on furniture, overturning garbage cans or digging holes in the back yard as a form of exercise and entertainment.

Hound pointer mixes don’t like to be left alone for long. They long for the companionship of others and take great joy in playtime with their people’s families.

Tying up your pup for any length of time is not an option. If you don’t have time or energy to keep up with this dog, it’s best not to get a hound pointer mix at all.

Is A Hound Pointer Mix A Good Family Dog?

For the most part, hound pointer mixes make loving, loyal family companions. These pups are patient and affectionate with both children and adults.

By socializing your hound pointer mix as a pup, he will grow into a well-adjusted dog that can interact well with all members of your family, including other pets.

You’ll be able to receive visitors during the holidays without worrying about aggressive or uncomely behavior from your dog.

Although these dogs are comfortable around children, they don’t care for noisy, rowdy behavior from toddlers or other young members of the family. They may also become nervous or agitated when around people who are the same.

A healthy hound pointer mix will have energy to play all day, making an excellent playmate for an active child or teen. Ample exercise and play enable your pup to channel his energy in positive ways to keep your children happy and entertained.

Hound pointer mixes make great pets for families who love the great outdoors. Your pup will enjoy accompanying you on camping trips, hiking expeditions, beach runs, nature walks, bike rides or picnics in the park.

Playtime is a favourite passtime for this dog. Nothing makes this pup happier than spending quality time with people he loves.


Is a hound pointer mix the right dog for you? If you’re looking for a fun-loving, energetic dog to share your active lifestyle with and have plenty of space for your pup to run, play and explore, then the hound pointer mix could be just the pet you’re looking for. Families who open their hearts and homes to these special dogs will be generously rewarded with loyalty, affection and love.