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Should You Buy A Goldendoodle Runt?

The popularity of the goldendoodle breed has grown exponentially over the last five years and the breed is only increasing in popularity with each year that goes by so we doubt that this is going to change anytime soon.

Due to the popularity of goldendoodles, we have noticed more and more people asking if they should buy a goldendoodle runt due to the rest of the puppies in the litter being pre-ordered and the runt being the only pup left.

Many goldendoodle runts will grow into excellent dogs and make great pets but you do have to make sure they puppy is free from health issues prior to purchasing it.

Unfortunately, many runts, no matter the breed of dog do have a number of health issues due to being malnourished during one of the most important growth stages of their life but some breeders offer paperwork from a veterinarian on the health of the pup prior to purchase.

Please note that the health condition of a goldendoodle runt is not necessarily due to poor care from the breeder and it is only natural for the runt of a little to be pushed away from the milk supply by its siblings causing problems with malnutrition.

Thankfully, due to goldendoodles being so popular right now, more and more breeders are actively taking steps to make sure that the runt of the litter is able to get all the milk it needs from its mother to grow into a healthy dog due to it helping the breeders profit margins.

Why Are Goldendoodle Runts So Popular?

Goldendoodle runts are so popular right now due to the runt of the litter often being cheaper than the healthier puppies making a goldendoodle puppy more budget friendly as the breed already has a large premium on their price tag.

Due to having such a large demand right now, the runt of the goldendoodle litter is often the only pup available for people who did not pre-order their puppy due to some people not wanting the runt as their pet.

Some savvy dog owners have turned this trend of not wanting the runt of the litter to their advantage though due to some goldendoodle runts being available for half the price of their healthier siblings.

In most cases, provided you give your goldendoodle puppy the love and care that it needs and make sure it is getting plenty of nutritionally complete puppy food it will grow in a normal proportion to the other pups it was born with.

This essentially lets many people pick up their goldendoodle much cheaper than other people only for the runt of the litter to grow into a healthy dog after a year of care provided the pup is free from serious health issues at the time of purchase.

That said though, there are a number of variables at play with this strategy and you may end up having to folk out for veterinary bills due to your goldendoodle runt later developing health issues due to a lack of nutrition in its early stages.

If you are purchasing a goldendoodle runt, be sure to get pet insurance as soon as possible as it can drastically reduce the costs of potential vet bills in the future.

Is It Ok To Get The Runt Of The Litter With Goldendoodles?

It can be Ok to purchase the runt of a litter of goldendoodles but unlike the healthier puppies in the litter, you should be looking for a certified health certificate from a veterinarian or have your own veterinarian check the puppy over prior to purchasing the goldendoodle pup.

This can give you a better idea of the current and future health of the pup and give you a better idea of the condition of the dog.

Unfortunately, many people looking to purchase a goldendoodle overlook the importance of a health check and even the healthy, non-runt goldendoodle puppies can end up developing health issues in later life due to breeders not keeping healthy breeding lines in an attempt to meet demand and capitalize on the popularity of the breed right now.

We have seen a number of people posting on social media about how their goldendoodle developed serious health issues in later life and although a veterinary health inspection prior to purchase does not guarantee that these problems will not occur, it does drastically reduce the chances of the problem.

These veterinary checkups often cost a fraction of the purchase price of a goldendoodle puppy right now and are much cheaper than the potential veterinary bills in the future too so we would always recommend it.

In our opinion, if you are not able to have the pup checked by a vet prior to purchasing it due to budget reasons then you really shouldn’t be purchasing a breed with such a high premium anyway and there are plenty of other breeds available with much lower price tags.

The Disadvantages Of Getting A Goldendoodle Runt!

Goldendoodle runts can develop some serious health problems in life due to both being the runt of their litter as well as the goldendoodle breed not having strong breeding lines and some breeders intentionally not keeping strong breeding lines to maximize profit.

This problem will only become more prevalent in the future as the purity of the line becomes increasingly diluted too with the risks of health problems in the breed increasing.

If you are a first time dog owner then you should probably avoid picking up the runt of the litter as they can require far more care for the first year of their life even if they are free from health issues due to often being malnourished in their early years.

In some situations, this can result in you having to purchase more expensive puppy food as well as vitamin and mineral supplements for your goldendoodle puppy increasing your costs.

This means that even if you did pick up your goldendoodle runt for half the price of the other pups in its litter, you may end up having to spend more than this on special puppy food and vitamins without even factoring in the potential costs of vet bills.

In some extreme situations, your goldendoodle runt may end up refusing to eat and essentially just give up requiring a large time investment from you to help nurse your pup back to full health too.


That brings our article going over caring for a goldendoodle runt and if you should even purchase the runt of a goldendoodle litter to a close. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand when you should and when you shouldn’t purchase a goldendoodle runt and although they do present a way to save money for some potential owners, they can end up costing other people a large amount of time and money in the future so always carefully consider your options.