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Why Cats Act Like They Have Something Stuck In Their Mouth!

Cats are typically very independent pets, especially when compared to dogs, who tend to be a lot needier. There are times when a cat can become needier than usual, and this can happen if the cat is sick or is otherwise not feeling well.

If you’re a cat owner and your cat acts like something stuck in mouthyou may be wondering what the problem is.

There are many reasons why your cat acts like something stuck in mouth, and one major reason could be due to possible dental problems.

Dental problems, such as an abscessed tooth, a cavity, or a gum infection could cause your cat to appear as if something is stuck in his mouth.

The dental issue could be painful or just plain annoying, which is why your cat might be behaving strangely.

A dental problem is not the only reason your cat may be acting differently when it comes to his mouth.

There are several other reasons why your cat may act as if something is stuck in his mouth, and the following overview will explain other possible causes of such peculiar behavior.

That way, you can rule out certain possibilities and get to the bottom of the problem with your cat’s mouth.

Why Is My Cat Acting Like There Is Something Stuck in Its Mouth?

Your cat may be acting like there is something stuck in its mouth for several other reasons besides dental issues.

Another reason your cat may behave in this manner is due to a possible hairball being stuck in its throat.

When cats groom themselves, which happens constantly throughout the day, fur can become trapped in the back of the throat after mixing with phlegm and forming into a ball.

Another possible reason your cat may act like there is something stuck in its mouth is because of allergies.

Just like people, cats can suffer from allergies, which can be due to ingredients in their food, plants they’ve encountered, or even pollen. If you suspect that your cat has allergies, a veterinarian can examine him and recommend a treatment plan.

There are also more serious possibilities when it comes to a cat behaving like something is stuck in its mouth.

One of these serious possibilities is congestive heart failure. If your cat’s behavior persists and it continues to cough and sputter, you should have him examined by a vet to rule out congestive heart failure and any other potentially serious conditions.

How Do I Know If My Cat Has Something Stuck in His Mouth?

There are many ways to determine if your cat has something stuck in his mouth.

You could try examining the cat, but not only may the cat fail to cooperate, making the examination impossible, but you might also be unable to determine if there is something stuck in his mouth.

In such a case, you will need to have the cat examined by a veterinarian, because if there is some type of obstruction, then it needs to be removed.

Cats are curious explorers, and they use their mouths on a regular basis during those explorations. This could lead to a cat accidentally swallowing an object that becomes stuck in its throat.

An objection could possibly be serious, especially if it’s interfering with your cat’s ability to breathe and swallow.

Another way that you’ll know if your cat has something stuck in his mouth is if he coughs it up. Your cat may cough, drool, and sputter before coughing up a hairball or another object that may have been obstructing his throat.

Hopefully, your cat is able to successfully cough up whatever may be obstructing his throat, if there is something there.

Does My Cat Need To See A Vet When It Acts Like There Is Something Stuck In Its Mouth?

It may be necessary for your cat to see a vet when it acts like there is something stuck in its mouth.

This is especially true if it has been going on for a while and your cat can’t eat or drink and appears to be in distress, as this could signify an emergency situation.

As a cat owner, you will know if your cat requires professional intervention, so be sure to keep an eye on him if he has been acting like there is something stuck in his mouth.

If the reason your cat has been behaving as if something is stuck in his mouth is because he is suffering from an infection or congestive heart failure, then he will definitely need to see a vet.

Of course, there is no way for you to determine if your cat has an infection of congestive heart failure, so the only thing you can do is monitor him, and if symptoms persist, take him to the vet.

Only a veterinarian can accurately diagnose an infection, congestive heart failure, or any other condition that could be causing your cat to act like there’s something stuck in its mouth.

If the reason your cat is behaving as if something is stuck in its mouth is due to a hairball, then he will most likely not have to see a vet.

Oftentimes, a cat will eventually cough up a hairball, even if it’s quite large. It may be frightening to see your cat acting like something is stuck in his mouth, but once the hairball comes up, the coughing and strange behavior should stop.

Why Does My Cat Keep Chomping His Teeth?

In cases where a cat keeps chomping his teeth, this could be due to several different causes. First of all, there could be a dental issue like a lost tooth or an infection. It could even be both, as adult cats can lose teeth due to gum infections.

Another reason your cat keeps chomping his teeth could be because he’s “chattering” while watching a bird, mouse, or other prey.

It might seem very strange, but it’s actually quite normal for cats to make a chattering motion with their teeth when planning how to hunt a prey that they’ve been eyeing.

If you see a bird or other possible prey that your cat is staring at while your cat is chomping his teeth, then this is likely what is occurring.

If your cat is suffering from gingivitis, or inflammation of his gums, this could cause him to chomp his teeth. If you examine your cat’s gums, you should be able to see possible inflammation if this is the issue, as the gums will be red and swollen.

If your cat’s gums are red and swollen, then a visit to the vet will be necessary to treat the condition before it progresses to periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss.


As you can see, just because your cat acts like something stuck in mouth doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something stuck there. He may be suffering from a painful dental condition, or he could actually have something stuck there and require medical attention. By monitoring your cat, you can determine if you believe he’ll need to be examined by a veterinarian in order to fix the issue.