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What’s The Deal With Shiba Inu Eyebrows?

The Shiba Inu is an increasingly popular dog breed with a high level of intelligence and the slight look of a fox that makes them incredibly cute.

However, the one thing that most people know about this breed is likely their eyebrows. In recent years, the Shiba Inu eyebrows have become a meme because they create a distinctive and very adorable look that sets this breed apart from others like it.

But what is up with these eyebrows, and why does the Shiba Inu have them in the first place? Do all dogs have eyebrows, or is this breed the only one with those distinctive eye patches just above their eyes?

And, perhaps most importantly, do all Shiba Inu have these patches? Will there be any breed, color, or pattern of this dog that does not have those fun and unforgettable patches just above their eyes?

In this article, you’ll learn more about the nature of these cute eyebrows, why the Shiba Inu has eyebrows, and whether Shiba Inu eyebrows are universal to this breed or not.

This information should help make it easier to decide if you want one of these popular dogs or if another option is better for your needs. So, please read on if you’re a Shiba Inu lover and owner or plan on potentially purchasing one of these dogs in the future.

Are Shiba Inu Eyebrows Real Eyebrows?

No dogs have eyebrows in the way that people think of them, as bits of hair that go along the ridge just above their eye.

However, dogs do have a ridge there that they can manipulate, as people do, to change their expression. In fact, theorists believe dogs evolved this brow ridge primarily to improve communication between them and people.

So, Shiba Inu eyebrows are not proper eyebrows like you have on your face.

Instead, these “eyebrows” are just patches of lighter fur that grow above the eye on some Shiba Inu dogs.

You typically see this lighter patch on black dogs and the patch is usually either tan or white. The size of the patch varies but is generally large enough to look a bit like an eyebrow and is positioned so that it is easy to confuse this changing color with an actual eyebrow.

Does that mean that Shiba Inu eyebrows aren’t charming and worth seeking out? Of course not: it is one of the defining traits of the breed and is one of the most common meme elements of this dog.

But do all Shiba Inu breeds end up with this eye patch? Before answering that question, it is crucial to examine why this eye patch develops and get an idea of what kind of benefit it might serve.

Why Do Some Shiba Inu Have Eyebrow Patches?

Shiba Inu eyebrows don’t serve much of an evolutionary purpose and provide almost no real benefits to the dog beyond making them look a lot cuter.

That reason alone, though, explains why this breed has that patch, as many unique defining breed traits are the results of selective breeding by their owners. As a result, many elements of a dog’s look or body shape are often aesthetic instead of practical.

For example, the short nose of a pug is very cute and gives them a distinctive look but is not suitable for their health because it makes it harder for them to breathe correctly.

Thankfully, Shiba Inu eyebrows don’t cause any problems like that or affect the breed’s health in any way. Instead, it is likely that breeders found this look cute and discovered people bought Shiba Inu dogs with this distinctive look.

As a result, dogs with this look were highly sought and regularly bred to ensure that this eyebrow became common throughout black Shiba Inu individuals.

That patch and the breed’s overall cuteness and friendliness have helped to make them way more popular over the recent years. However, you’ve probably seen some Shiba Inu dogs that don’t have this patch, which might be confusing without a bit of explanation.

Do All Shiba Inu Colors And Patterns Have Eyebrows?

While you might see eye patches on a variety of different Shiba Inu colors and patterns, you’re almost always going to see them on black fur instead of tan or white.

That has a lot to do with the various studs and female dogs used to breed the Shiba Inu over the year, as the patch is standard in many male studs and is passed on to their litter through successive years of breeding and propagation.

Likewise, a tan patch over a tan dog’s eyes would simply match the color of their coat and would blend in without standing out in the same way it does on a black-haired Shiba Inu

Few tans have a black patch over the eye, and the same is true of the white Shiba Inu. That isn’t to say that you’ll never find a tan or white Shiba Inu with a patch of some color over their eyes, creating the distinctive eyebrow.

However, it is much less likely and critical to consider if you want to buy one of these dogs with Shiba Inu eyebrows.

You’ll typically notice similar patches of tan throughout many Shiba Inu dogs, as well, including on the bridge of the nose, throughout the forelegs, and in many other spots.

This tan patching is one reason why the black Shiba Inu remains the most popular variety of this breed.

Enjoy Your Shiba Inu And Their Fun Eyebrows

As you can see, Shiba Inu eyebrows provide a surprisingly in-depth topic and are something that it’s worth knowing about before buying one of these pups.

Even if you don’t end up buying one of these dogs, you’ll always have this information to share with friends who may be interested in buying one.

Let them know what they’re getting into with a Shiba Inu to ensure that they don’t buy one, thinking that they’ll get eyebrows and be disappointed when their pup does not have them.