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What To Do If Your Dog Ate The Leather Off A Baseball!

We all know that dogs love playing fetch with a ball and although there are some excellent “dog proof” balls on the market that are considered to be chew proof for most dogs, many people still just use a regular tennis ball or baseball.

This is why we see so many people reaching out worried asking saying that their dog has eaten the leather off a baseball with them being worried about any potential health side effects in their dogs.

Most large dogs should be able to swallow the leather from a baseball and then pass it through their digestive system without issue.

Keep in mind that the majority of dogs will not be trying to swallow the leather off a baseball all at once but it will be in smaller pieces helping to prevent problems with impaction.

If you do notice any potential problems with your dog after it having eaten the leather from a baseball, be sure to seek assistance from a vet as soon as possible though.

One of the best ways to get professional assistance without having to break the bank is to book a video call with a professional vet to have them give your dog the once over.

The vet will be able to ask you a couple of questions and use the camera on your phone to check your dog for you with this advice usually working out to be considerably cheaper than a trip to your local veterinarian.

Why Do Dogs Eat The Leather off Baseballs?

Most dog breeds will instinctively chew random objects and with the majority of dog owners having a ball, often a baseball in their dog’s toy collection, it is only natural that the dog will end up chewing the baseball.

As the dog chews down on the baseball the leather peels off and then some dogs will choose to eat the leather with the whole thing being a follow on process rather than a goal-orientated activity for your dog.

The more modern white baseballs tend not to smell much as your dog is chewing it making it less likely that your dog will eat the leather once it gets it off.

The older brown style baseballs don’t have as much treatment applied to the leather on them and the leather can react to your dog’s saliva as it chews it and release a taste that encourages your dog to keep chewing and eventually swallow parts of the leather when the break off the baseball.

As we mentioned earlier though, the bulk of dogs will usually only eat small parts of the leather from a baseball and then go off to find something that looks more appealing to them.

With so many dogs moving the ball around your home as it chews it, you may think that your dog has actually eaten more leather than it actually has but later find parts of the leather around your home.

What To Do If Your Dog Ate The Leather Off A Baseball!

In the majority of cases, there is no need to do anything if your dog has eaten the leather off a baseball as the majority of dogs should be able to pass the leather from the ball through their digestive system without issue.

It can offer some dog owners peace of mind to check their dog’s poop for signs of the leather making its way through their dog’s digestive system with leather usually being visible within 48 hours of eating.

If you do notice that your dog is not pooping, not eating, acting lethargic, or vomiting as well as any other sign that something may be wrong with your dog we would highly recommend that you book a video call with a vet to have them check your dog over.

This could suggest that the leather is potentially causing impaction or a blockage in your dog’s digestive system or throat.

As with the majority of things when it comes to potential problems with dogs, the earlier you notice it and get treatment the less likely it is to become a potentially serious problem.

The leather from a baseball is no different and your dog should be monitored for potential problems even though the vast majority of dogs who do eat the leather from a baseball will be totally ok.

Are Baseballs Toxic To Dogs?

Regular baseballs and the tougher baseballs specifically designed for dogs to chew on rather than actual baseball should not be toxic to your dog in most cases.

This goes for the products that meet current regulations in North America and Europe but cheaper baseball imports may not meet the requirements of the current regulations resulting in a potential problem with toxicity levels, especially if glue has been used.

In most cases, you should be trying to discourage your pet dog from chewing on a baseball to a level where it is able to eat the leather off the baseball or the actual baseball itself.

Although it may seem difficult, dogs with larger skulls such as pitbulls and Rottweilers have been known to be able to swallow a baseball or tennis ball without issue.

As dogs are not able to pass a full ball through their digestive system, this will almost always result in a need for surgery to save your dog from any potentially fatal blockages or side effects.

There are plenty of suitable dog toys that you are able to use instead of a baseball that we would always recommend instead if possible.


That brings our article going over what to do if your dog ate the leather off a baseball to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand the potential risks and issues if your dog does swallow the leather off a baseball but in most cases your dog should be fine. Just monitor it for any of the signs of sickness that we mentioned earlier in the article until you are confident that the leather has been passed and your dog is ok.