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The Best Bird Safe Glue On The Market!

Whether you’re building an elaborate bird sanctuary or something else for your pet bird that requires the use of glue, you might not be sure what kind of glue to use.

No matter what kind of glue you use, you should be aware that there will always be glue fumes present before the glue dries, as well as the fact that your bird may eat the glue once it’s dried, regardless of the type of glue that you decide to use.

So, you might decide to conduct extensive research in an attempt to find out if there is any bird-safe glue available.

Your research may take time, because so many glues contain ingredients that are non-toxic when handled in the manner in which they’re intended, like to glue paper or other materials while working on a project.

However, if the glue is consumed, then it often becomes quite toxic. You can’t take a chance by exposing your pet bird to toxic glue, regardless of what the glue is used for.

If you believe that you can keep the bird from eating the glue, you’re wrong, because when you least expect it, your pet bird could fly right over and begin feasting on the glue remnants.

And if the glue hasn’t yet dried, even the fumes can be toxic to your pet bird, so it’s extremely important that you find a bird safe glue to use.

What Is The Best Bird Safe Glue?

To be honest, there aren’t many bird safe glues out there. Most of them contain at least one ingredient that is known to be toxic if consumed by any pet, especially birds.

You can search the internet and ask around at different stores, but chances are you’re not going to find many choices of glue that won’t potentially harm your pet bird.

Experts have conducted extensive research and come up with only one potential choice for a glue that won’t harm your bird: Elmer’s China and Glass Glue. Elmer’s China and Glass Glue is in the food safe category, as it doesn’t contain the toxic ingredients that other glue does.

It doesn’t mean that you should use it in your recipes, but a small amount should be okay, if accidentally consumed. So, if your bird were to consume some of this glue, it’s not likely to make your bird sick unless it were to consume a large amount of it.

Elmer’s China and Glass Glue is strong enough to adhere to cement, so not only is it bird-safe, but it can’t be effectively used on various projects, even homemade aviaries, and seed balls.

You should be sure to remember that despite which glue you decide to use, the fumes could be bothersome while the glue is wet, and once it’s dried, the bird could mistake it for a treat.

Is Elmer’s Regular Glue Bird Safe?

Many people believe that since Elmer’s glue is safe for small children to use, it should be safe for birds to be around. Birds can’t be compared to small children, because Elmer’s glue is not bird safe.

Children can be more closely supervised to ensure they refrain from consuming the glue. Even if a child sneaks and tastes the glue, it’s likely not to be enough to cause illness. However, birds don’t require much, and even a small amount could potentially kill a bird.

Elmer’s School glue is one of the most popular types of glues used in, as well as outside schools, on various projects.

However, since it contains some of the chemicals that are known to be toxic if consumed, Elmer’s School glue is not recommended, and Elmer’s China and Glass glue is still a better choice when you need a glue that is safe to be used around birds.

Again, there is always the risk of the fumes from any type of glue causing illness to a bird. And once the glue is dried, its sweet taste and smell will likely be enticing to your pet bird.

Is Gorilla Glue Toxic To Birds?

In your quest to find the best bird safe glue for your project or recipe, you might come across Gorilla glue and wonder whether it’s toxic to birds or not. It states that it’s non-toxic on the label, but is it safe for a bird to nibble on if it comes across it?

No, Gorilla glue is not safe to be consumed by humans, birds, cats, or any other pets. Gorilla glue is toxic to birds and other species, despite its claim that it is non-toxic.

This popular glue is, in fact, non-toxic when used in a normal fashion, but the manufacturers don’t expect Gorilla glue to be consumed by anyone or anything.

Gorilla glue contains ingredients that can lead to stomach obstructions, thermal burns of the esophagus, and even death if a large enough amount is consumed.

Birds are a lot smaller than humans, so it wouldn’t take much to kill a bird. So, Gorilla glue is not a safe glue to use on or in anything that a pet bird may encounter.

When it comes to birds and glue, there is always a risk that the fumes could render your feathery friend ill, before the glue is dried.

Once it’s dried, there is still a danger of your pet bird eating it, because Gorilla glue has an especially sweet taste, due to the sweet-tasting chemicals that it contains. Birds like sweet tasting substances, so it is best to seek a safer solution.


In conclusion, birds, like other animals, are very curious and like to taste new and interesting substances. Glue sometimes has an attractive smell and taste that birds feel compelled to taste, but of course, they don’t know that eating it could make them sick because of the toxins it contains. That is why you must ensure that the glue that you use on bird products is safe and non-toxic, so it doesn’t make your pet bird become ill.

So, whether you’re building a playground for your bird or bird seed balls, there is only one known bird safe glue available: Elmer’s China and Glass Glue. There is also the option of making your own glue out of ingredients that you know are safe and won’t hurt your birds, but the average person doesn’t want to go to that much trouble. Regardless of the type of non-toxic glue that you ultimately opt for, your bird is likely to love the bird seed balls or whatever you’re making for your feathery friend.