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Is Sevin Dust Safe For Cats?

With Sevin Dust being one of if not the best pesticide available on the market right now, we often see a range of questions about how it will interact with pets in the home if Sevin Dust is used to treat pests in the garden.

We have noticed a number of other slightly different questions about using Sevin Dust around pets too with more and more people reaching out and asking about if Sevin Dust is safe for cats or not recently.

Due to Sevin Dust being a pesticide and essentially being a poison designed to control thirty types of pests in your garden, we wanted to publish our own article going over our thoughts on using it with cats or any other types of pets.

Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers deal with any pests in their garden if they have a pet cat in their home or deal with flea infestations on their cat too.

As we have noticed a range of similar questions being asked relating to using Sevin Dust with cats, we wanted to add our table of contents below and answer as many of the questions as possible.

This should help our readers by answering all of the commonly asked questions that we see in one place instead of you having to go off and do your research on multiple articles.

Is Sevin Dust Safe For Cats?

Sevin Dust is not safe for direct use on cats but there are a number of people who have used Sevin Dust in their gardens that cats play in without issue.

We were unable to find any official confirmation if there is any risk at all to a cat playing in a garden that has been treat with Sevin dust though so our advice would be to exercise caution.

Not only is Sevin Dust a pesticide but it is a high strength pesticide that has been specifically designed to be able to successfully deal with a wide range of common pests.

We doubt much testing has been done on the effects of Sevin Dust on cats or dogs who live in homes with large gardens that are having Sevin Dust used on them.

As we touched on though, we have seen a number of reports from people who do own cats who say that they use Sevin Dust to treat their lawn and garden and then let their cat out normal after a few hours.

Just keep in mind that just because this has worked for someone else, it does not mean that it will also work for you.

Can You Use Sevin Dust on Cats To Remove Fleas Or Ticks?

We would never use Sevin Dust on cats to remove fleas or ticks and you should always try to use a treatment that has been specifically designed for use with cats if possible.

Not only can pesticides such as Sevin Dust potentially cause issues with irritation on your cat’s skin if you do apply it directly to your cat but it can also potentially cause problems if inhaled or injected too.

There are plenty of treatments available on the market for infestation problems with your cats such as Frontline Plus with it being one of, if not the best treatment for fleas and ticks in your cat.

If your cat is having issues with parasites or bugs then something like that will be a much better option than something like Sevin Dust.

You have to keep in mind that although Sevin Dust has been designed to deal with creepy crawlies, it has not been designed for use to do that on another living animal.

We never recommend that you use any type of pesticide for off-label uses due to the risks simply being too high, especially for cats or dogs when there are plenty of safe flea and tick treatments on the market that you are able to use instead.

Can You Use Sevin Dust To Deal With Pets In A Garden Where Cats Play?

Although using Sevin Dust in a garden where cats play is controversial, there are plenty of people who do it without issue.

We have seen some reports of some cats having issues but it is difficult to narrow down the cause of the problems specific to the use of Sevin Dust too.

With some many people not having problems, this does encourage more people to try if it if they have a large garden that is having problems with pests.

If possible, we would recommend that you use Sevin Dust or any other pesticide on your garden and then wait a day or so before you let your cat or dog play.

Still, we see many people flat out refuse to take the risk and we can definitely see why as the path of caution and putting the safety of your pet above all else is usually the best route to take anyway.

The problem is when it comes to dealing with pests in your garden when you own a cat is that the pet-safe pesticides are not as good as the stronger products.

This means that you may find your plants suffering and it really can be difficult to find a good balance between the two.


That brings our article going over if Sevin Dust is safe for cats or not to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand the potential risks of using Sevin Dust on or around your cat and we would usually discourage it if possible. As we mentioned above, there are plenty of suitable alternatives available to treat fleas and ticks on your cat but it can be hard to find an alternative to use in your garden where your cat plays presenting a potential problem.