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Is Ferretvite Bad For Ferrets?

The popularity of ferrets is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and although they are now illegal in some states within the USA, they are seeing rapid growth as pets in states where they are legal.

This has resulted in a wave of brand new ferret owners reaching out to ask various questions about caring for their pet ferrets and not surprisingly due to there being so much misinformation out there about it, we have noticed a number of people specifically asking if Ferretvite is bad for ferrets or not.

The problem with Ferretvite is that it is commonly used by the ferret owning community as a treat and this is NOT its intended use and when used in this way, it can present a risk to your ferret.

Ferretvite is a supplement and way to help get additional vitamins and minerals into your ferret when needed and when used in small amounts in this way, it is generally considered safe.

Even today we see people on social media recommending Ferretvite as a treat for pet ferrets due to most ferrets really enjoying the taste but Ferretvite should never be used in this way.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores meaning they should not have any carbohydrates in their digestive system but Ferretvite does contain small amounts of carbohydrates due to the nature of the product so it should be used sparingly.

What Is Ferretvite Used For?

Ferretvite is used for increasing the vitamin and mineral profile of your pet ferrets diet, often when it is sick or ill to help it recover faster.

In some situations, you are able to hide prescription medication from your vet in Ferretvite to help increase the odds of your pet ferret eating it and actually getting the benefits of the medication.

If you are in any doubt on if you should be using Ferretvite with your pet ferret then you should book a video call with a veterinarian to have them check your pet ferret over and offer their professional opinion.

In many cases, there is absolutely no need for you to use Ferretvite at all provided that your ferret’s diet is nutritionally complete as in this situation, there is no need to worry about topping up your pet ferrets nutritional profile.

We know that many people do use Ferretvite as a treat for their pet ferrets but there really are much better treat options on the market that your pet ferret that doesn’t pose a risk that ferrets enjoy just as much.

If you are looking for treat options for your pet ferret then going with one of them or other suitable dried meats will be a much better option than something like Ferretvite as that is not what Ferretvite was designed for.

Is Ferretvite Bad For Ferrets?

Many people think that Ferretvite is bad for pet ferrets due to it containing some carbohydrate, sugar based ingredients and with ferrets being obligate carnivores, carbohydrates should not be in their diet.

That said though, when used correctly, Ferretvite should not put much sugar into your ferret’s digestive system and the risks of digestive upset or insulinoma are minimal.

This is why we recommended you book a video call with a veterinarian earlier in the article if you are in doubt as it is all about the risk and reward of using Ferretvite with your pet ferret.

Ferretvite does pose a small risk to your pet ferret when used correctly but a nutritionally deficient ferret or a ferret who is sick and not taking their medication can be at a much higher risk of serious health problems or fatality.

As we touched on earlier in the article, if you do incorrectly use Ferretvite and use it as a treat option for your pet ferret then it is definitely a bad option and the risk to your ferret can drastically increase.

Like we have covered above though, this is due to the error of the owner of the ferret not reading the label of the product prior to use or taking advice from social media about ignoring the instructions on the label.

What Ingredients Does Ferretvite Have That Is A Risk To Ferrets?

The more controversial ingredients in Ferretvite that often cause people to avoid using the product are malt syrup, corn oil, maltodextrin, and molasses that should all be avoided in a ferret in large quantities.

When Ferretvite is used correctly with the correct dosages though, the amount of these ingredients in your ferret’s digestive system at one time really are minimal and should not pose a risk to a healthy ferret.

With there being so many nutritionally deficient ferrets out there and Ferretvite presenting a relatively quick, easy, and cheap way to get more vitamins and minerals into your pet ferret’s digestive system, it can definitely be worth the trade off.

We know that there are a number of alternatives to Ferretvite on the market these days but they all tend to have a very similar ingredients list meaning that they all present the same risk to your pet ferret.

The best option will always be to just provide your pet ferret with decent ferret food that has as many vitamins and minerals as possible and then top up the nutritional profile of your pet ferret with various suitable treats.

This should be enough to avoid you ever having to use something like Ferretvite unless you need it to sneak medication into your pet ferret.


That brings our article going over if Ferretvite is bad for ferrets or not to an end. We hope that we have been able to help clear things up for you as the majority of posts that we see on social media about using Ferretvite for ferrets often misunderstand how you should be using it and give their pet ferrets way too much of it. When used correctly, Ferretvite can work well and can offer a number of benefits to a ferret who needs more vitamins and minerals in their diet.