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Is The Paradise Fish Betta Hybrid A Real Fish?

Betta fish are currently the second most commonly kept freshwater fish in the fish keeping hobby and their popularity is only increasing.

The paradise fish has been slowly increasing in popularity but due to its unique look and the unique look of the betta fish, we have seen people asking about a paradise fish betta hybrid.

Due to a number of photographs going viral on social media claiming to be a paradise fish betta hybrid, we only expect more and more people to be reaching out and asking about these unique fish.

Are Paradise Fish Related To Bettas?

For the paradise fish and betta fish to cross breed with each other to make hybrid fish, they first have to be related to each other at the genus level to allow for a successful pairing and for eggs to become fertilized and grow.

It is true that a paradise fish and a betta fish are related with both species being from the Osphronemidae family of fish that are commonly known as labyrinth fish and this is why the two have so many similarities.

The issue with the paradise fish betta hybrid comes at the genus level where the two have to share the same genus.

This is due to the paradise fish being from the Macropodus genus and the betta fish being from the betta genus preventing the two fish species from actually being able to successfully breed with each other.

This means that even though the paradise fish and the betta fish are related, they are not able to successfully breed with each other and there is no chance of a paradise fish/betta fish hybrid being created.

Unlike the guppy and the molly that are both from the same genus and can create the muppy hybrid fish, the paradise fish and guppy are not able to crossbreed.

Is The Paradise Fish Betta Hybrid A Real Fish?

The paradise fish betta hybrid is not a real fish and is not something that you will find in the wild or in any fish store.

The paradise fish betta hybrid is nothing more than a commonly used name for a paradise fish that has similar coloration to some of the more common betta fish but it has no DNA from the betta in it.

With hybrid fish being very popular right now, we have also seen some photoshopped photographs out there claiming to be paradise fish betta hybrids but they are fake.

We have also seen a number of people trying to claim to have paradise fish betta hybrids available for sale but this is not correct as it is genetically impossible to create a paradise fish betta hybrid as we explained earlier in the article.

Although some of the fish that people claim to be paradise fish betta hybrids do look beautiful, they are either unique looking paradise fish or unique looking bettas and they are not crossbreeds and they are usually not worth the huge premiums that we have seen people listing them for sale with.

Just keep this in mind if you have seen someone listing a fish that you like the look of online for sale and try to talk them down on their prices to get the fish for cheaper, especially if they claim that it actually is a paradise fish betta hybrid.