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What To Do If Your Dog Ate A Scrunchie!

No matter how hard you try to protect your dog from itself, there will usually come a point where your dog ends up eating something it shouldn’t and this usually causes panic in dog owners with the usually reaching out for guidance.

We have noticed a steady number of people asking what to do if their dog ate a scrunchie recently so we wanted to put out this dedicated article on the topic.

We are hoping that we will be able ot help anyone whos dog has ate their scrunchie workout the best path forward but the majority of the time, your dog will simply pass the scrunchie naturally within a day or two.

If you do suspect that there is a serious issue then we would highly recommend that you book a quick video call with a vet to have them check your dog over.

Now only can this put your mind at ease after you realise your dog has ate a scrunchie but it can also give you specific advice to your situation.

For example, smaller dog breeds who eat a larger scunchie are at a high risk of blockages than larger dog breeds eating a small scrunchie and may require different action to be taken.

Can Dogs Digest Scrunchies?

Although dogs can eat scrunchies in the sense that they are able to chew a scrunchie up and swallow it, this does not mean that they should.

Some scrunchies are mate from materials that have a higher chance of causing blockages in some dogs as well as other potential problems.

Thankfully, the majority of dogs tend to not actually eat the full scrunchie and will just rip parts off and swallow them.

This does tend to be much safer than if your dog eats a full scrunchie at the same time as the material will be smaller and pose a lower right level to your dog when it comes to intestinal blockages.

If you are lucky, your dog may have only ripped the scrunchie up into smaller pieces and not actually eaten any of it.

Although it can be difficult to work out if your dog has eaten any of the scrunchies in this type of situation due to the scrunchie having been ripped into a number of smaller parts, it is common for a dog to just rip the scrunchie into smaller parts rather than eat the full thing at once.

How To Make Your Dog Throw Up A Scrunchie!

There are a number of ways that you are able to make your dog vomit if it has recently ate a scrunchie.

The most common method is to use a hydrogen peroxide solution but we would only recommend that you use a specific hydrogen peroxide product that has been designed for use with dogs in this way rather than general hydrogen peroxide.

This is due to you having to have a very specific ratio of hydrogen peroxide to make your dog vomit safely and it can be more difficult than most people initially realize to create.

If you do choose to book a short video call with a veterinarian then you may be able to get specific treatments shipped directly to you or get advice on exactly what you should be using to make your dog vomit in your situation.

We have seen a wide range of methods shared online going over how you are able to make your dog vomit though.

Some of them can work safely but some of them do pose a thread to your dog and ideally, you will avoid using them in favor of a hydrogen peroxide solution or for a product supplied by a vet.

How Long Does It Take For A Scrunchie To Move Through A Dog’s System?

The majority of the time a scrunchie will naturally pass through your dog in less than twenty four hours. Due to the bright color of most scrunchies, it is usually very easy to see when the scunchie has moved though your dog.

If the scrunchie has not naturally passed through your dog within a maximum of two days then we would highly recommend that you seek advice from a veterinarian.

There is a chance that the scrunchie has become blocked in your dog’s intestines and if this is the case then you really need to act as soon as possible to prevent any serious issues from developing.

A veterinarian will be able to offer you the best course of action with options ranging from trying to help your dog pass the scrunchie with laxatives or needing surgery to remove the scrunchie.

There really are too many things to consider to offer a generic answer that will cover all situations if your dog does not pass the scrunchie within two days so you really do need a specific answer to your situation from a vet.

Can A Scrunchie Kill A Dog?

Although very rare, scrunchies can cause blockages in your dog’s intestine and if you do not fix the blockage quickly, a number of serious health issues can start to develop.

In some extreme cases, this can result in the death of your dog but an emergency surgery at your local veterinarian is usually able to prevent this.

This is very rare though and most dogs will pass the scrunchie naturally within a day with a smaller number of dogs needing two days to pass it.

As we touched on earlier in the article, it can be very common for dogs to simply rip a scrunchie up into little parts and not even eat it too.

It is usually better to be safe than sorry though and have a vet check your dog over as even a small part of the scrunchie is enough to cause issues in smaller dog breeds. Larger dog breeds will usually be able to easily pass any smaller parts of a scrunchie though.


That brings our article going over what to do if your dog ate a scrunchie to a close. The majority of the time your dog will naturally pass the scrunchie within two days but these two days can be a nerve racking time for dog owners who know that their dog has definitely ate a scrunchie. If you do not notice that your dog has passed the scrunchie within a maximum of two days then we would highly recommend that you seek assistance from your local veterinarian if possible.