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Should You Use Megazorb For Rabbits?

With the popularity of Megazord bedding sky rocketing right now, we have noticed more and more people reaching out and asking about how useful it is for certain types of pets.

Over the last few months, we have noticed a huge spike in the number of people specifically reaching out and asking about using Megazord for rabbits so we have decided to make this the main focus for today’s article.

The main selling point of Megazord bedding is that it is highly absorbent and very cheap for the amount of bedding you get in a single pet.

The bedding is actually designed for use with horses rather than rabbits and other small pets but due to its low price in relation to how much bedding you actually get, a huge number of small pet owners have made the switch over to Megazord.

As you can probably guess from any bedding that is being used for an animal that it has not been predominantly designed for use with, Megazord does have some controversy surrounding it when used for rabbits.

We will be trying to cover both sides of the argument in this article to try and ensure that our readers get a fair and balanced look at using Megazord bedding for their pet rabbits.

Should You Use Megazorb For Rabbits?

Although a large number of rabbit owners are starting to use Megazorb for their pet rabbits without issue, it is a relatively dusty bedding and it may cause some problems with your rabbits respiratory system.

This is rare and there are only a small number of reports of respiratory issues when using Megazorb with rabbits though so many people use it due to its low price.

If your pet rabbit does usually have issues with its respiratory system when using a dusty bedding then we would not recommend that you even try Megazorb though.

Something like a dust free paper bedding will usually be a much better option for any rabbits who do have problems with a dusty bedding but keep in mind, the dust free beddings do cost more due to the additional treatment that the bedding goes through to remove dust.

Some rabbit species are more resilient to dust than others though so if you don’t know if your rabbit does have issues with Megazorb then you can try it to see how your rabbits react.

The thing is, even though its cheap, if your rabbit does have issues when you try it, you can be left with a large bag of Megazorb.

Thankfully, most cities and large towns have animal rescues so you should be able to donate it to them if you decide that it is not suitable for your pet rabbit.

Is Megazorb Safe For Rabbits?

Due to the high dust content of Megazorb, we are unable to say that Megazorb bedding is totally safe for use with rabbits.

Just like the other dusty bedding options on the market, there may be issues with some rabbits when using it where as it may be totally fine for other rabbits.

This is why you see so much controversy around using Megazorb on social media groups based around keeping pet rabbits.

A large number of rabbit owners simply refuse to even try a dust bedding product with their pet rabbits due to there being so many viable dust-free alternatives on the market these days.

In addition to that, the prices of dust free bedding options for rabbits has decreased massively over the last few years due to modern production techniques.

This means that the main advantage of Megazorbs low price tag is becoming less and less of an advantage as it once was with each year that goes by.

The Best Megazorb Bedding Alternative For Rabbits?

There are a number of suitable bedding alternatives to Megazorb that you are able to use for your rabbits. There are dust-free options for paper, card, and some types of wood bedding now while their prices continue to fall with each year that goes by.

We usually recommend that our readers use a dust free paper bedding for their pet rabbits but some people will use a hemp bedding too.

Both really are excellent options for pet rabbits and hemp small pet bedding products are becoming increasingly popular due to their low dust, low price, and great insulation properties.

There are a number of other suitable dust free bedding options for rabbits too but we usually recommend that our readers stick to either paper or bedding if possible.

As we touched on earlier in the article, some rabbits will be fine with a bedding product that has dust in it but many rabbit owners simply don’t want to take the risk.


That brings our article going over using Megazorb for rabbits to an end. Although it is a very popular bedding option for a number of different types of pets, it can present a risk to your rabbits due to its relatively high dust content. On the flip side of that, the lower price tag of Megazorb can make it a very attractive option if you are on a budget so you will have to factor in your own situation and circumstances.