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Is The Gambusia Guppy Hybrid A Real Fish?

With the guppy being such a commonly kept fish within the fish keeping hobby and the gambusia slowly growing in popularity, a number of people have noticed the similarities between the two fish.

With the guppy and molly hybrid (the muppy) being such a popular hybrid fish, we have started to see people asking about a gambusia guppy hybrid fish over the last couple of months.

We have actually seen a number of people listing fish for sale on various sites online and listing them as gambusia guppy hybrids too so we wanted to publish this article going the ins and outs of the gambusia and the guppy to try and help as many of our readers as possible avoid getting scammed.

Are Gambusia Fish Related To Guppies?

The guppy and the gambusia are related to each other with both species of fish coming from the Poeciliidae family of fish.

That said though, both species of fish are actually from a different genus of fish with the gambusia being from the Gambusiini genus and the guppy being from the Poecilia genus.

This means that even though the gambusia and the guppy are from the same family of fish, they are not actually able to cross breed and produce gambusia guppy hybrids.

No matter how much breeders try to cross breed a gambusia with a guppy, it’s just not going to happen as they are not able to create a viable embryo that can develop into an actual fry.

Is The Gambusia Guppy Hybrid A Real Fish?

Due to this, the gambusia guppy hybrid is not a real fish and it just seems to be a number of photoshopped photographs or pictures of unique looking gambusias or guppies that people are claiming to be a gambusia guppy hybrid.

As we mentioned back at the start of the article, there are actually people listing fish for sale with massive premiums and trying to sell them as a gambusia guppy hybrid online.

As we covered in the section above though, it is not possible to create a gambusia guppy hybrid so these people are just trying to pull a fast one and drastically overcharge for a simple guppy or gambusia fish.

Don’t fall for this and even if you do like the look of the fish being advertised, please note that it is just a gambusia or a guppy and it is usually not worth the huge price tag!

We know that there are a number of unique looking guppies out there though with the metallic gold guppy being very popular right now and due to its rarity, these do command a large premium but these are advertised as pure bred guppies and come from reputable dealers due to the fish being so difficult to breed.

If you do want a unique looking guppy that will catch the eye, consider going for something like that.