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What To Do If Your Bearded Dragon Has Sunken Eyes!

If you’re into reptiles and are looking for a cool new pet, a bearded dragon could make a good addition to your home. Bearded dragons make amazing pets! They’re friendly, docile, inquisitive creatures that are fun to be around.

Like most exotic pets, the bearded dragon has special needs. By learning more about its habitat, diet and care, you can determine if a beardy is a good fit for you before bringing him home.

Bearded dragons require a special environment in which to live, with adequate lighting and temperature for this species. They also require a special diet to keep them healthy, active and fit.

At some point in time, your bearded dragon may come down with an illness. Bearded dragon sunken eyes, loss of appetite and lethargy are some symptoms to watch out for to indicate your bearded dragon is unwell.

If a change of diet or environment doesn’t help your beardy get better, it’s best to consult with a reptile veterinarian for treatment.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Have Sunken Eyes?

There are several causes for a bearded dragon to develop sunken eyes. The most common cause is dehydration. Bearded dragons are accustomed to drinking from a moving water source in the wild.

If you only have a water bowl in your pet’s tank, he may be ignoring it. Insufficient water intake can cause your pet to become dehydrated.

Sunken eyes are a telltale sign that something is amiss with your pet. If you’ve never owned a bearded dragon before, this could be cause for alarm. Your new pet looked beautiful when you brought him home and now he’s developed eye issues!

By taking steps to determine what’s wrong with your pet, you can rectify this problem before it gets out of hand.

Your bearded dragon’s living environment can impact his health and result in sunken eye symptoms. Parasites, eye infections, kidney disease and other health issues can also cause this condition.

By booking a video call with a veterinarian, you can get an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition, so you can take measures to remedy this situation.

What Should You Do If Your Bearded Dragon Has Sunken Eyes?

The first step to resolving bearded dragon sunken eye issues is getting a diagnosis of what’s causing these symptoms.

An evaluation from your vet will help put things into perspective. If your pet is suffering from parasites, eye infections or other health issues, your vet can provide the appropriate treatment. You can benefit from the input of a professional vet in caring for your reptilian friend.

If your pet’s sunken eyes are caused by dehydration, there are steps you can take to resolve this problem.

First, review your pet’s drinking and dietary habits to see where he’s lacking. Adding more fruit to his diet could provide the hydration he needs if he’s not drinking from his water bowl. You can also offer him drops of water from a syringe.

Bathing your beardy in a small tub of warm water can help keep him hydrated as the water will soak into his skin. As he’s moving about, water is bound to get into his mouth as well.

A 15-minute bath several times a week should do the trick. Remember to dry your beardy off well after each bath before returning him to his tank.

Should You Be Worried If Your Bearded Dragon Has Sunken Eyes?

Dehydration is a common cause of sunken eyes in a bearded dragon, but it’s not the only reason your pet may develop eye issues.

Your pet may have parasites or some other health problem that’s triggering this symptom. A visit to your vet will provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition.

Anytime a pet gets sick, it’s cause for concern. The important thing is to act quickly and decisively in pinpointing the source of your pet’s illness.

As semi-desert creatures, bearded dragons don’t need tons of water, but they do require enough to stay hydrated. Even mild dehydration over an extended period of time can lead to health issues in your reptilian friend.

In addition to sunken eyes, dehydration can cause problems with shedding, gout, constipation and other health issues in a bearded dragon. Severe dehydration could lead to your pet’s early demise.

That’s why it’s important to act quickly. At the first sign of health issues with your pet, be it sunken eyes, loss of appetite, or lethargy, contact your vet immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

Can A Bearded Dragon Die As A Result Of Sunken Eyes?

Like cats, bearded dragons tend to hide their sicknesses, making it difficult to tell how they’re feeling. By the time you notice symptoms, your bearded dragon’s condition could be severe.

Changes in your pet’s appearance and behavior are generally good indicators of its state of health. In the case of bearded dragons, signs of sickness often show up in their eyes.

A healthy bearded dragon will have clear, bright eyes. If your pet has trouble opening his eyes, has bulging or sunken eyes or has a discharge coming from his eyes, he could be suffering from dehydration or other serious illness.

Left untreated, a serious illness could cost your bearded dragon his life. By contacting your vet sooner, rather than later, you could spare your pet pain and suffering and extend his lifespan.

Sunken eyes are one of many symptoms that indicate your bearded dragon needs medical attention. By checking in with your pet daily, chances are you’ll notice other symptoms as well, like loss of appetite, severe weight loss, unresponsiveness or discoloration in your pet’s stools.

The better you know your reptile pet, the easier it is to distinguish when something’s not right with his health. That’s the time to contact your vet for a checkup.


With proper care, bearded dragon pets can live a long, healthy life of 10 years or more. In captivity, these lizards are safe from predators, which could extend their lifespan beyond that of bearded dragons in the wild. At the same time, your pet lizard isn’t immune to sicknesses that can cut his life short. Sunken eyes tell the tale that your beardy isn’t well and requires veterinary care. Early diagnosis and treatment of sunken eye issues can give you many more years to enjoy your reptilian friend.