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Should I Cover My Rabbits Cage At Night?

Rabbits saw a huge spike in their popularity a couple of years back and their popularity has only continued to go from strength to strength with there being no sign of their popularity fading anytime soon.

There are a huge number of first-time rabbit owners out there right now with many of the people who own rabbits often reaching out for advice on various problems they are having with their new rabbits.

We have already answered a bunch of questions on rabbits that we see people reaching out for advice on but we have noticed people asking if they should cover their rabbit’s cage at night recently.

This can be considered a controversial subject amongst rabbit owners but in reality, it really does depend on your situation, where you keep your rabbit, your local temperature, and the number of local predators to rabbits.

There is often heated discussion on social media about if you should cover your pet rabbit’s cat at night with there being valid arguments on both sides that do make sense.

This is why we have decided to publish our own article going over the topic to try and help you work out if you should be covering your rabbit’s cage at night or not but it can often be drawn down to if you keep your rabbit outdoors then you should cover its cage but if you keep it indoors then it’s not a major problem.

Should I Cover My Rabbits Cage At Night?

There are multiple solid arguments to cover your rabbit’s cage at night if you keep your rabbits hutch outdoors with it generally being considered better to cover your pet rabbit’s cage to keep it warm and block the view of predators out.

The majority of the time, if you keep your pet rabbit in doors at night there is usually no need to cover your pet rabbits hutch though.

It is common for there to be arguments on social media for this particular discussion but the paragraph above really is all that you have to factor in as it is generally that simple.

People often misunderstand the benefit of covering your rabbit’s cage at night for predators though so we just want to quickly clear that part up as it is a very common misunderstanding amongst rabbit owners when it comes to covering their rabbit’s cage.

The point of covering your pet rabbits hutch at night to block the view of predators is mainly to stop your pet rabbit being able to see the predator, not the predator from seeing your rabbit.

Both animals can probably smell and hear each other but if your rabbit actually sees how close a predator is to it then it can spike stress and anxiety and cause some serious problems in your rabbit even if the predator is unable to get into your rabbits hutch.

Can Covering My Rabbits Cage At Night Keep Them Warm?

The majority of people who keep their pet rabbit outdoors should definitely be covering their rabbit’s hutch at night to try and keep their rabbit as warm as possible.

Most species of domesticated rabbit are from warm areas and have not evolved to live outdoors in cold areas with many rabbit species doing better if they are just kept indoors at all times, especially during the colder months.

We have covered this in more detail in our article on rabbits freezing and if room temperature is ideal for rabbits multiple times now so we won’t be going into it in any more detail in this article.

There are some great rabbit hutch covers that are usually much cheaper than people initially think that perform flawlessly for keeping your pet rabbit warm during the night.

There are plenty of DIY options available for rabbit hutch covers though depending on the amount of rain that you expect in your local area at any given time.

Some people can even use an old towel or blanket without issue and not have to purchase a specific cover for their rabbit hutch as they can work well in some areas too.


That brings our article going over if you should cover your rabbit’s cage at night to an end and we hope that we have been able to help you better understand that it is often down to if you keep your pet rabbit indoors or outdoors at night. If you keep your pet rabbit indoors you often wont have to cover your rabbits hutch but if you keep your pet rabbits hutch outdoors then the majority of people should be looking to cover their rabbits hutch if possible.