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My Cat Hissed at Me For The First Time!

Cat lovers put up with all kinds of behavior from their feline pet. Cats can be outgoing or shy, dominant or reserved, impulsive or agreeable – you just don’t know until you bring your kit home.

Cats have individual personalities, just like people, with quirks and behaviors their human family has to get used to or iron out.

Hissing is common to all cats at some point in time, so there’s no cause for alarm or reason to run to the vet exclaiming “my cat hissed at me for the first time!”

When a cat hisses, people often misinterpret it as an aggressive act. This feline behavior is often associated with cats being angry or displeased with their owners, other people or other animals.

Hissing, however, is actually a form of communication for a cat. If your cat hisses at you, she’s trying to get a message across and it’s up to you to figure out what that message is.

As cats hiss for various reasons, their hissing behavior can have all kinds of meanings. Some cats hiss as a warning sign that they feel threatened by someone or something in the home. Hissing can also be your pet’s way of showing she feels vulnerable due to discomfort, insecurity or stress.

The better you know your cat, the easier it is to determine the cause of her behavior so you can put her at ease.

Why Is My Cat Hissing At Me All Of A Sudden?

Hissing is like a built-in defensive mechanism for your cat to express her fear, pain or stress. If your cat has never hissed at you before, she’s probably been living a charmed life and not felt threatened or uncomfortable in your home.

Cats are sensitive to change – a disruption in your kit’s routine, new people in the home or changes to her immediate environment may produce stress and prompt hissing behavior.

It can be scary to have your loving, gentle feline companion all of a sudden hiss at you, but it’s not the end of the world.

Cats – like most people – aren’t good at handling stress. Hissing is a way cats verbally express their feelings so you’re aware that something is amiss in their lives.

Your cat may be hissing in reaction to new situations in or around your home, such as loud noises from construction, holiday visitors or the addition of a new pet to your abode.

Until you can figure out why your cat is suddenly hissing at you, it’s best to back off and give her space to calm down.

Never confront a hissing cat – yours or anyone else’s – as she could attack. It also doesn’t help to get upset or angry at your kit’s behavior as she’s only reacting by instinct in trying to defend herself.

Simply leave her be for the time being until she feels comfortable enough to approach you on her own. In the meantime, try to think of what could have prompted your cat’s defensive behavior, so you can avoid conditions that make your cat feel threatened or insecure.

Why Is My Cat Hissing At Me For No Reason?

If you’ve had your kit for some time and you know each other well, it can be quite a shock for her to hiss at you out of the blue, for no apparent reason or provocation.

At least, you think there’s no reason for your cat’s unusual behavior. But hissing is your feline companion’s way of telling you all is not well. Rather than biting you or swatting you with her paw, she’s hissing to convey a message that she feels hurt, threatened or stressed.

Your first course of action to a hissing cat should be to back off and give her time and space to settle down. While you’re waiting, try to decipher what’s triggering your cat’s hissing behavior.

Maybe you recently handled your neighbor’s pet and the lingering scent is triggering insecurity in your kit. Maybe your cat is reacting to changes in your home or you left her alone for too long, causing her to feel stressed.

If your cat had a scare while you were away, she may hiss at you when you return to express her fear. If your cat’s in pain due to an injury, infection or other health issue, she may hiss at you when you try to pick her up.

Senior pets, in particular, are prone to developing health problems like arthritis which can cause pain in their joints. A visit to your local vet can determine if your cat has a painful health issue that causes her to hiss when handled.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Hisses At You?

You shouldn’t be offended if your normally affectionate cat suddenly starts hissing at you. You should, however, make an effort to find out why your cat is behaving this way, especially if hissing is uncharacteristic behavior for your pet.

Hissing is your cat’s way of letting you know that she feels threatened, stressed, insecure or is in pain. By uncovering the cause of your pet’s behavior, you can take measures to correct the problem to help your kit feel happy again.

If you’ve recently adopted a cat, don’t be surprised if she hisses at you when you approach or try to pick her up.

Strange situations and new people can make a cat feel threatened, prompting this type of behavior. A mother cat may hiss at you or your children when they try to pick up one of her brood. Mother cats can be quite protective of their young.

Sudden noises or movements can prompt a cat to hiss at you out of fear or anxiety. If your touch prompts pain in a cat, you may get a hissing response.

When your feline hisses at you, she’s letting you know she’s not comfortable with someone or something that’s going on.

The sooner you figure out what it is that’s triggering her insecurity, the sooner you can change the circumstances to restore your feline to her happy, secure state.


When you adopt a cat, you have to take the good with the “bad,” to include times of uncharacteristic behavior from your pet. Many cat owners have gone through the experience of “my cat hissed at me for the first time!” and survived. By establishing a strong bond with your cat, you’ll come to recognize her needs and how to fill them, so she can feel happy and secure in your care.