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Should You Give Your Bearded Dragon Olive Oil?

With bearded dragons retaining their top spot as the most commonly kept pet reptile in the world for the third year running, we constantly see people asking about keeping a bearded dragon and caring for their pet.

Although we do see some random requests about the type of food you can feed a bearded dragon, we do see some more practical requests.

For today, we are going to be taking a look at if you can give your bearded dragon olive oil or not as olive oil is one of the most commonly recommended DIY treatments for impaction in bearded dragons.

Before we go any further though, we just want to say that impaction in a bearded dragon can quickly become a serious issue and it is usually best to get advice from a veterinarian as soon as possible.

You can book a video call with a veterinarian and they will inspect your bearded dragon via your camera’s smartphone while asking you questions before offering you their advice.

If you choose this option then you can ask for their advice on using olive oil with your pet bearded dragon too.

Can I Give My Bearded Dragon Olive Oil?

You should avoid giving your bearded dragon olive oil as a primary food source or treat food as it is just too high in fat for the macronutrient requirements of a bearded dragon but it can be used as a specialist treatment to help with impaction.

A huge number of people within the bearded dragon keeping community do use olive oil with their pet bearded dragon in this way and have great success at treating impaction in their pets.

That said though, there is always a risk and just because many people do give their bearded dragon a small amount of olive oil to deal with impaction and don’t have any problems, it does not mean that this will be the same for you.

There will always be some level of risk when it comes to giving your bearded dragon olive oil and we really can’t stress this enough!

Why Do People Give Their Bearded Dragon Olive Oil?

Olive oil is used as a bearded dragon treatment for impaction as it can help to lubricate the impacted area and make it easier for your bearded dragon to pass the blockage.

It is also thought that olive oil can help to break down the blockage too which will make it much easier for your bearded dragon to pass. This is up for debate though and the diet of your bearded dragon will also play a factor in if the olive oil can break the food down or not.

Of course, bearded dragons are not the only reptile to use olive oil to treat impaction as it is a popular remedy for other reptiles too.

What Are The Risks Of Giving My Bearded Dragon Olive Oil?

There are a few risks that you should be aware of before giving your bearded dragon olive oil which include…

Olive oil is high in fat and bearded dragons require a low-fat diet to stay healthy. This means that giving your bearded dragon olive oil can cause weight gain and other health problems if used too often or in large quantities.

If you use too much olive oil then it can actually make the impaction worse as it can harden around the blockage and make it even more difficult for your bearded dragon to pass.

Olive oil can also cause problems with the bearded dragon’s digestive system if used too often which can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other health issues.

How Do I Get My Bearded Dragon To Eat Olive Oil?

The general consensus that most people agree on is that the easiest way to get your bearded dragon to eat olive oil is to put two small drops on the nose of your bearded dragon.

Most bearded dragons will then lick the olive oil off their nose and swallow the olive oil to get them to inject it.

This method has proven very effective while also being very quick and very easy too so it is our default method that we would recommend if you are set on trying to get your bearded dragon to eat olive oil due to suffering from impaction.

Another way that people try to get their bearded dragon to eat olive oil is to apply two small drops to one of their bearded dragon’s favorite treats.

This can work but it can be difficult to apply the correct amount of olive oil with it being very easy to accidentally add too much olive oil due to most bearded dragon treat foods being dehydrated and absorbing some of the oil making it look like there is less oil on there than there actually is.

How Much Olive Oil Should I Give My Pet Bearded Dragon?

The actual amount of olive oil you should give your pet bearded dragon really is up for debate but one thing that is usually agreed up on is that it really shouldn’t be much!

As we mentioned earlier in the article, olive oil does present some potential risks for your bearded dragon so the less you use the better.

Most people recommend that you only use two small drops of olive oil, the issue is that the term “drops” is not official and does not actually relate to a set amount of olive oil.

If you are in doubt then we would recommend that you get professional advice form a veterinarian though.

How Frequently Can You Give A Bearded Dragon Olive Oil?

The frequency in which you can give your bearded dragon olive oil really depends on how much olive oil you actually use.

As we mentioned earlier, most people recommend using two small drops of olive oil and if you are only using this amount then it should be fine to use every day or every other day until the impaction has cleared up.

If you are using more olive oil than this then we would recommend that you speak to a professional as using too much olive oil can actually make the impaction worse.

When Should I Stop Giving My Bearded Dragon Olive Oil?

The longer you bearded dragon suffers from impaction, the more at risk they are of developing health problems so it is important to try and clear up the impaction as soon as possible.

The issue is that the longer your bearded dragon has olive oil in its diet, the more at risk it is of having problems due to the higher fat content in its diet too…

This is why we recommended that you just get advice form a vet at the start of the article but if you are not seeing any improvement after five days of trying the olive oil method, get your bearded dragon to a vet asap!


If you liked this article, please share it! bearded dragon olive oil is a great way to help your bearded dragon suffering from impaction but it should only be used as directed and you should always get professional advice form a vet if you are unsure about anything. Thanks for reading!