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Is a Saluki Lurcher Cross the Right Dog for You?

The Saluki Lurcher is a highly intelligent, active dog that loves to run and spend time outdoors. Knowing that they can get to be an average weight of 65 pounds, they are certainly not going to be categorized as a “small” or lapdog.

The good news is that this breed, which is part of the hound family, has come to be known as a very loyal dog.

The cross is a great one because they are bred for speed, endurance, and strength. They are a Saluki (sighthound) and a lurcher (greyhound) mix, ensuring that you get the best of both breeds.

The Saluki Lurcher Cross has been identified as a one-dog family, so it’s not the kind of dog that would do well in a house with other dogs that have been pre-established.

Especially if you live in a home with a large backyard, this dog can ensure that it gets all of its exercises in on a daily basis.

This kind of dog will love to play, whether it’s with you or the entire family. Knowing what the dog is all about can help you to determine if it’s the right dog for you.

What is a Saluki Lurcher Cross Like as a Pet?

A Saluki Lurcher can make a fun pet because they are so active and enjoy playing around on a regular basis.

This isn’t the kind of dog that will spend most of its time curled up on the couch watching movies – instead, it would rather join you for a jog around the neighborhood or a long game of fetch.

Since the dog is highly intelligent, it can be taught a number of commands such as sit, stay, fetch, and more.

This breed is a clean-freak and will want to be clean at all times. It’s important that you can keep up with good canine hygiene, ranging from baths to nail tripping to cleaning the ears.

Brushing should be done regularly to get rid of the dead hair otherwise there may be a lot more shedding happening.

Failure to maintain the hygiene levels will mean that the dog will spend more time preening itself, which can also lead to digestive issues because of ingesting too much hair.

High-intensity activity is really what this dog years for, so it’s going to actively seek it from you and other members of the house at all times. It loves interacting with its owners, but everyone will need to maintain a consistent way of dealing with the dog so that it doesn’t encounter behavioral problems.

This dog loves to be social, especially when they have been socialized early, so you can truly take this dog everywhere so that they can enjoy time bonding with you.

What Should You Feed a Saluki Lurcher Cross?

Feeding a Saluki Lurcher Cross is like feeding any other dog – you want to make sure that you are providing them with a high-protein diet that does not consist of a lot of fillers.

The amount you feed should be based on their weight as well as their life cycle (puppy, adult, senior). It’s also important to pay attention to any health concerns, such as weight gain, shedding, dry/dull coat, and hypothyroidism, as different diets can help to get those concerns under control.

Due to the level of activity of this breed, a diet high in protein and calories is important so that they can have the fuel they need to get through the day.

You’ll also want to consider giving them a taste of the wild since the dog has a history of spending its time outdoors.

Chicken, beef, salmon, and more can be found in specialty and custom dog food that you won’t find in traditional pet food stores. Giving them food that tastes good will also help you to create a healthier and happier dog inside of your home.

By choosing a custom dog food mix, you can also be sure that they are getting the number of calories needed for their high-energy lifestyle.

Further, you can be sure that chemicals and other fillers aren’t being used, creating too many carbs that can lead to weight gain. Additionally, when it comes to feeding, avoid too many snacks and treats as this can also attribute to weight gain.

Is It Easy to Train a Saluki Lurcher Cross?

Saluki Lurchers are relatively easy to train because of their intelligence and their desire to be obedient.

Some dogs will tend to be a bit stubborn when you introduce them to training, so it’s important that you maintain an alpha position with them at all times. Exposing them to different people, experiences, and sounds when they’re a puppy will be extremely effective.

Finding a dog training course where the trainer has experience working with this breed can be invaluable. It will ensure that the dog is not only well-socialized but will also help you to get the most out of the breed.

This can be a dog that learns how to hunt with you, becomes your jogging partner, and more. Identify what you want your dog to learn when you first meet up with a dog trainer so that the courses can be tailored to meet your needs.

Ideally, the training will happen within months of you owning the dog, and preferably as a puppy. It can ensure that the dog never gets the chance to become aggressive with the owner or anyone else it comes into contact with.

Additionally, it can ensure that basic issues, such as being housebroken and crate-trained, are addressed early on so that you don’t encounter too much stubbornness later on.

Saluki Lurcher Cross Temperament

The Saluki Lurcher Cross was created out of two breeds that are known to have a very even temperament, which means that they end up being very sweet and loving dogs.

They often tend to develop a bond with a single person in the family, though they’ll get along with everyone in the household.

This is the kind of breed that needs quite a bit of attention – if they are left alone for long periods of time, they can be depressed. They are respectful and obedient, which also helps to bring them along with you – whether it’s to an outdoor festival or to a restaurant. They often get along with other dogs, so they can easily be socialized at doggy day camps.

The dog is considered non-aggressive unless it’s in the middle of a hunt. Since the breed does have a high prey drive, they will actively try to run after or hunt small animals.

You will want to keep them on a leash when they’re not in a fenced area as they will attempt to show just how courageous they can be when hunting. With added training, you can get them to heel so they’re not always tugging on a leash when they’re being walked.

Saluki Lurcher Cross Exercise Requirements

The exercise requirements of a Saluki Lurcher Cross are higher than other breeds because these dogs are so active.

Consider that they are both hound and greyhound, so they have the desire to run. They will need daily exercise – and at least an hour’s worth of high-level activity such as playing frisbee in the park, going for a jog, or going on a hike.

They work well for active people who enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

Due to the high energy of these dogs, they tend to wait for some sign of activity. They may work to get outdoors if they are kept inside for too long.

With the constant need for exercise and mental stimulation, it’s important to give them access to the backyard as well as plenty of toys to play with.

Their high intelligence also requires more mental stimulation, so without toys, they can find other ways to “entertain” themselves, which can turn toward destruction.

These dogs tend to stay very lean because of the exercise that they require. When the dogs don’t get enough exercise, they can put on weight which will affect them negatively – hip dysplasia and more.

Many breeders will identify these dogs as “very energetic” so they will not do well inside of apartments. As long as you have the time and space to dedicate to their exercise requirements, these dogs can end up thriving.

Is a Saluki Lurcher Cross a Good Family Dog?

A Saluki Lurcher Cross can make a great family dog because they are extremely loyal animals. Due to their size, they’re not recommended for families with young children simply because the dog doesn’t understand their size.

If you do find that you want this cross, it’s best to introduce a puppy into the house when your children are young – this way, they can learn to grow up together.

Since the dog is so playful, having kids in the house can ensure that the Saluki Lurcher is able to run off all of its excess energy.

Playing fetch, flyball, and simply going for a hike are all things that this breed will enjoy doing. Find different activities to stimulate your dog that work based on the ages of those inside of your home. It will also make it easier for your dog to bond with everyone easily.

The Saluki Lurcher is known to be gentle with children and they are also quiet dogs. Since you won’t catch them barking very often, you won’t have to worry about them destroying naptime.

As long as kids learn how to behave around a dog, this dog can be the perfect addition to any family – and a bit of training for the entire family can go a long way to establishing harmony in the house.


The Saluki Lurcher ends up being a high-energy dog that has a lot to offer individuals and families alike. The easy-to-groom dog has become popular over the past few years, especially for those who want to have a dog to join their active lifestyles. As long as you have the space to commit to these dogs, they can make amazing pets – regardless of whether you get them as a puppy from a private breeder or you rescue them at an older age.