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What is the Smallest Great Dane You Can Get?

Anyone familiar with the Great Dane breed will know just how massive a fully grown Great Dane can be. Danes are often referred to as the “Apollo of Dogs,” due to their royal stature, grace and beauty.

They’re also nicknamed “friendly giants” due to their size and gentle, affectionate nature. It’s hard to believe how sweet and friendly this enormous pup can be!

Although a Great Dane’s size alone can deter would-be intruders, Danes are known for being protective of their family, making them excellent watch dogs. At the same time, they possess a sweet and gentle disposition that qualifies them to be a good family pet.

They’re good with children, but shouldn’t be left alone with little ones as they can easily bowl them over in the course of play. Great Danes thrive on love and attention and when socialized from puppyhood, they get along well with both people and pets.

Now imagine taking these qualities and transplanting them into a more compact package that’s easier to house, feed and care for! That’s what breeders have done when creating the Miniature Great Dane pup – the smallest Great Dane yet.

Miniature Great Danes are bred to be a carbon copy of traditional Danes, only in a compact size. The only trouble is, they’re not as compact as people may think!

Are There Different Sizes Of Great Danes?

Size is the first thing everyone notices about a Great Dane dog and for good reason. As an adult, male Danes can grow up to 32 inches tall and weigh up to 175 pounds, while females may reach 30 inches in height and weigh between 110 to 140 pounds.

When these dogs stand on their hind legs, however, they can easily reach up to 7 feet tall – and this is only within a time span of 18 months! A fully grown Great Dane will continue to add muscle to his stature over the next year to become a well-built, beautiful dog.

Now, if the thought of owning a dog 32 inches tall is a bit much for you, you can always choose one of the smaller pups from the litter or look for a smaller Dane fully grown.

They do come in different sizes, with smaller Danes having all of the perks of their larger counterparts. Great Dane lovers are more apt to go with the largest dog they can find, but smaller Danes can be found.

A Great Dane mix is yet another option for getting a Great Dane look-alike at a smaller size.

Mini Great Danes are specifically bred to give people all the features of a Great Dane in a smaller size. This breed, however, isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, and does come with drawbacks (mini Danes are more prone to developing health problems) due to the manner in which they’re bred.

In addition, a “mini” Great Dane doesn’t exactly live up to its “mini” name, as it only has to be a few inches smaller to qualify for mini status.

Is There A Smaller Version Of A Great Dane?

Mini Great Danes are unofficially considered a smaller version of the Great Dane dog. Because they’re not an official breed, however, a Dane pup can be considered “mini” only by being a few inches smaller than a traditional Great Dane Dog.

As the standard height of a Great Dane is 28 and 30 inches, respectively, for female and male dogs, a mini Great Dane could be one that’s 25 inches tall! If that’s not exactly what you had in mind for a smaller dog, then a mini Great Dane may not be your best choice after all.

Just to put it into perspective, in other breeds, a small dog may stand around 10 inches tall. There’s quite a bit of difference between 10 inches and 25!

If you have your heart set on getting a Great Dane dog, however, a 25 inch mini version may be more appealing than a 30-32 inch one. Mini Great Danes are awfully cute and they have all of the characteristics and personality traits of their larger counterparts.

Mini Great Danes are the product of dwarfism or the breeding of runt Great Dane dogs. Their looks and temperament mimic those of traditional Great Dane dogs. However, they’re at higher risk of developing health problems and are liable to have a shorter lifespan as a result.

How Big Is The Smallest Great Dane?

There are limited options for getting a smaller version of the Great Dane dog. Great Danes are simply meant to be great in size, which is why they’re bred that way!

For a smaller version of this beautiful pup, you’ll have to go with a Great Dane mix or take your chances with a mini Great Dane dog.

Mixing a Great Dane with a poodle, American foxhound, cocker spaniel or other smaller breed will result in a medium-sized pup with the same lovable personality traits of a Great Dane dog.

For the smallest version of a purebred Great Dane, a mini Great Dane is perhaps your best option. Although this pup is labeled as “mini,” don’t count on being able to put him into a tote bag and walking off!

A mini Great Dane could be one that’s 25 to 27 inches tall, just shy of the size of a traditional Great Dane dog. There’s no disputing, however, how adorable and sweet these pups can be, making them difficult to pass up.

Mini Great Danes look and act like their large breed counterpart, although their bodies aren’t as blocky and their muscles are leaner.

Personality wise, they’re just as sociable and gentle as traditional Great Danes and will cuddle in your lap or curl up on your couch for hours if you let them. With proper training, a mini Great Dane can make a delightful family pet.


If your heart is set on the smallest Great Dane you can find with similar qualities to the original Great Dane dog, consider bringing a Mini Great Dane home. A mini Great Dane is less imposing to accommodate and just as easy to love, making him a viable alternative to a traditional Great Dane dog.