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Is Kraft Peanut Butter Safe For Dogs?

Although it is pretty common knowledge these days that dogs love peanut butter, one thing that many dog owners often overlook is that some peanut butters are actually bad for your dog and some can result in serious health problems.

This is largely due to some brands of peanut butter containing xylitol that is toxic to dogs but depending on the rest of your dog’s diet, other xylitol-free brands can potentially present a risk due to having a high salt content and refined sugars.

It is good to see so many dog owners reaching out and asking questions about the various peanut butter brands though as it helps to ensure that their dog is only given a doggy safe peanut butter that doesn’t pose a risk to them.

For today’s article, we are going to be taking a look at if Kraft peanut butter is safe for dogs or not due to seeing more and more dog owners asking about feeding their dogs Kraft peanut butter.

Before we go any further though, we just want to point out that we would usually discourage any peanut butter that has been made for humans to be given to a dog.

There are some excellent doggy peanut butters on the market right now and although not essential, you can use them on a doggy lick pad to keep your dog occupied for a long period of time while it enjoys its peanut butter.

Is Kraft Peanut Butter Safe For Dogs?

Kraft peanut butter with its current ingredient list is considered safe for dogs as it does not contain xylitol that is toxic for dogs.

It does contain added salt and maltodextrin though and although these are not necessarily bad for your dog, they may result in digestive upset if the rest of your dog’s diet is high in salt and refined sugars.

There are plenty of people all over the world who give their dog Kraft peanut butter but depending on your location, it can actually work out cheaper to just go with a doggy peanut butter instead.

Not only can this help to keep your costs as low as possible but it can also help to reduce the risk of your dog having digestive upset due to having too much salt and refined sugar in its overall diet too.

That said though, due to Kraft being such a popular peanut butter brand, it is often quick and easy to just give your dog some Kraft peanut butter as many households will have it as a part of their own diet.

As most dog owners know, the second they start to prepare some food for themselves, their four-legged friend is usually not too far behind to see if it is able to get any scraps.

Does Kraft Peanut Butter Contain Xylitol?

The current recipe for Kraft peanut butter does not contain xylitol making it a safer peanut butter option for dogs.

You have to realize that many food companies change their ingredients list on a regular basis though so this may change in the future and you should always check the ingredients list of any peanut butter product for xylitol before giving it to your dog.

Due to xylitol being such a cheap substitute ingredient that many humans enjoy the taste of, it is slowly becoming increasingly popular and it often works out to be cheaper for the brands making these products too.

This is why so many people are concerned about giving their dogs peanut butter that has been designed for human consumption rather than for dogs.

Thankfully though, at least at the time of writing, Kraft peanut butter does not contain xylitol and we are unaware of any plans for Kraft to start adding it to their product.

As we mentioned earlier though, this may change in the coming years so always check the ingredients list on the peanut butter before giving it to your dog and if you do notice that xylitol is not listed, be sure to avoid it as a dog treat.

What Ingredients In Kraft Peanut Butter Are A Risk To Dogs?

Due to Kraft peanut butter not containing xylitol there is not real toxic ingredients in Kraft peanut butter but its salt and maltodextrin can sometimes cause digestive upset if the rest of your dog’s diet is also high in salt and contains large amounts of refined sugar.

This is often not a real issue though due to most people doing their best to balance their dog’s diets as best they can.

If you do use a high-quality dog food for the bulk of your dog’s diet then you shouldn’t be having any real problems with high levels of salt or maltodextrin being in your dog’s diet anyway.

This makes doggy safe peanut butter an excellent treat option for your dog in this situation as the maltodextrin and salt in the peanut butter should not cause you any problems.

Other than that, there really isn’t much of an issue with the other ingredients in Kraft peanut butter and it shouldn’t be causing problems for your dog.

There are plenty of people who do use Kraft peanut butter as a treat food for their dogs without issue too so there is usually no need to worry about giving it to a healthy dog.


That brings our article going over if kraft peanut butter is safe for dogs to an end. We not only hope that we have been able to explain what you should look for in a peanut butter product that you intend to give to your dogs but also that the current ingredients list of Kraft peanut butter is generally considered safe for dogs to eat. Dog really do love peanut butter and it makes an excellent treat for them and if you are worries about giving them a peanut butter for dogs then you can switch it over to a peanut butter for dogs instead.