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Is It Cruel To Have Only One Cat?

Is it cruel to have only one cat? Many cat lovers think so. That’s why they choose to have at least two pet cats, so their felines can keep each other company when there are no people in the home.

For the most part, cats don’t mind being without feline companionship. They do mind, however, being left on their own for long periods of time, without their people family or other humans in the home.

There’s nothing wrong with having only one cat, as long as you can spend time with your feline companion so she doesn’t feel neglected and alone.

As long as your kit has interaction with you or other members of your family, she won’t feel deprived by not having another cat around. If you can adopt two cats instead of one, more power to you as there’s nothing better for a cat than to find his or her forever home.

Contrary to what people may think, cats are actually social creatures and once they make friends with another cat, they’re quite happy sharing a home. Two cats living together are less likely to get lonely or bored as they can play, socialize, exercise and even get into mischief together while you’re gone.

Your felines can share the same litter box, bed, food and toys to cut back on pet costs. So, for many reasons, two cats could be even better than just one.

Is It Cruel To Have Only One Cat?

Cats come in all shapes, sizes and breeds with distinct tastes, personalities and character traits. Some cat breeds prefer to be alone, while others prefer the company of other cats or humans.

Even within a breed, cats differ due to their background and life experiences. In general, cats are sociable, but that doesn’t mean they want to be around their own kind all the time.

Some cats are content to be the only feline in a household. They don’t want or need the full-time companionship of other cats.

They may socialize with a neighbor’s cat or have play dates with cat friends when their pet parents come to call.

But otherwise, they’re satisfied with being the only cat or even the only pet in the home, as long as they get attention from you or other members of your family when you’re home.

Like any pet, cats need quality time with their pet parents daily in order to feel cared for and loved. If you’re giving your kit the love and attention she needs to feel special, then no, it’s not cruel to have a single cat in the home.

It’s only cruel if you leave her alone day in and out, or ignore her when you come back home. If you can’t provide the stimulation and companionship your solo cat needs, then it’s best to adopt another cat so your kit will have a friend to play with and love.

Is A Single Cat Lonely?

It is possible for single cats to get lonely as well as bored if they’re left for long periods of time on their own.

Cats need stimulation and enrichment from people, other cats or other pets to keep them engaged and happy. Most of the time, cats are raised with their cat family from birth, until they are adopted and taken to a new home.

During that time, they have siblings to play with, learn from and socialize with all day long.

That desire for love and companionship carries on long after your cat comes to your home. Only this time, your cat will turn to you to fill the gap of leaving his cat family behind.

When your cat’s not sleeping, he’ll want to play or be caressed or simply be around you for companionship. If you’re cooking, he may jump on the counter to observe or sit on your lap as you watch your favorite TV show.

Although cats have a reputation for being independent and strong-willed, they actually crave companionship and have been known to establish strong bonds with people and other pets.

These attachments can drive your cat to seek love and attention whenever you’re around. Single cats are at greater risk of sickness, depression or resorting to destructive behavior due to loneliness and boredom.

By giving your kit the love and attention she craves, you can avoid these problems and improve the quality of her life.

Are Cats Happier Alone Or In Pairs?

If you’re having difficulty finding the time to spend with your cat, she will probably be happier having a feline companion in the home.

Another cat can provide friendship, companionship, security and opportunities for your cat to learn and grow. By adopting two cats from the same family, you’ll have a bonded pair – cats who have lived and grown together for most of their lives.

Imagine the fun your kit will have with a sibling by her side.

There are distinct benefits to having a pair of cats as opposed to just one. Paired cats are more active physically, which can keep them healthier and fit over the course of their lives.

They’re also more alert due to the stimulating activities they engage in together when they’re awake. When paired with a feline friend, your cat is less likely to suffer from loneliness, stress and depression as she will have live-in entertainment all year round.

In bonded pairs, cats can thrive, as they’ll have a friend for comfort, companionship, exercise, play, protection and more. By sharing experiences together, paired cats can learn from each other and continue to grow in life and social skills.

There’s never a dull moment when cats live together in pairs! As a pet parent, you benefit from double the fun and affection of having two cats instead of one.


Is it cruel to have only one cat? Not necessarily. But it doesn’t hurt to open your heart and home to a pair of cats if you can feasibly do so. With love, attention, healthy food and a safe and stimulating indoor environment, a single cat can be happy in your home. A pair of cats, however, opens up all kinds of possibilities and challenges you may want to explore.