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Why Do Dachshunds Sleep So Much?

Dachshunds are some of the smallest dogs in the animal kingdom and it seems that they sleep all the time!

As dog owners, any sort of thing like this can have us wondering what’s wrong with them. This is normal because we care about our pets so much.

But this worrying doesn’t necessarily give us the answers that we need and leaves us fretting about our beloved fur babies.

Thankfully, we have the answers for you. Follow the rest of our guide to find out why dachshunds sleep so much and why it’s nothing to worry about.

How Long Will Dachshunds Sleep For?

Typically, these small pooches will take their time and enjoy their sleep throughout their lives, making sure that they get enough beauty sleep for two or three dogs at a time!

A lot of dogs will tend to sleep when they don’t have much to do, so will have a sleep to save them from expending too much energy.

With regards to how long they’ll sleep, dachshunds can sleep for around 14 hours in one day and will find themselves dreaming away on multiple occasions.

However, when they wake up, dachshunds will then be full of energy and will be bouncing off the walls. Because of this, it’s important to take them for a walk or engage in some playtime with your furry friend.

This makes sure that you spend as much of their waking day with them as possible and will get them ready for their next spell of some shut-eye.

How Long Will Dachshunds Sleep For?

Dachshunds’ Size

One of the main reasons that dachshunds seem to sleep so much is because they are so small in comparison to other dogs.

Particularly when these small dogs are included in a bigger dog family at home, they can struggle to keep up with the amount of exercise and playtime that may occur.

Because they’re smaller than the other dogs are bigger, they will end up using more energy just to keep up.

The reasoning for this is two things. Dachshunds will have to expend more energy to keep up with the larger dogs and will often have to have a sleep afterward to recover this expended energy.

Alternatively, this small form of canine will often find it hard to keep up with their humans.

Because they have much smaller legs than us and will travel further in comparison with their size, they will end up using more energy and will need to have a nap afterward. Bless them!

Basic Instincts

When you break it down to stats and figures, dachshunds only spend around 20% of their day being active. This can be anything from playing to exercising.

They then spend approximately 30% of their day being awake but not necessarily active, which can be anything from eating to lounging around the house.

This means that they only spend around 50% of their day awake, with the other 50% being spent on catching some well-needed sleep and rest.

A lot of this is down to their ancestors and how they behaved in the past, with the modern-day dachshunds following suit.

Dachshunds are historically known as traditional hunting dogs and would sleep whenever they weren’t out on a hunt to conserve energy.

This is seen frequently within dachshunds in the present day, however, instead of hunting, they will conserve energy when they’re not playing or exercising.

Old And Young Age

Much like with other dog breeds, dachshunds will often find themselves sleeping more when they’re a puppy or when they’re in their older years.

That’s because when a dachshund is just a puppy, they tend to be a lot more active and will expend more energy when playing and exercising.

This is also down to their size and the fact that they have to move a lot further in comparison to their build.

Alternatively, when a dachshund is a lot older, they will themselves use their energy a lot easier and will lose a lot of their strength, endurance, and stamina.

This means that they will tend to sleep a lot more because they are conserving less energy in their energy tanks.

When a dachshund is a puppy or an older being, they will usually sleep for around 18 hours a day, making them active for just six hours on the whole!

Surroundings And Environment

If you are very social and love to have people over, whether it’s friends or family, your dog is likely to want to get involved. This means that the more visitors you have in your home, the less time your dachshund will sleep.

To maximize the amount of playtime and attention they get, a lot of the small dogs will avoid going to sleep so that they can have more fun and games with the people around them.

When you’re home alone with your Doxie, you might find that they are a lot more relaxed and comfortable, meaning that they don’t mind having a snooze as you go about your day.

This can change from animal to animal because some of them are just a lot lazier than others and will happily sit out of the social exchange for the sake of a good nap.

There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to whether your dog sleeps slightly more or slightly less than the numbers stated earlier.

Just monitor your dog and see if their behavior takes a sudden change or different routine.

For example, if your dog usually sleeps in the same bed as you and then suddenly starts to change its location, it might be a sign of illness or back problems.

If this persists then it’s always better to be safe than sorry and call your local vet.

Final Thoughts

Little dachshunds sometimes have no choice but to sleep off the hard work that they’ve done over the course of their day, it’s simply in their DNA.

However, just because your dog sleeps for 14 hours a day, doesn’t mean that there’s a cause for concern.

By monitoring your dog’s behavior and ensuring that there are no sudden changes, you can keep a close eye on whether they need a trip to the vets or not.

For example, if they change their sleeping pattern drastically or change their sleeping location, then this could be down to an illness or a back problem. Show your dog some love and care and we’re sure they’ll thrive!