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The Ultimate Boxer Yorkie Mix Guide!

There are many benefits to having a pet. Not only can some pets provide aid to their owners, but depending on the pet, they can also be therapeutic and provide great companionship.

If you are contemplating becoming a pet owner, you might want to consider getting a dog like a boxer yorkie mix.

A Boxer yorkie mix is a great dog that can really bring immense enjoyment to your life. Here is an overview of boxer yorkie mixes, so you can make a final decision regarding whether or not to become the owner of this interesting dog.

What Is A Boxer Yorkie Mix Like As A Pet?

It can be difficult to determine how a boxer yorkie mix will look prior to birth, because its looks will depend on various factors. First of all, are the parents full boxer and full yorkie, or are they mixed breeds themselves?

That will make a major difference in how they will look. You should also take into consideration which parent is male and which is female, as well.

Having a boxer yorkie mix as a pet can be a lot of fun. Boxers are very energetic and like to “box” with their paws. Yorkies are smaller dogs that are just as energetic as boxers, if not more so.

Yorkies can also be considered feisty and downright overbearing at times. So, a mix of these two dogs can be quite interesting. You’re likely to have a very spirited dog that likes to run and play frequently.

The boxer yorkie mix is also likely to be very affectionate and loyal, so you should expect a great deal of snuggling time.

It will likely be necessary to get your boxer yorkie mix shampooed and have its fur trimmed frequently, as its yorkie genes are likely to cause your pup to be quite furry and shed a lot.

It might also be necessary to brush your dog on a daily basis in order to keep shedding to a minimum.

What Should You Feed A Boxer Yorkie Mix?

Feeding your boxer yorkie mix is something that you should take seriously. Instead of purchasing the cheapest brand of dog food from the store, you should determine what food would be more beneficial for your pooch.

Your boxer yorkie mix will require high-quality dog food, and since these two breeds are combined and both breeds require different diets to thrive, you may have to invest in custom-made dog food.

Custom-made dog food will ensure that you provide your boxer yorkie mix with the high-quality dog food it needs, so it will get all the nutrients it needs to reach its highest potential.

Custom-made dog food can be purchased online or even locally. You will simply answer some questions about your dog and a high-quality dog food blend will be created for your dog.

You shouldn’t worry about paying astronomical prices for custom-made dog food, as most of it is very affordable.

Training A Boxer Yorkie Mix

Having a well-trained dog is important and can increase the enjoyment of being a dog owner. One of the first things you will train your boxer yorkie mix to do is to become housebroken.

Boxer yorkies are very intelligent, and they want to please their owners. These dogs also enjoy being rewarded, so providing them with small treats during training can help your dog achieve goals quicker.

You should also plan on providing leash training for your boxer yorkie, because you will be spending a lot of time taking him on walks. Again, boxer yorkies have a great deal of energy, which needs to be used up so they will be well-behaved while indoors.

When leash training your boxer yorkie, make sure your dog knows that you’re in charge, because this mixed-breed dog tends to be independent and desires to do things its own way.

However, if you want your dog to always obey your commands, it needs to know that you’re the boss.

You will likely want to train your boxer yorkie other things like “catch,” “sit,” “roll over,” and more.

These tricks can certainly be useful for helping your dog to become more disciplined. Rewarding your dog with treats during this type of training should work effectively, just like with other types of training.

If you’re struggling to properly train your boxer yorkie mix, you might want to invest in a good dog training course, which can help training your dog become easier. The proper dog training course can provide you with new and more effective ways of training your dog.

Some dogs can be a bit more resistant to training, which doesn’t mean that your dog can’t be trained. It simply means that your dog will need a bit more work, which will require your patience.

Boxer Yorkie Mix Temperament

The temperament of a boxer yorkie mix can vary, as each dog is an individual and will have his own personality. However, you can expect your boxer yorkie mix to be a combination of intelligent, friendly, playful, and brave.

You can also expect your mixed-breed dog to be confident and affectionate.

Your boxer yorkie mix also has the potential to be “needy,” requiring a great deal of attention. Neither boxers nor yorkies are breeds that like to hang out alone, so a combination of boxer and yorkie is likely to require unlimited amounts of attention.

If you work during the day, you should consider signing your dog up for doggie daycare, so your dog will be kept occupied during the many hours you’re at work.

Boxer yorkie mix dogs are also very friendly, but they’re leery around strangers. However, if you have new visitors to your home, all you have to do is slowly introduce your dog to them and your dog should quickly warm up to him or her.

This should occur quickly, especially if the stranger is friendly and playful with the dog.

Boxer Yorkie Mix Exercise Requirements

While there are some dogs that require very little exercise, a boxer yorkie isn’t one of them. This mixed-breed dog requires an immense amount of exercise due to its great deal of energy.

Walks, ample time at the dog park just running around, maybe even playing “catch” or “frisbee” can be great ways for these dogs to get their daily allotment of exercise in.

If a boxer yorkie is locked indoors all day with little to no exercise, it may begin chewing on furniture and other important things, and just become more destructive in general. Your dog may also begin gaining weight without proper daily exercise.

Like people, overweight dogs have the tendency to develop weight-related illnesses. This isn’t healthy and needs to be addressed should it occur.

Another consequence of failing to engage your boxer yorkie in adequate amounts of physical activity is possible depression. If your dog appears listless and disinterested in things going on around him and he simply lies there, you might want to have him evaluated for depression.

Even without an evaluation, if you simply begin an exercise program, he is likely to begin feeling better after a few sessions, so his signs of depression should disappear as long as you’re consistent with the exercise.

It’s not difficult to ensure your boxer yorkie gets enough exercise, especially if you have children. Your children could play running games with the dog, and therefore, assist him with meeting his daily exercise requirements.

Playing with other dogs, as long as your dog is tolerant of them, is another great way for your boxer yorkie to engage in exercise regularly.

Is A Boxer Yorkie Mix A Good Family Dog?

A boxer yorkie mix can be a good family dog, but it will require a lot of attention, and it will need a family who can take it out frequently, so it can expend some energy on a regular basis.

A boxer yorkie mix might not be very tolerant of other dogs, so if you want to have multiple dogs, you should get them all at the same time, or allow your boxer yorkie mix to slowly acclimate itself to the new additions.

The boxer instincts in your boxer yorkie mix are likely to surface whenever strangers are around, increasing the tendency for your boxer yorkie to become very protective of the family, especially if there are children.

Yorkies are small dogs who are vulnerable to families with small children, as small children could unintentionally injure such a small dog.

However, a boxer and yorkie mix is much larger, reducing its vulnerability, and making it more appropriate for all family situations. This mixed breed dog can better handle itself with children of all ages.


In conclusion, having a boxer yorkie mix as a pet can be a great experience for both you and the dog. As long as you’re patient and willing to take the time to spend with your dog, you should be able to train your dog to be the pet you’ve always wanted.