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My Dog is Mounting but No Tie!

One of the most frustrating issues to run into when breeding is the dog mounting without a tie. This problem comes so close to the end of the session, and when it happens it can drastically decrease the chances of pregnancy.

Tying is considered a marker of a successful breeding session, but there is still a chance for a female dog to get pregnant without tying. As long as the male dog is successfully mounting and entering, there is room for improvement.

You might wonder whether dogs can mate without tying or if they can tie while the female is not in heat. We will look at both situations in this article, as well as discuss how you can help your dog tie after mounting for a better chance of success.

Can Dogs Mate Without Tying?

Dogs can mate without tying. This is referred to as “slip mating”, and it can be the fault of the male or the female. It is important to acknowledge that mating does not immediately mean pregnancy, and slip mating is less likely to produce this result.

Dogs can mate without tying for a few reasons, both from the male and the female.

When mating the male dog will usually attempt to mount the female multiple times before entering, and he may even enter her without enlarging, or he may pull out before ejaculating. For mating to have a chance of success, the male dog must at least ejaculate, regardless of whether they tie or not.

A female dog may be at fault for failure to tie as well. For the best chance of success, a female should be completely still during this process. If she starts to move around because of irritation, pain, or discomfort, then she could cause the male to slip out before tying.

Younger dogs are more likely to slip mate than older, more experienced dogs because they are still learning what to do with their bodies. Both male and female dogs can pull away before tying because of paint during the process, or they may become bored with it and simply stop.

It is important to ensure the health of both dogs to limit the chances of injury and detect any abnormalities. Males are prone to conditions like phimosis that may complicate this process.

Can Dogs Tie If The Female Is Not In Heat?

Dogs can tie if the female is not in heat, but this is a rare occurrence. Females are reluctant enough to allow a male to mount, even when they are in heat. The likelihood of a male dog mounting a female when she is not in heat is slim to none.

Mounting outside of mating is used to communicate different ideas. It can be a sign of excitement, but in many cases, it is a sign of dominance. Most dogs are unlikely to allow it, even in a mating setting.

If a male dog does successfully mount a female and attempt to mate while she is not in heat, there is a chance that the two can tie and be stuck together for that time. 

This will not result in pregnancy, and you should do your best to prevent it from happening. A female dog that is not in heat is not as likely to oblige the behavior, and she may injure herself or the male dog trying to detach.

Keep in mind that female dogs can go through a silent heat, and tying during this time is likely to result in a viable pregnancy. If you do not want your dogs to breed it is safer to assume she is in this kind of heat.

How To Help Your Dog Tie After Mounting!

Success can rely largely on whether the two dogs tie after mounting. To help your dog tie after mounting you may need to step in and keep the two together and calm long enough for this to happen.

After you have supervised the pair attempting to mate at least once you should have a good idea of what their body language looks like. Keep track of how the female responds to being mounted, how long it takes the male to ejaculate, and any signs that the two are going to separate.

For a better chance at successful mating, you should prepare to have them mate two or three times. During the next session, you will want to get down on the floor and address any issues that you noticed the first time.

In most cases, the female dog is the one that runs away and interrupts the process. If she is comfortable with it, get down to her level and try to keep her calm while the male mounts her. Do not try to restrain her; this will only frustrate her more.

It helps when you have another person around to help monitor the dogs, keep them calm, and encourage tying to occur.

How To Encourage Pregnancy With No Tie!

If it seems that the two dogs cannot tie, you can attempt artificial insemination. This can be done at a veterinary office, but there are at-home methods that may be attempted.

This can be done if the male dog attempts to breed and fails to lock but still ejaculates. The clean semen may be collected while he is distended, and then it can be dripped slowly into the female over a period of about 20 minutes.

There is little evidence of the success of this method, but you should at least keep the semen at blood temperature for better chances.


If you have a dog that is mounting without a tie it is not the end of his breeding career. This is just a sign that you need to reevaluate the situation, potentially sidelining him until he gets older or stepping in to calm the pair down. 

With the right response, you can successfully handle a no-tying situation, helping the dogs figure out what they should be doing, and improving the chance of pregnancy.