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The Best Feliway Alternative On The Market!

Feliway is a popular treatment option for stressed cats that uses a mixture that naturally mimics feline pheromones to produce a calmer mind and happier behaviors.

This treatment comes in a diffuser and should work with various different cats. But what if your feline friend is allergic to the ingredients in Feliway or doesn’t respond to them how you hoped? You may need to consider a Feliway alternative to keep them happy.

Thankfully, there should be many alternatives on the market that you can utilize, each of which has different benefits to consider before making a purchase.

However, there are also natural alternatives that you may find work better for your cat because they’re easier for you to adjust to your cat’s needs. Thankfully, most Feliway options use natural ingredients to minimize the risk of addiction or ineffectiveness over time.

Let’s take a look at a few different DIY Feliway alternatives that you can consider providing for your cat by mixing or preparing them at home. We’ll also examine two additional store-bought purchases that are veterinarian-approved and clinically tested.

One is a diffuser that works similarly to Feliway, while another is a collar that works best for individual cats suffering from severe stress and anxiety problems that could otherwise affect their health.

Can You Make Your Own Feliway Alternative?

If you’re not a fan of Feliway or simply want a Feliway alternative that you can make at home, there are a few different options that you can choose.

Essential oils can be a powerful calming option for many cats, depending on an individual’s reaction and preference for these items. There are a few different types available and a few ways you can deliver these items to them to minimize their agitation.

For example, lavender is a calming option that you can use to help minimize your cat’s agitation and struggles. You can warm up some essential oil and use it in a diffuser that sprays it through your home.

Your cat will come into contact with it and feel calmer and more relaxed: potentially. On the other hand, some cats may not respond to lavender or need it sprayed on their fur: which could cause some initial frustration in your cat.

Other options include valerian and Zylkene, supplements that you can give your cat that may calm their nerves and minimize poor behaviors. Some people may want to try catnip as a calming influence for their feline.

This item causes a natural high in a cat that could lead to relaxation in some cats. However, others may develop more anxious or aggressive behaviors, so be careful about how you use this option to avoid causing more trouble.

The Best Feliway Alternative – Comfort Zone!

If you find that these natural alternatives don’t work for your cat, as some may need more professional help to manage their anxiety, you may want to try Comfort Zone Diffuser Kit for Multi-Cat Calming.

It is a veterinarian-recommended option that works as a diffuser that plugs directly into your wall outlet. They regularly let a small amount of calming agent into the area to help minimize anxiety and bad cat behaviors.

This option is a good choice for homes with multiple cats because you don’t have to spray the cats directly as you do with Feliway, nor do you have to adjust a collar.

Instead, your cats will walk through the calming mist created by this diffuser and relax, which may help with conflicts between cats and even angry or aggressive urine spraying, scratching, or other frustrating behaviors between your cats.

Each of these diffusers can last up to 30 days or more before you need to buy a refill container: thankfully, each purchase comes with one refill for 60 days of protection.

As with any significant change in your cat’s lifestyle, you should talk to your veterinarian first to make sure your cat is not allergic to any of the products included in this package and see if this calming option makes the most sense for your cat.

A Great Feliway Alternative!

If the option above doesn’t suit your cat, or you want to try a different method instead, you can try out the CPFK Cat Calming Collar for your feline friend.

This option includes an adjustable cat that uses a variety of natural oils that emulate calming pheromones to calm your cat and minimize aggression.

These oils include lavender and chamomile, so make sure you get your cat checked for allergies to these items or any other ingredients included within them.

When you place this collar on your pet, it should go into effect in about an hour, though some cats may take longer to react to it based on their tolerance.

It should help to handle a variety of different behavioral issues, including stress caused by a new cat, loud traffic noises outside your home, trips to the veterinarian, new people in the home, or just generalized cat anxiety (a common issue that affects many cats and which can be hard to manage otherwise).

This collar should last for up to 30 days before needing to be replaced, though it typically comes with three packs or three collars per purchase.

It has a strong waterproof design and is hypoallergenic, meaning that it should cause minimal to no allergic reactions in most cats.

That said, always talk to your veterinarian before making any change in treatment for your cat’s health and well-being to ensure that you don’t make an unfortunate mistake in treatment.

There Are Many Calming Options For Your Cat

If your cat is allergic to Feliway, doesn’t respond to it well, or you simply want to try another option, you thankfully have many choices to pick from here.

The quality of your Feliway alternative will naturally vary depending on what product you buy, how well it integrates into your cat’s lifestyle, and how much you’re willing to pay for the product.

Make sure that you give any calming item a few days or weeks to work correctly, as it may take time for the effect to become noticeable in your cat: when it does, you should definitely see it.