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The Ultimate Pimafix Vs Melafix Comparison!

There are a huge number of different illnesses and infections that can end up causing problems in your fish with a number of them being very contagious and needing to be treated as quickly as possible.

With Pimafix and Melafix both being highly recommended by the community for a wide range of common problems in fish, we often see people reaching out and asking for advice on what treatment they should be using in different situations.

Due to this, we have decided to publish our ultimate Pimafix vs Melafix comparison article to try and help as many of our readers as possible.

Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers better understand when they should be using one treatment over the other and although there is a large amount of crossover between the two, there are certain situations and conditions where you should be using Pimafix or Melafix over the other treatment.

We have a breakdown of the most common conditions that we see people asking about using Pimafix and Melafix to treat in their fish below as well as a breakdown of some other common questions that we see from the community.

Our table of contents below will allow you to skip directly to specific sections of the article with ease to get directly to specific sections focusing on problems that may be causing issues in your fish.

Pimafix Vs Melafix Treatment Uses!

Both Melafix and Pimafix are excellent treatments and they have a large amount of cross over where either can be used to treat the same condition.

It is generally recommended that you can use either for most situations but both Melafix and Pimafix should be mixed together to treat most parasitic infections and Pimafix should be used to treat most fungal infections.

Other than that, you can usually use either treatment option for the majority of common bacterial and fungal issues in your fish.

One rule of thumb that we have seen people go by is that they will use Melafix to treat problems that they catch early and Pimafix to treat problems that have had a chance to develop.

Although some people do stick to this rule due to Pimafix usually being considered the stronger treatment, it is usually not required as Melafix can still treat most issues that have had time to develop on your fish anyway.

Some people have reported being able to treat fungal infections with Melafix too but the active ingredient is not as effective as the natural ingredient in Pimafix so you should always stick to using Pimafix for any serious fungal issues over Melafix.

We will not be taking a more in-depth look at the more common conditions that we see people reaching out about that have already taken hold in their fish and if you should be focusing on using Melafix or Pimafix to treat the problem.

Melafix Or Pimafix For Dropsy?

Melafix can work well for treating dropsy in fish but by the time you notice the bloat in your fish the bacteria that causes dropsy has had a chance to develop to a stage where using Pimafix is probably the best option.

Melafix can still work but Pimafix should be able to treat the dropsy in your fish quicker not only increasing its chance of survival but getting it back to normal health as quickly as possible.

Melafix Or Pimafix For Fin And Tail Rot?

Both Melafix and Pimafix can be excellent options for treating either fin rot or tail rot in fish.

Either treatment can be used effectively no matter the stage of the rot in your fish and you will often find that they will treat the rot in your fish as quick as each other.

Melafix Or Pimafix For Popeye?

Both Melafix and Pimafix have been proven to be effective treatments for popeye in fish but the general consensus with the community is that Melafix is slightly better.

We have a dedicated article going over using Melafix to treat popeye in your fish that may be helpful but you should not discount Pimafix as a treatment option for popeye if you are unable to find Melafix in your area as Pimafix can still work well.

Melafix Or Pimafix For Cottonmouth?

You are able to use both Melafix or Pimafix to quickly treat a cottonmouth breakout in your fish with both being excellent, reliable treatments.

A common mistake when treating cottonmouth in fish is to presume that it is a fungal problem and go directly to Pimafix but cottonmouth is actually due to the Flavobacterium columnare bacteria so Melafix can work just as well as Pimafix in treating it.

Pimafix Or Melafix For Parasitic Infestation?

The majority of the time, you will be best off either mixing Melafix and Pimafix together when trying to treat a parasitic infestation in your tank to compound the effects of their active ingredients.

Depending on the specific parasite though, neither Melafix or Pimafix may be of any benefit and a specific treatment for the parasite may be required instead.

Pimafix Or Melafix For Ich?

We would not recommend that you try to use Melafix or Pimafix for treating ich in your fish and API do not claim that Melafix or Pimafix will be able to treat ich.

Both products are commonly recommended for ich on social media though but you should be using something like Super Ich Cure to treat ich as quickly as possible in your fish and ignore the advise of anyone recommending Pimafix or Melafix for ich as they do little to nothing and API clearly state this one their documentation for the treatments as neither have been designed for treating ich.

Pimafix Vs Melafix Active Ingredients!

The main difference between Pimaix and Melafix is their active ingredient with Pimafix using West Indian Bay Tree extract and Melafix using Tea Tree extract.

Both have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and tend to work excellent for the use cases they have been intended for.

There is some evidence to suggest that West Indian Bay Tree extract is slightly stronger though so some people will just stick to using Pimafix.

For the most part though, both treatments are excellent for the majority of use cases that they were intended for and it is easy to see why they both have an excellent reputation amongst the fish keeping community.

There are a number of other products on the market that also use West Indian Bay Tree extract or Tea Tree extract in them too with the active ingredients having been proven to be able to treat bacterial and fungal issues in fish time and time again.

If you do keep a reef tank then some corals and live plants can be more sensitive to the strength of West Indian Bay Tree extract though pushing Melafix ahead in this specific situation.

Some of the more sensitive corals can be irritated by Tea Tree extract too though so it is always recommended that you do specific research into using either treatment in a reef tank specific to the corals that you keep.

Can I Use Pimafix And Melafix Together?

You are often able to compound the effects of Pimafix and Melafix by using them together as the active ingredient in each works in a slightly different way.

It is very common for people to use Melafix and Pimafix together when trying to treat a number of parasitic infections in their fish but it can also help with other conditions that have been left to develop to a serious stage too.

Please note that just because you can use Pimafix and Melafix together does not mean that you should.

We have seen a number of fish keepers presume that they should just compound the two treatments and use them at the same time no matter the issue in their fish but this can cause other problems in your fish and should only be done in very specific situations as fish can be very sensitive to both Pimafix and Melefix.

Always stick to the recommended dosing instructions on the label of the treatment too as this reduces the chances of you accidentally giving your fish too much of the treatment and causing issues with any potential sensitivities in more sensitive fish.

If you are planning to use Pimafix and Melafix together then it is often recommended that you try to half the recommended dose of each to balance the exposure of the active ingredients in the treatments to your fish too.

Is Primafix Or Melafix Better?

Pimafix and Melafix are both excellent products that have rightfully earned their place in the market as well as their excellent reputations.

Some people do consider Pimafix to be the better option as it is slightly stronger than Melafix but in some situations, the strength of Pimafix can work against you if you have ultra-sensitive fish like bettas or sensitive corals in your tank.

For the most part, either treatment should be an excellent option unless you are having problems with fungal infections and then Pimafix should be used as the active ingredient in Melafix is not as effective against most fungal infections.

The prices of both products are very similar to each other too as well as how you use them with both being very beginner friendly so either option really is worth keeping in your fish keeping supplies.

The best option for you really is going to come down to your own situations though as when it comes to treating most of the illnesses Pimafix and Melafix were designed to treat, they both are excellent options.

Many fish keepers keep both as standard in their supplies too incase they need to compound the treatments and use them together when treating issues like parasites in their fish.

Pimafix Or Melafix For Betta Fish?

Betta fish do tend to be more sensitive to their water parameters and any potential treatments added to their tank for various conditions.

This can make both Pimafix and Melafix unsuitable for betta fish and although some people do dilute the dose of Pimafix or Melafix for treating a betta, going with the specialized Bettafix is usually the best option in most cases.

We go over this in more detail in our article on using Melafix for betta fish but the general consensus from the betta fish owning community is to just use Bettafix instead as it is safer for use with bettas and still treats most problems.

If you are running a betta sorority tank then you should usually try to remove the infected betta from the tank for treatment if possible too.

It can be more difficult to correctly dilute Pimafix or Melafix for use with a betta fish than many beginners initially realise too and due to most betta fish being sensitive to these treatments, it can cause other issues in the fish.

This is why our recommendation is to simply go with Bettafix if possible to avoid the need to dilute your treatments and allow you to use a pre-mixed product directly from the bottle according to the dosage instructions on the label.


That brings our ultimate Pimafix vs Melafix comparison article to an end. As we have mentioned a few times throughout the article, for the most part, you should be fine using either product in most valid use cases as they both tend to work very well. As we touched on earlier in the article though, in some situations, one treatment will take over the other as the default option but the other treatment can still work well in these situations too.