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Should You Use Melafix For Cloudy Eye?

Melafix is one of the most popular fish treatments in the world due to how versatile the treatment is with its tea tree extract active ingredient proving very effective against a wide range of common problems with fish.

Due to this, we commonly see people reaching out for advice on if Melafix will be able to treat the current problem that your fish is having with many people thinking Melafix can treat ich due to its excellent reputation but it can’t and it has never been marketed as being an ich treatment.

Over the last couple of months, many people have been asking about using Melafix to treat cloudy eye in their fish so we wanted to publish this article going over the topic.

Before we go any further, we just want to say that if you have a betta fish with cloudy eye you should be using Bettafix rather than Melafix as we covered in this article.

They are from the exact same company but Bettafix is slightly watered down due to the sensitive nature of betta fish not doing well with full strength Melafix.

What Is Cloudy Eye In Fish?

Cloudy eye is a common condition in fish where the lens in the fish’s eye becomes milky or opaque.

There are many different causes of cloudy eye with the most common being physical trauma to the eye, poor water quality, and infections.

While there are many different causes of cloudy eye, the vast majority of cases can be attributed to poor water quality with dirty aquariums being the number one cause.

Poor water quality, in general, will lead to a weakened immune system which makes your fish more susceptible to infections and diseases with cloudy eye being one of the most common conditions that can develop.

Is Melafix Intended For Use To Treat Cloudy Eye?

Melafix has been developed to be a great treatment for a wide range of common problems in fish including cloudy eye.

Although Pimafix can work with cloudy eye too, the tee tree extract active ingredient of Melafix does seem to be a much quicker treatment option for the vast majority of people.

One problem that we see on social media constantly is that people will confuse Melafix and Pimafix with each other and thats why there are reports of “Melafix” not working with cloudy eye, the people are accidently using Pimafix as they look very similar and have a similar name.

There are some speciallist treatments on the market that can treat cloudy eye in your fish too but their price tags tend to be more expenseive due to them using a stronger active ingredient.

In some areas, the anti-biotic treatments that you can sometimes use to treat cloudy eye in fish will have to be prescribed by a veterinarian too.

Melafix on the other hand can be purchased over the counter at any good fish keeping store for its standard low price tag.

Does Melefix Actually Treat Cloudy Eye?

While Melafix can help to treat cloudy eye in fish, the results seem to very from person to person with some people reporting great success while others not seeing any benefits at all.

This is a common theme that we see with most treatments for cloudy eye as the condition can be caused by so many different things that no one treatment will work for everyone.

The most important thing that you can do to try and treat cloudy eye in your fish is to improve the water quality of your aquarium as this seems to be the leading cause of the condition.

You should also look into using a peroxide dip too as this will help to cleanse any external infections that could be causing your fish’s cloudy eye.

When using Melafix to treat cloudy eye in fish, we would recommend that you do a partial water change before each treatment and keep your fish in a well-aerated aquarium.

You should also look to remove any carbon from your filter during the treatment period too as this can absorb the Melafix and make it less effective.

How To Use Melafix To Treat Cloudy Eye In Fish!

To treat cloudy eye in your fish with Melafix, simply add 5ml of the product to every 10 US gallons of aquarium water.

You should then continue to add this amount of Melafix to your aquarium once a day for 7-10 days or until the cloudy eye has cleared up.

As we mentioned before, you should look to do a partial water change before each treatment too.

Once you have added the required amount of Melafix to your aquarium, you should then look to increase the aeration of your aquarium as much as possible too.

We would also recommend turning off any carbon in your filter during the treatment period too.

How Quickly Can Melafix Cure Cloudy Eye?

The results that you will see when using Melafix to treat cloudy eye will vary from fish to fish with some people seeing a difference within a few days while others report that it takes up to 2 weeks for the cloudy eye to clear.

If you are not seeing any results after 10 days of treatment, we would recommend discontinuing use and trying a different treatment option.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Melafix To Treat Cloudy Eye?

No, there are no reported side effects of using Melafix to treat cloudy eye in fish.

The product is safe for both freshwater and saltwater fish and can be used in both aquariums and ponds.

Just keep in mind that sensative fish may end up having problems with enflamed gills if you are treating cloudy eye in a community tank and this is a sign to dilute the dose or quarantine the fish that needs treating if possible.