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Should You Use Benebac For Rabbits?

With rabbits becoming an increasingly popular pet, we have noticed more and more people reaching out with each day that passes asking for advice on how they are able to care for their pet rabbits.

Although rabbits are generally a very easy pet to keep in most situations, they can end up having a number of different problems that people often reach out for advice on.

With Benebac being marketed as a general use, probiotic for a wide range of different pets, we often see people reaching out about using Benebac for rabbits as well as how they should be intergrating Benebac into their rabbits diet.

Due to seeing so many people from the rabbit owning community reaching out with questions about using Benebac with their pet rabbit, we wanted to publish our own article going over some of the common points about Benebac that rabbit owners should be aware of.

Now, you should not that although Benebac is a very popular product for pets, it is simply a probiotic for general health and should never be used as a stand alone treatment for serious conditions in your pet rabbit.

If you have noticed problems with your pet rabbit then you really should be seeking professional help and booking a video call with a veterinarian is usually the cheapest and easiest way to do this.

What Does Benebac Do For Rabbits?

Benebac contains a number of healthy probiotic microorganisms to encourage the growth of gut bacteria in your pet rabbit to help improve digestive health.

This can offer a number of benefits to your pet rabbit and help improve its digestion and nutrient uptake from its diet as well as reduce the chance of your rabbit having digestive problems.

The reputation of probiotic treatments such as really has sky rocketed over the last couple of years with the number of people using Benebac for all types of mammal pets seeing a huge increase.

There is also plenty of evidence to suggest that Benebac is able to do as advertised in a number of different pets and help improve the gut bacteria and digestive health of your pets.

Dosing Benebac for rabbits is very easy too with the instructions on the label making it very easy to workout how much Benebac your rabbit requires depending on its body weight.

Just keep in mind that Benebac is available in both a powder form and a gel form treatment with dosing being different due to the different strengths of the formulas so always go by the label.

Does Benebac Work For Rabbits?

Benebac is controversial for use with rabbits due to the digestive tract of rabbits being shorter than that of dogs and cats so less Benebac actually gets to your rabbits intestine intact.

This has raised questions on the actual benefit of Benebac for rabbits with the community being split with some people using it frequently with their rabbits and others ignoring it after trying it once.

One thing that we would say is that the gel form Benebac does seem to be much easier to get into your pet rabbit.

This does make us question if the rabbit owners who report minimal change in their pet rabbit after using Benebac were actually using it in powder form.

If you are wanting to try Benebac with your pet rabbit then we would always recommend that you opt to use the gel form treatment if possible.

Due to it being easier to get into your pet rabbit it does in theory at least, increase the chances of the probiotic microorganisms managing to make their way to the intestine of your rabbit and actually get to work.

Should You Use Benebac For Your Pet Rabbit?

Only you can decide if you should use Benebac for your pet rabbit and as we touched on earlier in the article, the community is split due to some people thinking Benebac does little to nothing for rabbits due to their shorter digestive tract.

That said though, there is evidence to support Benebac being able to deliver probiotic microorganisms and improve overall digestive health of your rabbit.

In some situations, a veterinarian may recommend Benebac or some other pet probiotic but this is often as a supplementary treatment to a primary treatment such as actual antibiotics. Remember, antibiotics and probiotics like Benebac are very different but can work well together in some situations.

If your pet rabbit is sick and your veterinarian recommends that you start to suppliment your rabbits diet with Benebac then it is probably a good idea that you at least try it.

Keep in mind that the rabbit owners who do not recommend Benebac for rabbits are against it due to seeing it as an unnecessary cost that offers no benefit to their rabbits, not because it cause any adverse effects or problems.


That brings our article going over using Benebac for rabbits to an end and we hope that we have been able to make our readers aware of both the positives and negatives of Benebac. As we mentioned earlier in the article, we would highly recommend that you go with the gel Benebac treatment if possible over the powdered one for rabbits as it is usually much easier to get your rabbit to eat the required dose.