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Is a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross the Right Dog for You?

When you’re looking at dogs that are fun to play with and highly muscular, the Rottweiler Kelpie Cross has a lot to offer. This is a breed that is a cross between a Rottweiler and an Australian Kelpie.

The result is a well-built dog that is active and is fiercely loyal to its owners. Due to the coloring of the Kelpie, it can add some vibrant coloring to your dog with coats that come in black, brown tan, white, gold, fawn, and red.

If you’re familiar with either breed on its own, you can understand that the dog is likely to get bid. It’s not uncommon for a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross to grow to an adult weight of 80 pounds.

While the Rottweiler is commonly bred with other dogs to reduce aggression and improve their health status, the Kelpie is one of the least common options.

What this means is that a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross can lead to an unusual pet that will start a lot of conversations on your daily walks and whenever you take it out in public.

With the right training and care, your dog can end up becoming a well-loved member of the family that will live to be up to 16 years old.

What is a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross Like as a Pet?

Since both a Rottweiler and a Kelpie are categorized as working dogs, they tend to be outgoing and enjoy an adventure.

They require a significant amount of time outdoors and love the chance to run around and socialize. They are certainly better in homes with backyards than apartments, partly due to their size – many will grow to be at least 20 inches in height and weigh quite a bit.

Those that tend more toward their Rottweiler routes can be 100+ pounds, especially males.

These dogs tend to be quite independent and intelligent, so they will know how to keep themselves busy as long as you provide them with mental stimulation. They are protective, alert, and highly responsive, which is why they make great guard dogs.

A Rottweiler Kelpie Cross won’t require a significant amount of grooming, but it will depend on what parental breed they lean toward.

Their coats will be short and dense regardless, though a Rottweiler may shed a bit more due to the thickness of their coat. Neither is hypoallergenic, so it’s important to consider that when you decide if they will work well inside of your home.

What Should You Feed a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross?

It’s important to remember that your Rottweiler Kelpie is a working dog, so they need a dog food that is formulated for their active lifestyle. If you don’t give your dog the right diet, they can encounter low energy levels, skin problems, and more.

The food you give should correspond with whether they are a puppy, dog, or senior – and the amount you give should be based on their weight. Your vet should be able to provide you with guidance on their diet, too, particularly if they have health problems that you need to address.

A taste of the wild is important – and raw meat is ideal so that your dog has plenty of energy and builds a resistance to infection.

One of the best ways to make sure that your crossbreed gets the right diet is by exploring custom dog food. It can include a mixture of chicken (or other proteins) along with rice and vegetables.

You will want to avoid cheap commercial dog food brands as they often have a lot of fillers that add too many carbs to your dog’s diet. Be sure that you read through all of the ingredients of the food that you decide to give your dog.

In the end, be sure that it is a high-protein recipe. And, if you’re going to give your dog treats, don’t spoil them with more than 10% of their caloric intake from such random snacks.

Is It Easy to Train a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross?

Socialization and training alike are critical for the successful raising of a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross.

While training can be easy, the high intelligence of the breed can also create a stubborn streak that will need to be addressed.

Training as a puppy is necessary, and you’ll also want to maintain an alpha position consistently with the dog.

Both the Rottweiler and the Kelpie are known to be obedient dogs that respond well to training.

It’s a good idea to get a dog training course that allows you to focus on specific issues you want to be addressed with the dog’s training – such as being a guard dog, working well with kids, or something else.

Most courses will last several weeks or months so that your dog understands plenty of commands.

Your dog will work well with positive reinforcement. While a Rottweiler tends to have a bad reputation for being aggressive, that usually only occurs when they have not been trained.

Use treats and positive words to reward your dog when they are good as opposed to hitting them when they are bad. With the right trainer, you will learn how to interact with your dog positively so that both you and your dog are happy.

Rottweiler Kelpie Cross Temperament

The temperament of a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross is heavily dependent on the parents of the dog as well as the training that it receives.

Many dogs of this breed don’t make friends easily, so they will need time to “warm-up” to you as an owner. That said, once they have decided that you are its friend, it will be fiercely loyal to you.

The Rottweiler is commonly bred with a number of different breeds to help tone down the aggression that is commonly found in purebreds.

By breeding the Rottweiler with the Kelpie, it offers a more even temperament so that the dog is more affectionate and more friendly.

Both dogs are known to be loyal and protective, but you will want to move past the stubbornness found in the Rottweiler and look for more of the friendliness and outgoing personality of the Australian Kelpie.

With the right training, you can make sure that your dog has the kind of temperament that you are looking for. It’s important to be mindful of the fact that both breeds tend to be extremely territorial.

While it makes for a good guard dog, it can lead to temper issues when they feel as though they have to defend their territory against a stranger entering the home or even the introduction of a new pet inside of the house.

If there are temper issues, address them with a dog trainer who is familiar with the two breeds so that you can get the best possible results.

Rottweiler Kelpie Cross Exercise Requirements

A Rottweiler Kelpie is considered an energetic and active cross-breed, so they will need plenty of exercises.

Most dogs will prefer “jobs” that need to be done since they are a part of the working dog family. Be sure that they stay lean so that they can maintain the highest level of health – otherwise excess fat can lead to problems with mobility.

Your dog will need to have at least an hour of high-energy activity every day, whether it’s a morning jog, a game of fetch, or something else to prevent them from growing bored.

Too much boredom can cause the dog to find entertainment in the form of digging holes, chewing furniture, and other destructive behavior. Both breeds that make up the cross are aggressive chewers, too, so be sure that you give them toys that they are allowed to chew on.

The Rottweiler Kelpie Cross is a dog that works well for owners who are active and adventurous. A well-trained dog (kept on a leash) can accompany you virtually anywhere, ensuring they get their activity in through walks, runs, hikes, and more.

If you cannot provide sufficient activity on your day-to-day, be sure you have a large backyard or find a doggie daycare so that they can run off their excess energy. If socialized at a young age, they won’t have a problem running and interacting with other dogs.

Is a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross a Good Family Dog?

It can go either way in terms of whether a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross is a good family dog based on the breed tendencies as well as the age of the dog. Puppies introduced early on can work well if they are properly socialized and trained.

These dogs don’t do well when introduced to a new family when they are a few years old. Learn as much as you can about the parents and their temperament if you’re concerned about introducing the dog into your family, especially if you already have babies and/or toddlers.

If the cross has more Rottweiler than Kelpie, they are typically not going to be very kid-friendly.

They tend to be aggressive, especially when there are small children around who may be prone to climbing, pulling tails, and other behavior that the dog interprets as aggressive.

While some of this can be curbed with the right training, it’s better not to introduce such a dog until the children are older.

Due to the overall trainability of a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross, they can become good family dogs, particularly with older families where the kids are teens.

Dogs that lean more toward the Kelpie side tend to be obedient, good-natured, and become great companions when they are nurtured from a young age.

Neither breed is good with strangers, which is another reason why they make good watchdogs. This is something to keep in mind if you have a lot of different people visiting your family home regularly.


The parents of your dog will tell you a lot about what to expect from your particular dog. However, a Rottweiler Kelpie Cross ends up being loyal, dominant, and extremely active, ensuring that you have an adventurous dog that will want to join you on all of your travels. Ideally, it’s best to get your dog at a young age so that you can help with the socialization and to ensure that it fits in well with your family dynamic.