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Is Olbas Oil Safe For Dogs?

With Olbas Oil being such a popular option for people to relieve various breathing issues, we have noticed a number of people reaching out to ask if olbas oil is safe for dogs or not recently with a goal of either using olbas oil in their home with a dog or using their olbas oil directly on their dog.

As we have seen so many people reaching out with various questions about using olbas oil either on or around their dogs, we wanted to make our own dedicated article going over the topic.

It is common knowledge that dogs have a much better sense of smell to humans too with a dog having 300 million olfactory receptors in its nose where are humans only have around 6 million.

In addition to that, the part of the dogs brain that processes scent is around 40 times larger than in humans too so a strong scent like olbas oil can have a much higher chance of overwhelming some dogs.

Still, we see a number of different questions from the community each month about using olbas oil around dogs so we wanted to answer as many of them as possible in this article.

We have our table of contents below that should make it as easy as possible to navigate the article quickly and get to sections of the article that you want answers to.

Is Olbas Oil Safe For Dogs?

Olbas oil is generally considered to be in a category where it is safe for use around dogs but may cause irritation, especially in certain breeds such as scent hounds.

Most dogs will be fine if you are using olbas oil while you have a cold to relieve the pressure and then put the cap back onto your olbas oil as soon as you are done with it.

We would never recommend that you try to use olbas oil on your dog directly though. We have seen a number of people on social media say that they tried to use olbas oil to help their dog that had a clogged nose but dogs tend not to have colds in the same way that people do with a build up of pressure due to swelling between the eyes.

If you do notice that your dog is having issues breathing then booking a short video call with a veterinarian to have them give your dog the once over is probably the best route to take.

If you have put some olbas oil onto a tissue to make it easier for you to use then try to keep the tissue away from your dog when not in use and your dog should be fine.

If you do notice that your dog is acting a little strange or sneezing around you once you use olbas oil then this could be an indication that it is causing irritation and stopping the use of olbas oil may be something to consider.

Can Olbas Oil Hurt Dogs?

Olvas oil should not hurt dogs provided that you use it normally on yourselves via the bottle and then re-apply the bottle cap once you are done.

The worse that will usually happen is some irritation in your dog that may result in excessive sneezing provided you use your olbas oil in this way.

Although we did go over some general stats back at the start of the article for some dog breeds and their scent development, there are various dog breeds in the scent hound category that have even more sensitive senses of smell than the average dog that is already much better than ours.

There is a much higher chance of a scent hound being irritated by something like olbas oil than regular dog breeds due to their sense of smell being so much more acute than normal dogs.

The most popular scent hound dog breeds are beagles and dachshunds but there are a wide range of less common scent hounds that are just as sensitive to strong smells too.

Can I Diffuse Olbas Oil Around Dogs?

Diffusing oils is able to cause negative respiratory effects in some humans never mind dogs so we would not recommend that you diffuse olbas oil around your dog.

If you do have a blocked nose then you are usually able to diffuse olbas oil with your dog in a different room without issue though so this can be a way to release the pressure in your nose without irritating your dog.

If you do notice that your dog is sneezing more often or having issues breathing after or while you are diffusing olbas oil, try to take your dog outside away from the diffused olbas oil and open a window in the room where you were diffusing the olbas oil.

This should help to remove the olbas oil particles from the air as quickly as possible to prevent it from causing any further problems with your dog.

The regular olbas oil bottle should be enough for most people who do have a blocked nose with there usually being no need to actually diffuse your olbas oil.

If you do have a dog that is sensitive to the smell of olbas oil then just using the regular olbas oil bottles or the nasal sprays should reduce the chance of your dog having problems.


That brings our article going over if olbas oil is safe for dogs to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you but in most cases, you won’t know if your dog will be irritated by olbas oil until you have actually tried it around them and observed their behaviour. Most of the time your dog should be fine but if you do notices issues, stop using your olbas oil around your dog and only use it via the normal nasal spray or bottle in a different room to your dog.