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What To Do If Your Neighbor Leaves Their Dog Outside All Day!

I think we all have experienced or have been through something like: you can hear more than one dog barking: a neighbor leaves dog outside all day in cold or hot weather. Is he looking for a way out? Is he looking for anything to eat?

He most likely just wants to be accepted into his family. It’s unfortunate, but it’s unavoidable. Some dog owners believe that their pets should spend all of their time outside.

Why? The reasons differ, but none of them are really compelling in our judgment. Some dogs are placed outside because their owners prefer to keep their homes clean and consider dogs as nasty.

Other dogs have been put outside due to their behavior or for whatever personal reason the owner has. For instance, other dogs are left outside in the cold because a family member is allergic to them.

When it comes to dog care, your neighbor will have a different set of views than you. They’ll have their own routine, and their perspectives will be different.

However, there will come a time when you must choose between freedom and the safety of a neighbor’s dog. You could even question what to do if a neighbor’s dog is left outside all day.

What Can I Do If My Neighbor Leaves Their Dog Outside All Day?

If you want to deal with a neighbor who constantly leaves their dog outside, you should start by reaching out to them.

A dog owner may not realize that this is harmful to their dog or may not have any other options. This means you’ll tell them this is unacceptable and dangerous for the dog and if they don’t listen you may call animal control.

In many cases, the dog owner will find a different remedy, which will solve the problem. Of course, if this behavior persists, you will be aware that you have a condition that demands rapid attention.

You don’t want to leave the dog alone for the entire day. Depending on the conditions in the area throughout the day, this can be risky for the dog.

It is just inappropriate to expose the dog to thunderstorms, hail, snowstorms, and/or extreme heat. This is something that should not be happening, and you should protect the dog as soon as possible.

If the dog is out for an extended amount of time, you should find a way to protect the dog if at all possible. Otherwise, it’s time to contact the authorities.

When Should You Call Animal Control On A Neighbor?

You can contact your local animal control authority for help if you feel a domesticated pet has been subjected to animal abuse or if you have a problem with your neighbor’s dogs. It’s crucial to know when to call animal control.

However, you can’t just call animal control on your next-door neighbor right away, especially if an investigation is needed, and you don’t want to call animal control and make false complaints.

You can report dog abuse or noise complaints to your local animal control department, but this should only be done as a last resort after talking with your neighbor about the issue.

It can be frustrating if your neighbor’s dog barks a lot, but rather than rushing to animal control, you should take a more measured approach.

If direct conversations with dog owners in your neighborhood prove fruitless, you may have no choice but to contact your local animal control organization.

However, you should have a complete awareness of the laws and the privacy policies that apply to your state before proceeding.

There have been occasions where an irritated neighbor has made complaints about another’s dog solely to embarrass the owner. Make sure you have proof of the scenario if you’re going to call animal control.

What Happens When You Call Animal Control On Your Neighbor’s Dog?

Officers will ask you to provide a detailed description of the problem when you call animal control. Officers will call and warn your neighbor if they determine your complaint is legitimate.

If the situation persists, your neighbor will be issued a citation, which they can either pay or contest in court. In other areas, reporting your neighbor to the authorities might result in a costly fine or the dog being taken away.

The majority of individuals do not want this to happen, therefore you should be informed of the worst-case scenario before calling them.

For good reason, most individuals prefer to live in quiet regions or states where there is little or no noise. Your neighbor’s animal may occasionally cause a disruption or a problem, and after attempting to resolve the matter without involving the relevant law enforcement, you may decide to take action against your neighbor.

For most victims, the question of what happens when you contact animal control on a neighbor is a genuine one.

You may be instructed to file an animal welfare complaint with your local police department, who may be able to help you get your pet into a local animal shelter.

What happens, on the other hand, if you call animal control on a neighbor? When a neighbor is reported to animal control, agency officials will contact the animal’s owner.

Your neighbor might get away with a warning at first. If the situation remains unsolved, they might be issued with a citation or asked to pay a fine.

Is Leaving A Dog Outside All Day Neglect?

Is it acceptable to keep your dogs outside all day? Most sympathetic owners disagree and people who keep their pets outside all of the time are considered “cruel”. It irritates me to see my neighbors’ dogs out in the yard all day, every day, simply… existing.

I know they’re at home, but they just leave them there to starve and beg for attention…ugh, it breaks my heart because what kind of life is that for them? They claimed that keeping dogs outside is equivalent to putting them in a cage, but with greater space.

I honestly don’t see the point in getting a dog if all you intend to do with it is keep it in the yard out of sight till it dies. This is never a good idea, and it is particularly neglecting your dog. Are you going to breach the law?

Depending on the conditions, keeping your dog alone for several days will undoubtedly go beyond neglect but crossing the line.

Dogs are usually most at ease at home, so consider hiring a reputable house/pet sitter. If so, alternative possibilities include pet boarding or finding someone who will host your dog at their home.

When choosing how long is too long to leave your dog alone, keep in mind his physical and emotional requirements.

Is It Illegal To Leave Your Dog Outside All Day?

Almost every state also makes animal neglect unlawful. In many states, neglect merely refers to the failure to provide basic necessities such as leaving your dog outside in harsh weather.

Several states go even further by forcing owners to provide their animals with necessary veterinarian treatment, exercise, hygienic conditions, and food.

So yes it is illegal to leave your dog outside under specific circumstances. It is prohibited in many states to leave pets outside in the cold without sufficient shelter, food, or water. It’s considered cruelty to animals, and it can result in jail time and penalties.


If a neighbor’s dog is left outside all day, follow these guidelines. It is dangerous to leave the dog outside. When you observe this with your neighbor’s dog, you’ll want to make sure you find a solution. I think we all have experienced or have been through something like: you can hear more than one dog barking: a neighbor leaves a dog outside all day in cold or hot weather. Is he looking for a way out? Is he looking for anything to eat? He most likely just wants to be accepted into his family. It’s unfortunate, but it’s unavoidable. Some dog owners believe that their pets should spend all of their time outside.