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The Ultimate Guide To Blue Eyed Cocker Spaniels?

If you’re considering becoming a dog owner soon, you might be leaning towards getting a cocker spaniel. Cocker spaniels are a great choice, as they’re attractive dogs with many positive attributes.

As intelligent as they are beautiful, cocker spaniels make excellent family dogs because they’re playful and have merry personalities.

You may have seen a blue eyed cocker spaniel before and desire to have one. Cocker spaniels with blue eyes are especially attractive, and if you luck out and adopt one, you may have yourself a real prize.

Most cocker spaniels that you find will not have blue eyes, however, as one with blue eyes is considered rare.

A blue eyed cocker spaniel may not be easy to find, as this particular breed of dog usually has eyes that are some variation of brown. However, if you’re determined to get a cocker spaniel with blue eyes, then you should be able to find one.

Try searching in your local newspapers and even online, and you should eventually find the perfect cocker spaniel with the blue eyes that you desire.

Can Cocker Spaniels Have Blue Eyes?

Yes, cocker spaniels can have blue eyes, but only on very rare occasions. Most cocker spaniel puppies are actually born with blue eyes, but they almost always change to light brown, dark brown or even black by the time they reach adulthood.

Some cocker spaniels even have pink-tinted or red eyes. Cocker spaniels’ eyes darken due to increasing levels of melanin in the body as the puppy matures.

In order for an adult cocker spaniel to have blue eyes, it must possess a certain type of gene called the “merle” gene. While the merle gene can cause an adult cocker spaniel to have blue eyes, having this gene can also be dangerous.

Many dog breeders will refrain from breeding cocker spaniels with blue eyes because the merle gene can also cause cocker spaniels to develop severe disabilities like deafness, deformity, and even blindness.

If you are able to find an adult blue eyed cocker spaniel that doesn’t suffer from blindness or other disabilities, then you should consider yourself lucky.

Not all cocker spaniels with the merle gene will experience health problems, but if both parents carry the gene, then it is inevitable that the offspring will suffer from some type of disability.

These sickly dogs can be a challenge to care for, and medical bills are usually astronomical due to the constant medical treatment that they require.

Are Cocker Spaniels With Blue Eyes Rare?

Yes, cocker spaniels with blue eyes are rare, as cocker spaniels usually have brown or black eyes. Cocker spaniels born with the merle gene can have blue eyes as adults, and it can also affect how their coats look.

These dogs’ coats will appear to have patches of color on them, making their appearance very distinctive when compared to cocker spaniels without this gene.

Despite being rare, many dog lovers will only seek out cocker spaniels with blue eyes. Yes, these dogs are rare, but there are quite a few out there, and you can find them if you’re willing to put forth the effort to search.

Your search doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you search online, although you may have to drive to another city or even another state to get what you’re looking for.

When searching for a rare blue eyed cocker spaniel online, you should only deal with breeders who are professional and experienced, and who can provide you with documentation that the dog doesn’t suffer from any disabilities or chronic illnesses.

That means that you need to research the breeders that you’re dealing with to ensure they’re reputable, to minimize your chances of running into problems with your dog’s health in the future.

Are All Blue Eyed Cocker Spaniels Pedigree?

No, all blue eyed cocker spaniels are not considered pedigree. Some blue eyed cocker spaniels may suffer from blindness, deafness, physical disabilities and more as a result of carrying the merle gene.

Some spaniel lovers feel that blue eyed cocker spaniels are the complete opposite of pedigree, and they believe they are inferior to other cocker spaniels, as well as other dogs in general.

Some blue eyed cocker spaniels can be considered pedigree by breeders who love them, but unfortunately, because of the fact that they possess the merle gene, they aren’t usually able to be registered in most cases.

There are some breeders of blue eyed cocker spaniels who do whatever is necessary to get their dogs certified and registered.

This usually entails a full examination and testing performed by a professional veterinarian to verify that the dog does not suffer from any health issues related to having the merle gene and more.

While many merle spaniel lovers feel that their beloved blue eyed babies are pedigree, not everyone feels this way about them.

Some blue eyed cocker spaniels are in excellent health, and as long as they receive regular checkups and preventative care, their lifespans should be as long as any other cocker spaniel.

There have been some very rare cases in which blue eyed cocker spaniels who are in the best of health and are well cared for have been deemed officially pedigree.

Are Blue Eyed Cocker Spaniels Worth More Money?

In some instances, blue eyed cocker spaniels may be worth more money. Not all breeders feel that cocker spaniels with blue eyes are at risk of suffering from disabilities and some will only breed cocker spaniels with the merle gene.

There are plenty of sales ads online where breeders are selling blue eyed spaniels for thousands of dollars, and there are also plenty of people willing to pay these prices to own such a canine.

The merle gene in cocker spaniels can change the color of the dog’s coat as well, and many breeders seek only cocker spaniels with blue eyes and different-colored coats.

There is also a fanbase of merle spaniels, and many fans are willing to pay to pay top dollar to own these dogs. Not all cocker spaniels with the merle gene have blue eyes, which for some is a huge disappointment.

Again, there are some breeders and dog lovers who believe that since blue eyed cocker spaniels are at risk of becoming blind and very disabled that they’re not worth their time.

Many who are against breeding cocker spaniels possessing the merle gene feel like dogs with blue eyes aren’t worth much, if anything.

Those that specialize in breeding blue eyed cocker spaniels and sell them for top dollar usually do so in a responsible manner and ensure that they’re not breeding puppies in which both parents carry the merle gene.

Will A Blue Eyed Cocker Spaniel Mother Give Birth To Blue Eyed Puppies?

A blue eyed cocker spaniel mother could possibly give birth to blue eyed puppies. If the father has blue eyes or carries a recessive gene, then blue eyed puppies are certainly possible.

Again, all cocker spaniel puppies are born with blue eyes, and prior to adulthood, most of their eyes will become brown or black.

Many dog owners prefer to have cocker spaniels with blue eyes and they will do whatever is necessary to find one.

Some blue eyed cocker spaniel seekers will specially breed blue eyed cocker spaniels in order to ensure blue eyed puppies are born, but genetics can sometimes be very tricky.

Even if the mother has blue eyes and the father’s eyes are blue or he carries the recessive gene, the puppies won’t necessarily grow up to have blue eyes.

There is no way to guarantee that a blue eyed cocker spaniel mother will give birth to blue eyed puppies.

Contacting a breeder that deals specifically with blue eyed cocker spaniels is your best bet for breeding such a dog, as many of them have years of experience. In most cases, they are able to guarantee that at least one or more of the puppies from a litter will have blue eyes.


As you can see, a blue eyed cocker spaniel can be a very attractive and sought after pet. However, if you were to become the owner of one, you will want to ensure that you have it checked out thoroughly by a vet to make certain it doesn’t have any signs of developing blindness or other disabilities. Once you’ve been given the green light by the dog’s veterinarian, you can enjoy your lovely blue eyed cocker spaniel without any worries.