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Should You Use Boar Mate For Cats?

With cats being the second most popular pet in the western world by far second only to dogs, it is easy to see why there are so many cat owners reaching out with various problems each month about caring for their pet cats.

With many people who keep cats often having multiple cats, we have noticed a spike in the number of people asking for ways to stop a male cat from attacking a female cat.

We usually see the standard answers on social media such as use Feliway spray or a Feliway alternative but we have noticed an increase in the number of people asking about using boar mate for cats.

Although boar mate is a pheromone spray that has been specifically designed for use for checking if pigs are ready to be artificially inseminated, the pheromones can sometimes help stop a male cat from attacking a female cat.

Due to there being very little information about using boar mate to prevent cat aggression online while also seeing a large number of people asking about it each month, we wanted to publish a dedicated article on the topic.

Our hope is that we will be able to offer a realistic idea of how effective boar mate may be at preventing cat aggression while also filling in some of the commonly left out blanks that people fail to mention on social media.

What Is Boar Mate Used For With Cats?

Boar mate has an off-label use for cats where some cat owners will spray boar mate on their female cats to prevent male cats attacking them or giving them any attention during breeding season.

As this is an unintended use of boar mate, there is not much evidence available to prove that this is a valid use for the spray and what “evidence” is available is somewhat of a correlation rather than being a direct causation.

Depending on where you live boar mate can be difficult to purchase too with hog mate being a very similar formula that some people try.

Another alternative that you are able to try is Feliway spray that tends to have a better success record for reducing cat aggression.

The general theory behind using boar mate with your cats is to transform the scent of the female cat to prevent the scent from triggering the male cat’s advances.

Some people think that it makes the female cat smell male but boar mate uses male pig hormones to it technically makes the female smell like a totally different species, a pig.

Does Boar Mate Stop A Male Cat From Attacking A Female Cat?

There is little evidence to show that bore mate is a reliable method of stopping a male cat from attacking a female cat as it does not actually prevent the female cat’s pheromones, it simply adds another set of pheromones on top of the female cat’s pheromones.

Although boar mate may reduce the chances of a male attack attacking a female cat, the difference is minimal.

Using Feliway spray on your cats can help to reduce general aggression and has research behind it to back up its validity and use cases.

Boar mate on the other hand has no real research into using it on cats and the reports we have seen from people who have used boar mate with their cats have too many variables involved to say that it was the boar mate that helped the situation.

On top of that, as we mentioned earlier, it is very hard to find boar mate in some areas with hog mate being its closest alternative but its formula is different again.

This then adds that variable into the equation on if the hog mate will help the situation or not too and there is even less reports from people who have tried hog mate on their cats to gather data from.

How Do You Use A Boar Mate For Cats?

The general idea of using boar mate for your cats is to spray some boar mate on your female cat to try and make her pheromones and prevent a male cat from showing her attention be it sexual or aggressive.

You simply spray the boar mate on your cat and then leave it to do its thing.

As we covered above though, the issue is that boar mate does not do anything to prevent the natural pheromones of your female cat it simply gets added to them. A male cat will still be able to smell the pheromones of your female cat but also smell the boar mate too.

We really do doubt that this is going to be enough to be of any real effect when it comes to discouraging any unwanted behaviour between your cats.

On top of that, for each report that you can find saying that boar mate worked for their cats, there is at least one report saying that it did little to nothing when used in the exact same situation for someone else with their cats.

Should You Use Boar Mate For Cats?

We really don’t think that it is worth the time, effort, and money to use boar mate for your cats.

Not only is boar mate a total pain to find for most people these days, it was never designed for use for cats and the off-label use of using boar mate for cats is based on uncontrolled tests with a number of variables involved.

If you are having problems with your cats then trying something like Feliway spray may be one of the better options available to you.

You can also try booking a short video call with a veterinarian for professional advice on what you are able to try if you really are having serious problems with your cats.


That brings our article going over using boar mate for cats to an end. We have tried to offer a more realistic look at the potential results that you can get if you do try to use boar mate with your cats rather than jumping on the band waggon that focuses on a very small number of the actual reports from people who have tried boar mate. In our opinion, boar mate is an excellent product for its intended purpose with pigs but it offers minimal value for use with cats and is often more trouble than its worth due to how hard it can be to find for some people.