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The Ultimate Catahoula Vs Black Mouth Cur Comparison!

Both the catahoula and black mouth cur breeds of dog are seeing steady increases in their popularity in the United States right now with a surprisingly large number of people looking at either breed rather than the more popular breeds available.

We have noticed a number of people stuck on what breed of two is the best option for their needs so we have decided to publish our ultimate catahoula vs black mouth cur comparison article to help our readers choose.

Both the catahoula and black mouth cur breeds are excellent options for the majority of people who want an outdoors dog who can guard their property while also integrating with their family well.

Due to both breeds being very similar when it comes to performance and temperament, factors such as your preference for their appearance or limitations due to their size or their coat shed will often decide the best breed for your needs.

This is why the majority of our readers will be able to go with either breed and get excellent results from their dog.

Just keep in mind that due to the popularity of both the catahoula and the black mouth cur steadily increasing with each passing year, breeders are starting to put their prices up with availability becoming an increasing problem.

Due to this, you may want to see what is available in your immediate area as some areas tend to have more of one breed available than the other with price tags fluctuating widely from state to state.

The Advantages Of The Catahoula!

The catahoula is the larger of the two breeds with it often being taller, longer, and coming in at higher weights when fully grown with people tending to prefer it for protection and security for their property over the black mouth cur.

The breed will usually live for around 12 years so they are a solid commitment and the slightly larger litter size of 4 to 12 pups make them more readily available in some areas and often have a lower price tag.

The catahoula tend to have a very unique look to them often getting the breed attention when out for walks in public places and although there are a handful of similar breeds out there, the catahoula still sticks out due to its spots and color combinations.

The dogs coat is usually of medium length offering the advantage of it doing better as an outdoor dog or for people living in cooler areas but its coat is not long enough to make it a good option for people in very cold areas.

The coat of the catahoula does tend to shed more than that of a black mouth cur so this could be a disadvantage when it comes to keeping your home fur free or if you have any allergies.

When it comes to using a catahoula as a working breed they are excellent for hunting most small game and can also be used for some larger game such as deer, mountain lions, and bears but multiple catahoula dogs are usually recommended for the larger game.

The Advantages Of The Black Mouth Cur!

The black mouth cur is the smaller of the two breeds making it a more ideal option for people who want a dog at the lower end of the medium dog scale with fully grown heights starting at 16 inches and weights starting at 40 pounds.

Although the litter size of the black mouth cur is smaller than that of the catahoula, the black mouth cur is a more popular dog with more established breeders across the United States often making it easier to get in most areas.

The main advantage of the black mouth cur over the catahoula is that its coat is shorter and that it will usually shed less making it ideal for anyone trying to avoid fur getting in their home.

This tends not to play much of a role in the environments that you are able to use the dog in either as it matches up almost exactly with the warm to cool areas of the catahoula with both breeds not really being suited for colder areas.

When it comes to using the black mouth cur as a working dog, it has the advantage of being an excellent herding dog with proper training and this is an area where the catahoula can struggle.

The black mouth cur can also be an excellent dog for similar sized game as the catahoula with the breed being great for a variety of game ranging from squirrels up to bears but multiple black mouth cur should be used for larger game.

Is The Catahoula Or Black Mouth Cur The Better Dog?

The catahoula and black mouth cur have their own advantages and disadvantages with both being excellent dogs.

The black mouth cur is definitely the more popular breed in the wider United States where as the catahoula seems to be popular in Louisiana and the surrounding states making it more difficult to find for a fair price.

If you are looking for a guard dog or a dog that will double up as a guard or protection dog then the larger size, length, and weight of the catahoula makes it a better option than the black mouth cur.

The main advantage of the black mouth cur over the catahoula is when it comes to use as a herding dog and although the catahoula can be used to herd livestock to some extent, the black mouth cur will outperform it.

If you do have someone in your household who does have allergies then the black mouth cur can be a better option too due to the breed usually shedding less than the catahoula.

Still, with regular grooming the catahoula’s shed can often be controlled but this will take more time and effort out of your day scoring points against the breed if you do need a working dog to help you work long hard days.


That brings our article going over our catahoula vs black mouth cur comparison article to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of both breeds but it is very hard to call. This is why the discussions for both breeds on social media are usually due to people looking for someone to make their mind up for them rather than actually wanting input on both breeds due to them being so similar to each other.