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The Ultimate Rottweiler Vs Wolf Comparison!

Have you ever wondered about how a fight between a Rottweiler vs a wolf would turn out if the two ended up scrapping?

Both are powerful and aggressive creatures, and it’s hard to imagine exactly which would have the upper hand if they were to start fighting, but it’s something that could certainly happen if the two were left together, and you might want to be cautious if you own a Rottweiler in an area where there are wolves.

It isn’t a good idea to allow the two to clash, as your pet might get hurt.

Rottweilers are often compared with wolves in terms of their behavior, because they are loyal, fierce, and strong, but Rottweilers are domesticated and unlike wolves, they are very attached to humans.

They are a bit smaller than wolves, but stockily built and strong enough to hold their own in most situations.

Rottweilers are quite different from wolves in many ways, and although domestic dogs are all thought to have descended from wolves, Rottweilers have developed strong social bonds with humans, more so than some of our other domesticated breeds.

Their loyalty is a good way to determine this; they are extremely friendly, social, and are sometimes known as “Velcro dogs” because they are so attached to their humans. This indicates that they are pretty far removed from their wild ancestors.

Can A Rottweiler Beat A Wolf In A Fight?

It is unlikely that a Rottweiler would beat a wolf in a fight, partly because most domestic dogs have minimal experience of fighting and would therefore be more likely to get injured quickly, putting them at a disadvantage throughout the fight.

A wolf is also heavier and stronger than a Rottweiler, which would give it an advantage.

Furthermore, a wolf would be more likely to have greater stamina and better reactions, since wolves need to depend upon these for survival, whereas Rottweilers are given their food by humans and have no need to hunt or hone their skills.

Wolves have a greater bite force than Rottweilers, and although there is some size similarity, the average wolf would be both larger and heavier than the average Rottweiler, meaning it would be more likely to successfully pin the Rottweiler.

Furthermore, wolves tend to be tactical fighters that are used to taking down animals significantly bigger than them (such as moose), and they nip in and out, harrying their opponent rather than outright fighting with it.

A Rottweiler, by contrast, is more likely to go for a full out attack, and would probably be quickly worn down by a fast wolf with good endurance, which would leave it vulnerable to the wolf’s attacks.

Of course, Rottweilers that have been well trained and kept in top condition stand more of a chance against a wolf than a pet Rottweiler, but it is still unlikely that the dog would come off better in a fight.

Can A Rottweiler Be Used To Protect Livestock From A Wolf Attack?

You might be able to use a Rottweiler to protect livestock from wolves, yes. Although a Rottweiler might lose in a fight against a really determined wolf, most wolves will not attack, and will be deterred by the presence of a large and defensive dog.

They will look elsewhere for an easier meal, rather than risk being injured by the Rottweiler on guard, unless they are extremely hungry and have few other options.

However, wolves have been known to attack domestic dogs in some situations, and it is possible that a wolf would kill the Rottweiler if it was desperate enough.

Because Rottweilers tend to be smaller and slightly less powerful, a hungry wolf might decide that it was worth taking one on, and could then injure or kill it. It’s also important to remember that wolves often travel in packs, and a pack of wolves could certainly kill a Rottweiler.

Rottweilers might be used to guard livestock in some situations, but they are not a great option, and they are at risk of being injured by the wolf.

Although many wolves will avoid a fight where they can, if the Rottweiler instigates one or if the wolf is very desperate, the Rottweiler may come off worse because it lacks the size and strength that the wolf possesses.

What Other Options Can You Use To Protect Livestock From A Wolf Attack?

There are several kinds of dogs that are able to successfully take down wolves, and these are sometimes used to guard livestock, especially in remote places where wolf attacks are a real issue.

They include the Akbash, the Kangal, the Irish Wolfhound, the Anatolian Shepherd, and the Great Pyrenees. These are all very large dogs that have more strength than a Rottweiler, and they may therefore be more capable of fighting off a wolf successfully.

If you want to protect livestock from wolves, it is better to use electric fencing and other techniques, rather than endangering a dog.

However, if you are going to use a dog, make sure that you choose one that stands a good chance against wolves, and one that has been trained for the job.

Although natural ability is important too, training makes a big difference to the dog’s chances of survival, and a fit and healthy dog accustomed to fighting is much more likely to fare well against a wolf than a friendly, well-socialized family pet. Bear this in mind when making decisions about how to defend your livestock.


A Rottweiler vs a wolf might sound like an interesting match, but on the whole, the Rottweiler will come off worse in a fight between the two, unless it has a particularly strong motivation for fighting (e.g. threat to its owner) and it’s a well-trained, strong specimen. Most wolves would back away from a fight with a domestic dog rather than risk an injury, but if a fight did ensue, the wolf would usually win. It is simply stronger, faster, and more tactical than most Rottweilers would be, giving it several significant advantages.