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The Ultimate Beef Gullet Stick Vs Bully Stick Comparison!

With the popularity of bully sticks and beef gullet both increasing at a rapid pace due to dogs loving them and the cost of production falling resulting in cheaper prices for the consumer, we have noticed a number of people asking for a beef gullet vs bully stick comparison.

Due to seeing so many people reaching out about the differences between a beef gullet stick and a bully stick, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over the differences between the two.

We already have an article online going over the most popular bully stick alternatives on the market but we choose not to add beef gullet sticks to the article due to beef gullet and bully sticks both having the exact same disadvantage.

Both are derived from beef products and are jam-packed with beef protein and with an estimated, one third of dogs having allergies to beef protein, both bully sticks and gullet sticks tend to cause vomiting in dogs with allergies to beef.

If you do have a dog that has allergies to beef then pigs ears, chicken necks, and duck feet can all be a great alternative to bully sticks and beef gullet sticks.

With that out of the way though, lets get into our ultimate beef gullet stick vs bully stick comparison.

What Is A Bully Stick?

A bully stick is a dog treat that is created by taking beef muscle and drying it to preserve the flavour and texture making it a very popular dog treat that pets tend to love.

There are single strange bully sticks and multi-strand billy sticks that are woven together to make it harder for your dog to get through the treat quickly to help keep your dog occupied for longer.

What Is A Beef Gullet Stick?

A beef gullet stick is a dried cow esophagus, the pipe food and water pass through to get into the cow’s stomach. Sometimes a dried cows trachea, the pipe air passes through to get to the cow’s lungs will also be classed as a beef gullet stick.

Once dried, the gullet sticks harden up to make them hard to chew for dogs to ensure that they are able to keep your dog occupied for as long as possible.

“Yogi is going to chow down on this bully stick” by Roopesh is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Are Bully Sticks Safe For Dogs?

Bully sticks are perfectly safe for most dogs and not only are bully sticks one of the most popular dog treats in the world but they are also growing in popularity at a rapid pace.

Due to so many dogs having beef allergies, bully sticks can cause vomiting and digestive upset in some dogs with beef allergies though.

Are Beef Gullet Sticks Safe For Dogs?

Beef gullet sticks are safe for most dogs but are more of a niche dog treat that are not very popular outside of certain states in the USA.

Due to bullet sticks being made from beef, they can cause vomiting or digestive upset in any dogs who have allergies to beef proteins but other than that, they tend to be perfectly safe.

Beef Gullet Vs Bully Stick – Side Effects!

Both beef gullet sticks and bully sticks are about equal when it comes to side effects due to the majority of problems associated with both being due to the fact that both dogs treat options are made from beef.

This can cause a number of issues in dogs that have allergies to beef protein with vomiting being the most common issue.

We have a dedicated article going over bully stick side effects that may be worth reading, especially if you have a dog that does have allergies to beef.

Although feed gullet sticks and bully sticks are made from different parts of the cow, they do both contain beef proteins so the side effects highlighted in that article also apply for beef gullet sticks even though it is primarily focusing on bully sticks.

As we mentioned back at the start of the article, if your dog does have allergies to beef proteins then pigs ears, chicken necks, and duck feet make for much better treat options.

It totally removes the potential risk of your dog’s allergies causing any problem by moving to totally different protein sources.

Beef Gullet Vs Bully Stick – Expiration Date!

The texture of beef gullet does seem to prevent it from lasting as long as a high-quality bully stick but beef gullet will usually last longer than a low quality bully stick.

This is due to the muscles used in the different price points when making bully sticks. We have an article going into how long a bully stick will last that goes into much more detail.

The short version is that cheaper bully sticks that use lower quality meat cuts will usually last for around six months where as higher quality bully sticks that use higher quality meat and drying process can last as long as three years.

Beef gullet sticks tend to last between twelve and eighteen months when stored correctly. The majority of our readers will be buying a pack of either treat and then just giving it to their dogs with all of the treats being used within a month or so anyway.

The bulk discounts that are available on bully sticks may be a deciding factor in this one though due to you being able to buy them much cheaper than you would with a regular buy and them being able to be stored for much longer without issues.

Is A Bully Stick Better Than Beef Gullet?

A bully stick does tend to be the more popular option over a beef gullet stick when it comes to what dogs will spend the most time eating.

Bully sticks are so popular with dogs that there is even a term called “bully stick madness” where the dog will focus on the bully stick and nothing else.

Although beef gullet is still a solid treat food for most dogs, it is also harder to find than bully sticks causing it to drop more points against bully sticks too.

If you are looking to buy in bulk then you are able to buy much larger amounts of bully sticks with bulk discount so they work out much cheaper than beef gullet too while also being able to store your bully sticks for longer than beef gullet cementing the victory for bully sticks.

At the end of the day though, it comes down to what your dog prefers but the majority of the time, a dog will happily take either treat but most do seem to prefer bully sticks. This is why we would recommend that our readers stock up on bully sticks rather than beef gullet sticks.


That brings our beef gullet vs bully stick comparison article to an end. In our opinion, bully sticks are the better option and the majority of our readers will usually be able to find bully sticks much easier than they can find beef gullets for sale. Bully sticks tend to be cheaper too with dogs usually preferring to eat a bully stick over a beef gullet pushing bully sticks way ahead.