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Is It Normal For A Pregnant Dog To Have Diarrhea?

With the demand for puppies increasing with each year that goes by, more and more people are trying to breed their dogs to make a little money from their dog by selling their puppies to the constantly expanding market of people wanting to add a dog to their home.

Breeding dogs is usually more work than most people initially realize and there are a number of things that can end up going wrong so we often see people reaching out with various questions.

One question that we do see people asking about on a regular basis who are trying to breed their dogs is if it is normal for a pregnant dog to have diarrhea or not.

We actually see a large number of people asking about a pregnant dog having diarrhea and much of the information that we see on social media is totally incorrect and can actually end up putting your dog at risk rather than helping the situation.

Due to this, we decided to publish our own articles going over diarrhea in pregnant dogs but realistically, you should be trying to book a video call with a veterinarian to have them check your dog over.

It works out to be much cheaper than a trip to your local vets while still getting you the professional advice that any other vet would give you to offer the best possible care for your pregnant dog with diarrhea.

Due to pregnant dogs sometimes being more susceptible to various problems that can have diarrhea as a symptom, we would highly recommend that you get a vet involved.

Is It Normal For A Pregnant Dog To Have Diarrhea?

It is not normal for a pregnant dog to have diarrhea and the range of different causes that can cause diarrhea in a pregnant dog can literally range from mild problems such as a bad reaction to her food all the way to a full-blown infection.

It can actually be difficult to diagnose the exact cause of the diarrhea in your pregnant dog though with it often being much harder than most people initially think.

Thankfully, if you do take action as soon as you notice that your pregnant dog is having problems with diarrhea, there is a very high chance that both your dog and her puppies will be fine.

The problem is that due to there being such a wide span of different reasons that your pet dog may end up having problems with diarrhea, many people are reluctant to get advice from a veterinarian.

Only you know your situation and we understand that it is annoying to get a vet bill only for the vet to tell you that your pregnant dog has eaten food that cause the diarrhea and that the problem is not serious and will pass.

It is all about matching up the risk and rewards though as the problem could be due to something far more serious and potentially result in problems with the puppies and your pregnant dog too.

Should I Be Worried About A Pregnant Dog That Has Diarrhea And Blood?

If you have a pregnant dog that is having problems with diarrhea that has blood in it then you really do need to seek advice from a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Both the diarrhea and blood can be due to a number of serious issues and the fact that there is blood in the diarrhea does suggest that there is a much higher chance of it being a serious problem rather than it just being regular diarrhea.

Although there may not be any reason to get seriously worried, the condition can quickly get much worse if your dog does not get professional help as soon as possible.

Due to there being blood in your pregnant dog’s diarrhea, the chances of it being due to a problem such as eating food that your dog had problems with is drastically reduced too.

Rather than a video call with a veterinarian, you may have to pay the additional costs and just take your dog to the local veterinarian’s office so they are able to do a full examination of your dog.

This will open up what the vet is able to check for in your dog to help them diagnose the problem quickly and then advise you on the best path forward for your dog.

Will A Pregnant Dog With Diarrhea Lose Her Puppies?

In some situations, a pregnant dog with diarrhea may be at risk of losing her puppies, especially if there is blood in the diarrhea.

Even regular diarrhea does increase the risk of her having problems due to the mother not getting all of the available nutrients from her food and thus the developing puppies also get less nutrients too.

Many people fail to realize that diarrhea can also expel large amounts of water from your dog too and this can be a major problem for a pregnant dog as a dog carrying puppies tends to require more water than usual.

If you do have a pregnant dog that has diarrhea make sure that she always has easy access to clean drinking water at all times to try and reduce the chances of her having problems with dehydration.

When it comes to trying to make sure that your dog is able to get all the nutrients required, this really can end up being an issue as it is common for dogs, pregnant or otherwise to really be put off their food if they have diarrhea.

This can make it a problem to keep your dog nutritionally complete with some vets potentially wanting to feed your dog in other ways if the diarrhea lasts for an extended period of time.


That brings our article going over what to do if you have a pregnant dog with diarrhea to an end. Although this will often be a mild issue that presents no real threat to your pregnant dog or her puppies. As we mentioned above though, the diarrhea may be the result of a serious problem or end up developing into a serious issue over time so the majority of people really should be looking to get a veterinarian involved as soon as possible to have their dogs professionally checked over.