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Is A Malinois Border Collie Mix The Right Dog For You?

While every dog deserves a caring and loving owner, unfortunately, only a few canines get one. Several unfortunate adoptions occur mainly because of a mismatch between the dog’s innate personality and the owner’s un-informed expectations.

However, if you choose to welcome home a dog, fully aware of its unique needs and requirements, then the Malinois Border Collie Mix is just the breed for you!

High on energy and with a strong Alpha personality, this mixed-breed can disappoint those who expect their pup to be a loyal foot-warmer with a modicum of aggression.

It’s a dog that needs a mission, and it can turn destructive without one! Hence, adopt this breed only if your life is full of physical activity so that your doggo can share in the same.

Also, note that the temperament of mixed breed dogs is hard to gauge, but a careful study of its ancestors’ history can lead you to form a basic understanding of its personality, needs, and handling.

So, without further ado, let’s figure out whether the Malinois Border Collie Mix is the right paw partner for you!

What Is A Malinois Border Collie Mix Like As A Pet?

In one word? Hyperactive.

These dogs are synonymous with “canines on a mission”. You will find them mainly in the armed forces, rescue work, or in herding and tracking.

They have a boundless supply of energy that makes them good work dogs. This mixed breed foils the quieter, more docile requirements of a house pet, since breeders have bred them for the outdoors and its associated activities.

As a paw partner, this dog will challenge you. Owners are often overwhelmed by the amount of training, activity, and mental stimulation these dogs need.

The Malinois Border Collie Mix is intelligent, quick, and has a strong prey instinct. It will attack vermin and small game if not kept secured outside. Moreover, they have a laser focus while training.

However, they will bite newcomers if not socialised well. So don’t expect this protective and domineering Alpha to behave as a loving pooch! Also, this mixed breed has a strong will, are pretty stubborn, and will mellow only with age.

Seasoned owners warn that the dog is quite a handful and will take up a lot of your time in training and raising. Hence, these dogs are unsuited for the urban jungle, as house pets or lapdogs.

However, if you live in the wild outdoors, then the Malinois Border Collie Mix could be the perfect partner-in-crime for you. They rarely get tired and will match your energy for all things adventurous.

The dogs are fast learners and don’t take much time to learn new commands. Yet, they require a gentle touch while training.

What Should You Feed A Malinois Border Collie Mix?

Diet is a crucial aspect for any dog. Moreover, every dog is unique and will have its nuanced likes and dislikes. It would help if you were prepared to chalk out an individual diet plan for your mixed-breed friend.

Take the help of a vet or a dog breeder to outline what you can and can’t provide for the Malinois Border Collie mixed breed.

Specifically, this dog needs a diet that will help prevent hip and elbow dysplasia (a common condition associated with this breed). Ideally, you should provide fish oil, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.

So, whether you choose custom dog food or not, these three are essential to maintain the breed’s health.

Another good diet to look into is the Raw Food Diet. This off-the-shelf option can have a real taste of the wild! So, no matter which option you choose, consult the breeder or a vet to have a clearer picture of what to feed your canine pal.

Is It Easy to Train a Malinois Border Collie Mix?

Owners and breeders report that it is pretty challenging to train this breed. Some go so far as to say that the teaching period will take up a better part of your life, so watch out!

However, if the breed and the owner are the right fit, training can be a breeze with just a few pointers to keep in mind.

The breed likes to take an Alpha position. It would help if you did not allow it to do so. Be firm and reinstate who’s in command during any training session. Gradually, the dog will begin to respect your authority and obey you.

These pups are fast learners and are highly intelligent. They will fetch toys based on the word you use for them within a couple of training rounds.

Also, they break up the training session into shorter courses to keep their attention span higher. This dog has a strong prey drive and needs to be trained NOT to attack smaller creatures.

In this regard, you can choose to send your pup to a bespoke dog training course where they will be able to expertly teach it the ways of the Malinois Border Collie Mix!

Finally, like all dogs, this breed responds to positive reinforcement and loves to be praised for its excellent work. They love physical challenges, and the more exercise they get, the happier they are.

What Is The Malinois Border Collie Mix’s Temperament?

As mentioned earlier, it is hard to gauge the temperament of the mixed breed. However, from observing the disposition of its nearest ancestors, we can know something about the Malinois Border Collie Mix’s character.

The Malinois half of this breed is a swift, powerful, and active dog. They are highly driven, brave, and oriented towards physical activity. These dogs are fearless and loyal, used for herding, and were consequently drafted into the Great War.

On the other hand, the Border Collie is a shorter yet equally energetic companion. This breed has a sweeter temperament yet has some of the highest energy levels among canines. So how do you expect the half-breed to behave?

Owners suggest that the dog is highly protective, territorial, aggressive, yet brave, loyal, and active. It will be hard to get these pups to go to bed without proper training!

All said and done, this breed is a good guard dog and faithful companion. It just requires the appropriate maturity from the dog owner.

What Are The Malinois Border Collie Mix’s Exercise Requirements?

Exercise requirements are high indeed for this breed! As these dogs have high energy levels, they need a lot of physical activity.

However, they enjoy the physical activity, so you will not have to carry home a tired doggo. Also, exercise keeps them from being destructive.

Take your Malinois Border Collie Mix on long walks and hikes. If you have a large backyard, this dog will be more than happy to race around in it. Apart from walks and hikes, you can also engage the dog in activities like herding (if possible) or rescue and therapy.

This breed is not a dog for the indoors and cannot tolerate being left at home on its own. Moreover, a tired dog makes for a well-behaved dog, so try to tire out your dog at the start of the day for the best behavior!

Is A Malinois Border Collie Mix A Good Family Dog?

This breed is suitable for a home with a backyard and plenty of places to explore and run wild. It is a territorial yet courageous dog. However, its high energy levels do not make it apt for urban living.

Confined spaces and being left alone are the bane of this breed, so if you live in a flat or apartment, this dog isn’t the right choice for you. Temperamentally, the breed may be suitable for children, as Collies tend to be very well behaved around children.

However, each dog is different, and temperaments vary. Hence, it would be best to get in touch with the breeder to know more about the dog’s parents and their behavior so that you can gain some kind of rough picture into the offspring’s character.


To conclude, these highly exuberant and playful dogs need the right owner. The Malinois Border Collie Mix is not the right dog for everyone, but is it for you? That’s where the introspection begins! It would help if you considered observing life with these dogs for a few days or weeks before you take the plunge and adopt one. It is cruel to adopt a pet and then abandon it at a shelter when you realise you cannot look after it anymore.