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The Ultimate Border Collie Malinois Mix Breakdown!

The border collie malinois mix is a mixed breed dog created by crossing a Belgian Malinois and a Border Collie dog. The American Kennel Club classifies the Malinois Border Collie as a medium to large dog.

If the Malinois Border Collie looks familiar, it’s because it is the Malinois, which is a well-recognized dog for its work in search and rescue, military, and police work. While the Border Collie is well-known as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

Together, these two breeds that created the Malinois Border Collie are astounding in their own ways. Which makes this dog an amazing breed in so many ways.

What Is A Border Collie Malinois Mix Like As A Pet?

A Border Collie Malinois mix can make a great pet. They are loyal, protective, and good with children. They also get along well with other dogs.

They should never be left alone with a small child due to their playful nature; they could accidentally hurt a child. This is also true for smaller or more docile pets.

The Border Collie Malinois mix is a good watchdog and will protect its owner and the family they live with. They are not necessarily attack dogs (unless trained to be) but they are not fond of strangers and will read their owner’s body language and make their presence known.

What Should You Feed A Border Collie Malinois Mix?

This dog breed has a healthy appetite. First and foremost, do not overfeed your dog. Obesity is a growing problem for dogs in the U.S. They do enjoy raw food and they need dog food with specific supplements.

The dog should be fed high-quality dog food. Adding raw food to the dog food is an excellent idea for this dog breed. As they thrive on raw food, they hunt for themselves.

Border Collie Malinois mixes are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. A custom-made dog food with the supplement’s glucosamine and chondroitin and fish oil will help the dog with any hip or elbow problems they may have or develop.

Training A Border Collie Malinois Mix

Obedience training is a must for all dogs. When you have a Border Collie Malinois mix, you have a very energetic dog. Not only is behavioral training and obedience training strongly recommended, but it is also a necessity.

This is a smart dog, but training him will be a challenge. They’re attempting to be the alpha, and they’re going to require someone who can tell them where they stand with a solid, powerful hand.

To retain their attention span at a greater level, it’s preferable to divide up the sessions into smaller daily ones.

Even if it has a strong prey drive, its behavior may be controlled with proper training and management. Positive reinforcement is most effective for all dogs.

As a result, be sure to give her lots of positive feedback whenever she does anything new. Known as one of the most intelligent dogs. With the proper training, they achieve their full potential. Finding a good dog training course is important.

Check with family and friends if you want the best training course for your Border Collie Malinois mix.

Border Collie Malinois Mix Temperament

Has a lot of energy and can play for a long time. It requires a lot of physical exertion. He’s always on the move. He may expect to live between 12 and 14 years if he is in good health.

In the backyard, he has the demeanor of an Alpha dog, and he’s not afraid to go after animals smaller than him. The Belgian Malinois breed is well-known for its loyalty, which is enhanced by its Border Collie ancestry.

This combination results in a dog that is fiercely protective of its owner and excellent with youngsters. With humans, he’s not a big fan, but he’s fine with other dogs.

Because of the energetic expression in his eyes, the breed is always paying attention to what’s going on around him.

The Border Collie is one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. They can reach their full potential with proper instruction. A few attempts would be enough to teach them something new if he’s been trained this way for a while.

Remember that this breed is incredibly energetic and clever, which needs a lot of exercise and training.

Border Collie Malinois Mix Exercise Requirements

Intelligent and eager to please, she thrives on a good physical workout. The more she works out, the simpler it will be for her to train.

All puppies and canines should be properly socialized from an early age. It’s critical that you expose her to as many dogs and people as possible by taking them to a park and doggie daycare.

This breed should have exercise at least a few times a day. Exercise can be walking or running. You can even enroll them in a structured exercise program.

They can be costly but they are worth it, especially if the owner works a lot or doesn’t have time to allow the dog for a lot of exercise.

Keeping this breed active both mentally and physically is extremely important. This breed is notoriously difficult to handle because of their inability to keep up with its owners’ demands for physical activity.

As a result of their owners failing to walk them or engage in play with them, these dogs can develop a variety of undesirable behaviors, including ripping clothing, chewing furniture, nipping, and excessive barking.

Is A Border Collie Malinois Mix A Good Family Dog?

Every dog breed has its own personality and is best suited for a certain sort of family. It’s critical that both you and the family have a pleasant connection with the dog if you’re going to have one.

Border Collies are excellent family pets because they can be taught to obey directions and do household activities. Experts even refer to Border Collies as “clever workaholics” since they are so drawn to intellectual pursuits. Many instructions, phrases, and gestures may be learned by them easily.

Border Collies may be intimidating because of their intelligence. To ensure that this breed is a well-rounded family dog, you must maintain your dominant role. They are devoted to their family but tend to build a closer relationship with one individual in particular.

A Border Collie may be a wonderful family pet if it is properly trained and socialized. They may also be reared in a household with another dog, but the breed matching must be quite particular.

A Border Collie requires a companion dog who would be able to keep up with them and their antics since they are a lively breed.

When they’re not working, Border Collies enjoy a good game of fetch. Family members that lead an active lifestyle would benefit greatly from this personality type.

Border Collies may be a great source of exercise for older youngsters if they are kept under close supervision. Border Collies also enjoy Frisbees, making them excellent playmates in the dog park, beach, or even in your own backyard.

Consider the fact this breed needs a great deal of both mental and physical activity. It will keep them content while reducing their tendency to engage in destructive or snappy acts.


If you’re looking to get a dog, whether for yourself or the entire family, a Border Collie Malinois mix is a great choice. The benefits of their loving and loyal nature far outweigh any possible destructive behavior that can easily be curbed with plenty of exercises.