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Why Do Snails Come Out When It Rains?

Have you ever asked yourself why do snails come out when it rains? This answer addresses some complicated biological issues about how snails navigate the world as well as how snails breathe.

As it turns out, snails actually prefer mild rainy weather as this helps them stay hydrated. This is why you can see snails coming out of their hiding places in the mornings or evenings when there has been a light rain storm.

Snails are very susceptible to dehydrating and this means that they’re going to spend their days hiding in damp and hidden places in order to help retain their moisture. This is why you don’t see many snails out in the world on hot sunny days.

Rainy weather makes it easier for snails to slide around and actually makes it easier for them to breathe. You’ll see plenty of snails the next time there’s a light rain storm near your home.

It’s worth mentioning that heavy rain storms and dangerous weather are also bad for snails. Many snails will also seek shelter from severe storms in order to protect themselves.

Snails might love the rain, but they don’t love getting swept away in a dangerous storm. Let’s explore why snails love the rain and what benefits they got from being out in damp weather.

Why Do Snails Come Out When It Rains?

Snails are some of the most interesting animals out there and that’s because of the unique ways in which they get around, breathe, and just how different they are from the animals and pets we are used to. Snails can typically be seen early in the morning or late at night on days where it’s been raining and this often leads to a lot of questions about why snails come out when it rains? As it turns out, it’s just easier for snails to get around and breathe when conditions are damp than it is when conditions are dry.

Snails have an interesting way of getting around the world. The body of the snail is actually made out of one long, muscular foot which the snail moves in waves on a layer of mucus that it secretes.

One way to think about this is that a snail is constantly surfing a wave of slime that is creating underneath its body. One reason why snails come out when it rains is because it’s easier for them to maintain this layer of mucus and get around when conditions are damp.

Snails don’t breathe through their lungs in the same way that people do. Snails have a special type of respiration that allows them to breathe through their skin.

Snails can struggle to breathe under dry conditions because this dries out their skin and limits their ability to draw in fresh oxygen from the surrounding environment.

If it’s been raining, snails will have an easier time breathing through their skin because everything will be nice and moisturized.

Where Do Snails Suddenly Come From When It Rains?

Now let’s get to one of the most interesting questions about where all these snails come from when it starts to rain. It can often feel like snails appear out of nowhere when conditions are damp and favorable for these animals to get around.

Snails are probably faster than you expect them to be, but they’re not fast enough to just appear out of nowhere. It turns out that these snails are emerging from hiding and damp, dark places to enjoy a nice rainy morning.

First, we need to talk about why the snails have to hide in the first place. Snails will often seek shelter when temperatures become too high or things start to dry out. Snails hide under logs, window sills, and under potted plants.

All of these locations are damp and cool which helps the snail to stay moisturized and hydrated even under tough conditions. Snails can also seal themselves into their shells in order to help stay moisturized.

Once the weather gets a little bit better for snails, though, they start crawling out of their hiding places to enjoy the rain. Snails use this time to look for food, find a mate, or change locations that they’ve been hiding in.

You’d be surprised at the number of snails that can successfully hide in your garden or around your home. Next time it rains around your home, try and think of all the places that snails could be hiding out.

Do Snails Actually Like The Rain?

It’s actually a lot harder to answer this question that it might look on a surface and that’s because it can be difficult to determine what snails actually like. There are whole fields of philosophy, such as object-oriented ontology, that try to answer these types of complicated questions.

We can break this down into how snails respond to light rain versus house snails respond to heavy rain. These two conditions have different impacts on snails.

Snails seem to really enjoy being out after a light rain because this gives them plenty of additional hydration and helps them to get around. A light rain is very beneficial for snails and functions as a key part of their day-to-day lives.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of snails coming out and venturing around during light or mild rainstorms. In fact, this is some of the best weather that a snail can ever have.

Heavy rain, on the other hand, can be a serious hazard for snails and they might even opt to hide from this rain rather than come out and enjoy it. Heavy rain and severe storms can actually wind up hurting snails more than I can help them.

Snails run the risk of being damaged by large water droplets and hail, being washed away, or struggling to get around through rough water. Snails might even take shelter during severe storms to limit their potential exposure to a dangerous environment.


So, why do snails come out when it rains? It all comes down to the fact that snails need more hydration in their environment than other insects do. They’re going to use this rainy weather to help them get around, breathe easier, and just enjoy the snail’s life. Snails will spend their days hiding and damp, dark places waiting for the next light rain to occur.