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Is Top Fin A Good Brand?

As the number of new people to the fish keeping community continues to sky rocket, we are seeing more and more people reaching out and asking questions about the various brands on the market as well as the products that they offer.

This is to be expected with so many people new to fish keeping out there as they are often looking to get the majority of their kit and the number of brands out there can be overwhelming.

We are seeing more and more people asking if Top Fin is a good brand or not due to their entry level price range products so we wanted to publish this article to try and help our readers.

Is Top Fin A Good Brand?

Although tip fin is a good brand with a decent reputation within the fish keeping hobby, they do tend to target the entry-level market and produce cheap products so the old adage of you get what you pay for rings true.

Still, if you are on a budget and trying to keep your costs as low as possible then the Top Fin product range can be an excellent option that should be able to meet the needs and requirements of the vast majority of people out there.

Just keep in mind that if you do have the budget available then there will usually be “better” options on the market but they will have the price tag to match.

Top Fin vs Marineland

If you are trying to decide between Top Fin and Marineland, then it is worth noting that Marineland is generally the better option if your budget allows.

This is because Marineland produce higher quality products that are designed to last longer and perform better than the majority of the Top Fin range.

Of course, this also comes at a higher price point so it is really down to personal preference and budget as to which is the better option for you.

In our opinion, Marineland is the better brand that also has a wider product range available they most people should be trying to use if possible. Due to most of the people that we see asking if Top Fin is a good brand being new to the fish keeping hobby, they are often on a budget.

One exception to the Top Fin vs Marineland comparison is that we have seen some people say that Marineland actually product some of the Top Fin aquarium tank range for them offering decent levels of quality.

Top Fin vs Aqueon

Aquarium giant Aqueon is another popular brand that is often compared to Top Fin with many people wondering if one is better than the other.

Similar to the Marineland comparison, Aqueon is a brand that produces slightly higher quality products than Top Fin and this is reflected in their prices being slightly higher.

With that being said, the Aqueon product range is still very reasonably priced and is often seen as good value for money so it is definitely worth considering if you are looking at alternative brands.

The issue is that there is a large amount of cross over between the Aqueon brand and Top Fin brand both in the actual product, its price point, and its performance. Due to this, Top Fin and Aqueon are often interchangeable with whatever is available in your area to get you a very similar product.

What Products Do Top Fin Make?

The Top Fin range is quite comprehensive and includes all of the main products that you would need to get started in the fish keeping hobby. This includes aquariums, filters, pumps, heaters, lighting, and more.

Top Fin also has a good range of products for those that are looking to keep live plants in their aquarium as they offer a number of different plant substrates, fertilizers, and co2 kits.

One area where the Top Fin brand is often seen as being weak is in their fish food offerings with many people saying that their fish food is not of a very high quality.

This is definitely something to keep in mind if you are looking at the Top Fin brand but it is worth noting that their fish food is still usually good enough to keep your fish healthy and is often a lot cheaper than alternative brands.

The stronger products within the Top Fin brand are usually their tanks (often made by Marineland) and their siphones. The weaker products within the Top Fin range tend to be their filters and canisters with their other products laying somewhere between the good and bad spectrum.

Are Top Fin Canister Filters Good?

One of the most popular questions that we see is in regards to canister filters and if Top Fin make a good one. In our opinion, the answer is no.

We have seen a number of people say that they have had good experiences with their Top Fin canister filter but this is definitely in the minority when compared to those that have had issues.

The main problem that we see with Top Fin canister filters is that they are often very noisy and have a tendency to leak. This is especially true of the older models but even the newer ones seem to have these issues to a certain extent.

Top Fin canisters and their filters can be a pain to return too as you usually have to have the box in perfect condition as well as the receipt. The majority of people will struggle to find their box, especially after using the product for a couple of weeks so keep that in mind too!

If you are looking for a canister filter, then we would recommend that you avoid Top Fin and look at alternative brands such as Fluval, Eheim, or AquaClear.

Why Are Top Fin Tanks So Good?

As we touched on earlier, on one of the better products within the Top Fin range is their aquarium tanks due to the tanks often being good quality with a low price tag.

Although we are not able to find any solid evidence to back this up, we have noticed a number of people on social media report that many of the Top Fin tanks are actually made by Marineland so this could be the reason.

Please note that Top Fin do make some “betta tanks” that we would not recommend as in our opinion, they are far too small for a betta fish to live in and be happy. The rest of their tank range is actually quiet food though and can offer an excellent tank for a low price.


So, is Top Fin a good brand? In our opinion, yes and no.

There are some good products within the Top Fin range but there are also some bad ones too. The main issue is that their fish food is not very good and their filters often have issues.

If you are looking for an alternative to Top Fin then we would recommend that you look at Marineland, Fluval, Eheim, or AquaClear.